Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Little Late Doc..

The Dr.'s phone call that is...not my .
Funny Story. 
I got a call today on my cell phone from 000-0000...
which can only mean one thing..DR W! 
So after fumbling with my phone and purse I finally answer, on the other end of the phone is Nurse Happy
She says "Hi Alexis?! Its bla bla from Dr. W office 
(thinking in my head ya I know I saw on caller ID) 
"yes" I reply 
"Well I was just giving you a call with your results, has anyone contacted you yet?"
"Nope" (as I chuckle to my self pulling up my calendar on my computer) 
"Okay well you have one good sized follicle on your right Ovary!"
"HA" "You don't say?!" 
(note: I had my scan on the 16th of December!! They are calling me 
on the 28th of December!!) 
"So Dr. W said that was a great size and is expecting great result"
(I guess great results meaning becoming pregnant?)
"Well that's great! I got my very first (+) OPK this month!"
"Oh Good! That is Great News!, Well lets hope your pregnant!, 
when is your next period due?" 
"January 8th but I am testing on the 5th" 
"haha okay well Dr. W said if for some reason you don't fall pregnant he would like to up your clomid to 150mg" (instant thoughts of multiples popped in my head!)
(which I would LOVE)
"Wow Okay! (awkward silence...So I continue with "So then I should call when? 

"Call when your pregnant!" 

Well alrighty then! I hope you guys have the time to talk to me 
when I make that call! 

(lol I didn't really say that but I wanted to!!)

 Instead I said Okay sounds good! 

I then hung up the phone (well pushed end) and realized that I was sitting at my desk and I wasn't alone! my office co worker was sitting at his desk pretending he didn't just hear that conversation.

So to fill the silly silence I said, Did (questionie coworker from yesterday)
tell you I am doing fertility treatments?
(she talks to a lot of people so I was thinking the word got around) 
but his reply was no, so I kept it short and sweet and gave him the basics like if you see me crying at my desk..its the drugs...if I yell at you or anyone in a 2 foot radius...its the drugs and if I smile and laugh  uncontrollably...It's the Drugs! his reply was awesome...he said "well that's good!
I hope you have 6! and I will babysit anytime!"
then we began joking about my 5 foot 2 inch body pregnant with 6 babies and how I would be belly up on the floor rolling from side to side unable to get up! 
haha makes me laugh just thinking about it! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

6dpo..& I hate when people say that!

6dpo having some mild cramping
OK SO This work one of our employees that works at the front desk (very nice lady) says to me.."So when are you going to have babies?" I stood there for a moment trying to decide if she really just said that and then thinking of some really awful things to say then decided to reply with "well we have been trying for about 2 years"..she then said nothing. not another word, I continued what I was doing and walked back to the office. All the while another co worker was listening to this conversation and followed me to the office when the door shut she said "so hows everything going are you on any treatment yet?" (*first thoght was to scream its non of your business now leave my office!!) but instead I replied "yes we are doing treatment" in mid sentance she cut me off to say "well can I tell you my story? I was on all that for 6 months and one day I decided I didnt want to take the meds anymore so I quit and 6 months later I got pregnant on my own!" *PUKE* Not only was I not in the mood for that story at the time, I didnt want to hear it! and all I could think the whole time she was talking was OMG shut up before I SCREAM!!!  she is the 3rd person that has said that exact same thing to me...the well maybe if you quit the treatment it will happen? UH NO thats why I am on the treatment you idiot! because its NOT happening on its own!!! UGH I Am so over these stupid woman, I know they mean well but seriously, sometimes saying nothing at all is best. For example the lady at the desk who shut her mouth right away...but not the other one she had to tell me her whole personal journey that ended so happy and wonderfully for her...bla bla bla! 
I remember one time in college  I asked my friend when his sister was going to have babies and he replied "Never...she had a hystoratomy at 19" now how awful would that have been if I would have asked her? I learned my lesson then to never ask anyone that personal question. 
They will have babies when they are ready and when they CAN!

