Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Will Be...Will Be.

I keep repeating this to myself over and over again and its actually starting to help. At least for now. This 2 week wait has been by far the l.o.n.g.e.s.t out of ALL of them! and I am not really sure why, because  the first week flew by and now this week I am down to counting the days. After all the tests and googling I just have to keep telling myself (and my mom lol) what will be...will be. period. No amount of hpts will change the outcome, googling until the wee hours of the morning will not change the outcome and analyzing every symptom will also not change the out come. So I just have to let it go, when it happens it will happen. Right? Ugh I hope. So I know you are all just dying to hear whats been going on during this 2 week wait..I was hoping to take a test get a BFP and have some huge surprise cutsie way to tell you all...But it didn't work out that way..So here is the story..
○CD14 light line on OPK
 (which I found out doesn't count. it has to be as dark or darker than the control line) 
○CD15 I got my first ever + OPK! 
○CD16 light line in AM no line in PM!
 (Good news I caught my surge going up and coming down) 
(Before. During. & After. these days we of course BD and used Pre-seed)
○6dpo-very light cramping on and off all day
○7dpo-very light cramping on and off all day
○8dpo-even lighter cramping on and off all day
○9dpo-Somehow contracted the Stomach flu (ugh) Took the day off work and slept ALL DAY
○10dpo-Stomach flu continues very bloated and cant eat
○11dpo-Again flu continues Bloating is worse and very painful 
○12dpo-Bloating and gas is horrible! very hungry but then I eat and feel like shit..
ALSO on this day I gave in and took an HPT..the test came up with one line so I went back to the couch about 15 minutes later i went back to the bathroom and looked at the test one more time, and I saw something! I called for Scott who came running and said YES I see it too!! but it was was a skinny line and very very faint and not really pink but gray...Not Good. While he ran to the store to get more HPT's I got on the web and started researching this faint weird skinny line..and I found that it was an evap line..SO STUPID! I never even knew those existed! WTH...So Scott returns and of course the next round of pee is way lighter..but  I test it anyway..and what do you know ONE stupid LINE! UGH... 
and so we continue
○13dpo-(-) in the am..(-) in the pm NO other symptoms AT ALL..
○14dpo-I developed a lovely RASH...yep a Rash on my butt..well it started on my butt in and by the end of the night it was all over my entire body, slightly itchy but more..weird. 
15dpo-(-) test this morning. Still rashy..went to my family Dr. who said..
Its not contagious or infectious or anything like that, it could be the progesterone or something I ate over the holidays (nope not that) OR it could be a pregnancy rash..(he knows we are trying and also that I am 4 days away from my "projected period arrival date" ) but don't tell a crazy ttc woman who has taken a million (-) hpts in the last week that it could be a pregnancy rash!!!! geesh.
 looks like I have more googling to do tonight. 
So, I guess I will just have to wait until the 8th and see if AF shows..
and in the mean time I will continue to obsessively pee on sticks.

Oh. and here are photos of my rash in case you were sitting at home going..
"what?! what kinda rash?! I wanna see the rashhh!" 
Ya gross right...I know. Lets hope its pregnancy related. :)


  1. Ughhhhh! Seriously Dr. L?! Didn't he think before he uttered the pregnancy rash words.
    Wherever will be will be ..whatever will be will be.........see I'm practicing! Lol

  2. I'm working hard on this what will be will be mantra as well...kind of working. Makes me feel better in moments of doubt anyway!

    Good luck!

  3. LOL Mom..Keep practicing! Practice makes Perfect!
    Jessica I totally agree! I am to the point where when I think "what if" I replace it with "what will be will be" Thanks for the luck, I sure feel like I need it :)