:) okay enough ranting! I am excited to say DH is back to a normal shift we woke up at 7:05am and practically sprang out of bed! weird I know..we are sleepers! but this morning was wonderful we both got ready at the same time in seprate bathrooms but they connect with a main wall so we can talk to each other :) pretty cool! we also left the drive way at the same time! I just love that LOL its the little things I guess! but his new schedual has me going in a whole hour earlier so I now get to leave at 3:30 every day! I am pretty excited about that!! 
Blogger friends advice needed...
My friend google says not to take baths durning your 2ww or the first this true? I would ask my nurse but she doesn't like to call me back. So I am wondering if it really isnt good or if there is a specific temepature the water can be at to be "okay"? I really love my baths and we are just about finished remodeling the master bathroom which is the new home to my 6 jet tub! 
any advice would be helpful! Thanks in advance! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Holidays & The 2ww

First of All 
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Scott & I had a fabulous time! 
Lots of Love and Gifts from Family & Friends! We also hosted an Open House Party on Christmas Day that had a wonderful turn out! Some of our favorite gifts were..
Me: Canon Camera and Promaster bag, flash, and tripod!
Scott: An iPhone4s (I dont think he put it down all day/night)
How was your Christmas?! 
A few Pictures from the weekend! 
Christmas Eve
Oma Opening her Presents

Christmas Eve 

Merry Christmas Eve! 

& NOW...The 2 Week Wait...
Since the busy weekend is over and I no longer have sugar cookies and tissue paper balls dancing in my head the focus is back on the little swimmers! praying they found their egg..we are now offically in the 2ww the dreaded awful slowest time during a ttc journey..I have a lot of cleaning and re orginazing to keep me busy but it will be weighing heavly on my mind! Oh and! the Dr. office calls! I know everyone loves those right?
Well after my US I of course didnt recieve a call so I had to call them, which in turn they have to call me back..2 days later..I get a voice mail saying this is nurse so in so..calling to tell you we dont have your results in yet and usually these things take at LEAST a week...(emphasizing on the AT LEAST) part (I guess they are sick of me calling?!) and They will get back to me when they know something...NOW I was under the impression from Dr. W that he would be calling the next day to let us know what to do, I mean we obvisuly know "what to do" buttttt...I would still like him to call and say okay this is a good time to go for it and bla bla bla but I guess that is not how it's going to work..
So we will just stick to advice from google :) 
Hoping this times a charm! 
 Happy soon to be New Years Everyone! I am going to start working on my list of resolutions! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


CD15 I got my first ever (+) OPK!! woooowhoooo!!! 
This is pretty exciting stuff! I have never seen 2 lines on an opk and this afternoon they both popped up right away matching in color! 
I just had a feeling yesterday to go to the dollar store and stock up. 
I also recently purchased Pre-seed
"Seriously Fun Baby Making" (it says it right on the box! look!)
  Hmmm...I dont know what to think about this..I saw it once when refilling my stockpile of hpts and decided to see what my friend google had to say about it! turns out this stuff is pretty dang popular! at $22.00 a "kit" I was kind of ify on whether or not to buy it! I decided if my follicle scan turned out with good results I would get it! and with the winning follicle at a whopping 17! I decided to go for it!
I will say I had no clue it came with aplicators! or that I was suppose to insert it..!       
soooooooo that made for quite the awkward moment...
I hope this stuff is everything the internet world makes it out to be! 
all I can keep thinking in my head is "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" haha! could be because I was feeling a little childish the other night and decided to watch finding nemo or.... it could be because I am an obsessive ttc woman                                     with nothing better to do 
than sing about the little swimmers trying to make it to the big golden egg :)

Oh Ya &..
Its ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! and its 60 freaking degrees on the first day of winter! just lovely...
:D Happy Holidays Everyone! 

Friday, December 16, 2011

CD10...Follicle Update

This Girl Right here ▲ has a 17mm Follicle!!! WOOOWHOOO!!! 
17! freaking 17! on CD10!
I know its not HUGE but its a big improvement from last month! 

I wish I would have remembered to take a picture! I just get so overwhelmed in the room when she turns out the light and says she will be back I get undressed sit on the warm (heated table!!) and my foot starts shaking and tapping uncontrollably! lol.. today DH said Babe calm down they are going to be bigger I just know it! I love how he asks questions the entire time too, and the nurse always answers him in full detail and explains everything we are seeing on the screen (same nurse as last time) she is awesome and acted pretty excited when she saw that they were bigger! so here are the stats:
Lining: same at 4.8
Left Ovary: 12 follicles largest one measuring 12mm
Right Ovary: 19 follicles largest on measuring 17mm
Continuing Metformin and starting progesterone on CD14
Wonder what Dr. W will have to say about this?! hopefully something good!
Since I wont hear anything till at least Monday (knowing my office Tuesday)
I think we are just going to Dance the weekend away ;-)
Happy Dance o Hap Happppy Dance 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Congratulations & Rambling

Where is the snow! why is it 50 degrees on December 14th in Ohio!~ It should be snowing and cold and I should be trapped in my house forced to lay on the couch and blog! No Fair Mother Nature No Fair!
Today is taking forever! I just want it to be Friday so I can have my follies checked to make sure they are growing! (positively thinking big numbers!)
I just wanted to express all the joy that I am feeling right now!
I am so happy for all my blogging girls that just got their BFP's!!! Congratulations to 
& a Special Congrats to Many Many Moons who will be bring home their baby boy 
sometime in the next 2 weeks
And to all the others out there that received their BFP's in November a big Congratulations to You!! 
For those of us still in the BFN boat..Don't give up hope! Our time is coming!
 I can feel it! 

Now for some rambling....
Clomid makes me cry...not like a tear here and there like on the verge of tears at all time. Crying sometimes for no reason, sometimes for very good reasons but all I know is that I am pretty sure I am running out of tears! what will I do when I really need them? My poor husband, I know he feels so helpless when he walks in the room and sees me attempting to apply mascara to my tear soaked eyes in efforts to make myself feel better. Its just so scary to think about sometimes. I was blog reading this weekend and I came across a post that made me stop and think. I never imagined myself having only one child, I want many children a whole house full, but the reality of that happening is beginning to fade away with every failed attempt at making just one healthy baby. Will we have to go through this again to have more children, will we adopt instead? could we be foster parents? all of the things I never really thought of are now consuming my mind.

Onto Happy Thoughts
The Boutique is coming soon I PROMISE! with Christmas so close we decided to wait until after the New Year to Open it, but boy O boy do we have some adorable stuff for your little ones!
 I cant wait to share it with you all! 
Scott got a promotion at work! He is now the Head of the Art Department at his company! He starts back to his normal schedual in January! and I couldnt be more excited to get back into the routine! I love leaving for work at the same time and getting home just in time to get dinner started before he arrives! Having our meals at the table! & stop eating from bags on the couch, sharing stories of our days and then spending the evening doing whatever we feel like! Ahhh I cant wait! 
Mia Marie
My dear cousin Jillian finds out what she is having this Thursday!(crossing my fingers and toes for a boy!)  Baby Mia's 1st Birthday is Friday!
they are coming to town Saturday morning so we can have a HUGE 
1st Birthday party for Miss Mia!  (Mia a few minutes old→)
& Christmas...O Christmas how you still managed to sneak up on me! even though I was the one crying Christmas in September! Something about having 100 people invited to my open house party in less than 2 weeks makes me a little nutty! I have so much to do! yet for the past 5 days I have been using the excuse of needing to grow big follies as a reason to skip the house work and lay on the couch! 

Resting up to grow those Follies!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Paying It Forward...& Lots of Tears

The Expression "Pay It Forward" is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead. 
This morning I went to McDonalds to get a coffee and an egg McMuffin 
my reward for starting round 2 of clomid 
I was waiting in line, putting on my make up..I ordered quickly, then got to the window to pay...when I handed the lady my card she didnt take it, she just looked at me and smiled and said "The lady in the car in front of you paid for your meal and told me to tell you Merry Christmas" Que the tears! This poor McDonalds woman had to have thought I was nuts as I sat there in shock with tears streaming down my face..I finally muttered out a "Oh my! wow! Thank You!" as I pulled to the next window I looked up and the lady was gone, no where to be seen! I wanted to Thank her and tell her how she made my day! but I guess she didnt need a Thank You, she 
just needed to do a good deed for the day! I left the parking lot still in total shock (I guess I just thought the world has gotten so greedy and cruel that people like this didn't still exist) I called my mom and cried to her as I told the story! When I got to work I cleaned up my face and went in. I walked behind the counter and D one of our employees handed me a starbucks and said "Here I got you a coffee on my way in" Que more tears! I just couldn't help but cry! not loud sobbing just silent tears of Thankfulness! So I am now on a mission to do the same! I want to make someone smile all day like these two women did for me this morning! One little act of kindness can change a persons whole day! Does anyone have any "pay it forward" stories to share? I would just love to hear them! 

TTC Updates 
AF showed Wednesday so tonight I start my 2nd cycle of clomid 
•100mg Clomid •1000mg of Metformin •1 prenatal 
As for my Follicle check...I am supposed to be seen on CD11 which just happens to be a Saturday. So yesterday I called Dr. W's office and spoke with a receptionist who said she would have to talk to a nurse to figure out what day they would like to see me instead since the office will be closed. I gave them until 3:50 then I called...(I learned last time they close at 4) The lady says "oh they will be here until after 5 someone will call you back tonight!" Now its 3pm the next day still no phone call...I just called and got the recording that the office is currently closed! office hours on Friday are 8:30am to 11:30am! WHAT!? what in the hell kind of Dr. hours are those?! I will now have to wait the whole weekend till Monday when I can call and let them know how unhappy I am with their lack of care for when my follies are checked! Don't they know how crazy a ttc woman can be?! if not they will find out soon! Since I wont get to talk to the office until Monday and I start Clomid tonight I was wondering if anyone knows if I am supposed to take both pills at the same time? or one then wait 4-6 hours and then take the next one? if anyone has any thoughts on this I would love to know! I already asked my friend google and he gave me 2  answers...together and apart! so which one is it?! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

I love following their blogs! if you haven't already you should head over and check them out! 
Thank You again!♥
Similar to the Liebster Blog Award, certain rules also apply in receiving this award:
  • Thank the person who passed the award on to you.
  • List 7 things that people may not know about you.
  • Pass the award to 15 other bloggers and don't forget to notify them as well.  
(The hard part is trying to pick 15 bloggers not chosen by others.)

hmm 7 things people may not know about me..
1. I LOVE pickles I could live off of them. Mmm
2. I LOVE the color pink & I love sparkles & glitter :)
 3. I LOVE the SNOW!
4. Me and my Oma share the same Birthday! 
5. I was born during a blizzard! (that's probably why I love snow! lol) 
6. I am left handed ;) 
7. I am an only child & I am a clomid baby! My mom got pregnant with me on her first cycle of clomid! After experiencing an ectopic pregnancy and the loss of her left tube & ovary. She got pregnant with me! her snow baby! 
♥ She is the best mom in the world

(The hard part is trying to pick 15 bloggers not chosen by others.)
& the Awards go to...

2. Crystal @ The Redhead Files
5. Justine @ Live Life Love & Blog  
8. Lenna @ CincySpin (currently on a blog break but still deserves this award!)
Most of my other followers who blog on a regular received the award already!
sending a congrats to them!

Enjoy the week! I am hoping for snow! and a second line to show!

Monday, December 5, 2011

WTH is This...10dpo

Seriously...I have done a damn good job of keeping any shred of hope out of my head since my apt. informing me of my small follies..but we bd'd our way through the green days anyways...and just when I think I am in the clear of worrying for 2 weeks and peeing on sticks and googling the night away, the symptoms arise..while in Florida last week I woke up 4dpo if I really even ovulated..according to my bbt chart I did but who knows.
with very slight cramping which turned into heavy cramping by evening w/c cm..5dpo full on cramping..evening time had a stabbing pain in my left ovary w/c cm..6dpo slight cramping now boobs sore..7dpo cramps & soreness persist along with w/c cm. 8dpo same symptoms all day, this time stabbing pain in the right side comes and goes. 9dpo cramps & soreness along with w/c cm. 10dpo {today} all the same except now I am having very sharp pains back in my left ovary! what the hell!?  These cramps feel like when AF is here..not when she is on her way! when she is on her way they are about half of this and cm is sticky not creamy (sorry tmi) but seriously wth..I was doing so good on not peeing on a stick or goggling anything till this morning when DH said have you taken a test? Well no Its too early still..but after the word test came out of his mouth that was all I could think of course after work I stopped off at the good ole dollar tree and packed my cart full..rushed home and peed in a cup waited 3 minutes and looked a a stupid stick with one line. GO FIGURE.. I should have waited. I knew it. and I did it anyway now I don't know whether to be sad or mad or what..I am also going crazy wondering if all these extra symptoms are due to the clomid cycle I did this month?> has anyone else experienced pg like symptoms due to clomid? If so I would love to know so I can stop all this wondering and comparing to woman on google from 2006..ugh so frustrating! I guess I was just hoping and praying that 1 cycle would do it! blaa... 8 more days till AF is officially due to make her grand entrance..then on to cycle 2 i guess...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Infinity & Beyond

4 years ago today I married the love of my life, he has been the most amazing husband since the day we said I Do I love him more than pumpkin pie ten feet high and all the angels in the sky, Infinity & beyond. Scott came into my life 6 and a half years ago and I haven't stopped smiling since then! We are truly blessed to have such an amazing bond and wonderful relationship. Last night he said to me I knew the day I married you that I was making the best decision of my life :) I love him more than words can express here are some pictures of our wedding day 12.1.07