Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have a fabulous post coming filled with pictures of our weekend with the fam!
 but for now I would like to entertain you with my comedy! 
because lets all admit I am hilarious! 
(just kidding I am not that funny!)
This weekend on my way out to my aunts I was driving along singing Adele at the top of my lungs when all the sudden my underwear popped into my head! I left it on the bed! (not the ones I was supposed to wear) but the ones I was supposed to pack! I made a stop at M.eijer and wondered into the undies section...Now to me this "packaged underwear" section of the store is overwhelming! I mean really! Okay so first you select your style right? boy-short, high-rise, low-rise, hipster, bikini, control top..Soooo many choices! Then you must find the color combo that best suites you, neon, neutral, polka dot, all white(never) then shades of gray and black. Perfect. k Find the color..THEN fabric! seriously. cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton blend, microfiber. Then next would be the size or wait should that be second? I wouldn't know because I ALWAYS forget to look! I get so overwhelmed with all of my choices that have to be made that I forget to look at the small little number on the top right hand corner, not to mention I am nervous that someone I know may see me in the "undie section" at M.eijer! I mean it really is a bit embarrassing, when your in V.ictori.a's Se.cret it is mainly all women, all shopping for the same thing..but in a M.eijer there are all kinds of people there for all different reasons, like buying toothpaste or some canned soup. Not underwear! Anyways I managed to pick out a pack with the right style, color, and fabric. I quickly walked to the self check out with the undie pack at my thigh hoping that no one would see me. I scanned them threw them in the bag and ran out of the store ripping up the 11 dollar receipt on the way..I got to the car and opened my bag to look once more at my selection when I noticed that I had picked up the (S) package...(S) for SMALL! size 4...SIZE 4! SMUNDIES! I am a 10-12 not a 4! But what do I do? I just ripped up the receipt! into tiny tiny nervous ripping pieces! and I would HAVE to talk to someone to return them! I opened the pack since there was no way they were going back and they actually didn't look as small as I had imagined they would! Thank god..The next morning after my shower I had to laugh to myself as I shimmied the size 4 underwear onto my size 12 ass! They fit, they were definitively tight and not comfortable but they did their job..The funnest part of this whole story is that a few months prior I did the same thing! except I bought XXL which didn't do the job at all! I had to roll them to get them to even stay on! Why didn't I choose camando option you ask? because both of these days I packed a DRESS to wear! nice huh? lol..Moral of the story...Check the size on your undie pack before purchase!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I double-dog dare you AF!

{Here from ICLW? Check out my welcome post! }


I Double-Dog Dare You AF!! 
I have been daring AF to show up all weekend 
and have yet to see her smiling face!
 I wore white shorts with this weekend! 
I went to the pool with out packing a jic tampon 
I have been sleeping at night with no jic pad! 
cleaned scrubbed my house top to bottom!
NONE of this things are working! What the hell!? 
It's been 5 days since my last pill and I am getting 
really, really impatient! The forced break we had was nice 
but I am ready to obsess over pee stick and go in for follicle checks
be stuck in 2ww and going crazy waiting for the results of the beta...
See two pink lines! have ultrasounds, hear the heartbeat, make a nursery, 
I am just ready! 
Come on AF lets get this show on the road!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hello Ladies! 

This is my first time ever participating in ICLW! 
I am excited! I have already found and followed many new blogs! 

Let's Start from the beginning shall we?
My Name is Alexis! I am Married to my adorable husband Scott
We have been married 4 1/2 years we have a dog named Waffles who I swear 
has a human trapped inside her! We live in a house on the hill, it was stuck in the 
70's when we bought it but we quickly gutted it and made it our own :) 
We have been ttc for over 2 years you can read our whole time line here
We have been pregnant 3 times, which all resulted in miscarriage.
Our last loss we suffered was the worst we were 12weeks1day pregnant
we found out that day that our baby had stopped growing somewhere around
our 9th week. We were devastated, we really really thought this was
going to be our take home baby.
But with time our pain has slowly healed and hope formed as we prepare to enter
our 4th round of clomid with heprin injections!
I hope that you enjoy your visit here with us and decided to stay and follow along!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One of those days...

Do you ever have one of those days? A terrible horrible no good very bad day? ugh. I HATE them! I am trying to turn this day around early but so far I am failing miserably! To start I wake up a half hour late, to wake Scott up for work Then just as soon as I get back to sleep my phone rings and its my co worker asking if I could please open for him, meaning I get to go into work 2 hours early! I am out the door in time and notice that its 8:11! I was supposed to remind Scott to call the denist to try and book an appoitment for today, this dentist is located at the hospital and does emergancy surgerys for half the price of our dentist, the only catch is you  have to be like caller 1 at 8am on the dot to get an appointment! crazy right? I know the things we do to save money is ridiculous sometimes! Then as I am flying pulling into the parking lot at work, Scott's ginormous red fruit punch from subway last night topples over and spills 23534 gallons of red drink all over my tan interior and tan carpet! I actually think I laughed out loud when this happened. I got to work and ran in to get some Da.wn Dish.soap to clean up the mess as I am scrubbing the beer truck pulls up, of course needing money from me, which I haven't had time to get out yet because I am busy cleaning up red pop...UGH. it gets better..So then I go in to get him some cash and as I am counting money I drop a penny, pick it up then drop a nickle..pick it up heading toward the door and lock my keys in the room behind me!!!
I had a split second thought of just saying screw this day and heading home to crawl back into bed! But what kind of weakness would that show...So I decided to stay. I have a feeling this is my sign that AF is right around the corner...
Enouugh ranting! geessh!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Last Little Pill..

Sounds like a book title doesn't it? 
The Last Little Pill...
lol..I won't write a book I promise 

So tomorrow is my last little white pill 
I am starting to feel the aches and pains 
I haven't felt since January.. 
back aching and twinging cramps beginning 
I am hungry for carbs and I have...
backne :( 

okay its not really that bad but I have never 
(knock on wood) in my life had an issue with 
any type of acne I mean I do get the occasional 
pimple the week before my period but nothing major 
I just know AF is right around the corner, I lay in bed this morning swearing of the beginning of the cramps and thinking to myself how funny it is, AF, 
I spent so many months never wanting to see her ugly face again and now I just wish she would get here and leave again! 
I have a feeling this weekend is going to suck just a little.
I will be spending quality time with my Whirlpool bath and heating pad! 
I just pray that this regulates everything, 
and that she can arrive in a timely manner come July! 
Then fingers crossed we should be able 
to begin the process in August! just for reminders we are planned to do the HSG during the time I am taking 
150mg of clomid we will be checking follicle/lining sizes and doing a trigger shot, with heprin injections and a Beta drawl two weeks following, I am nervous about the beta  I kinda would like to sleep through the 
first 12 weeks and  maybe longer then have someone wake me up around week 24?! too much to ask for?
I just keep thinking about how EARLY it is when they do the beta drawl, 
early as in I will be reliving the long agonizing scary as hell 12 weeks all over again! 
I sometimes think to myself that I will play the cool calm and collective type, if I do become pregnant right away, I will just not get attached and keep my mind track set on the fact that anything could happen and it could all end at a moments notice. But then I contradict that thought 
with the thought of why not celebrate and be excited? 
Anything unexpected can happen at anytime, as far to many of us know. 
So why not embrace it and live in the moment 
Will the pain of another loss over power the pain of not acknowledging the pregnancy until I feel it's "somewhat safe" when It never really is? 
I hate that I have to think this way,
 I hate that my past and most recent loss have jaded me so much that I even 
have thoughts about not acknowledging my pregnancy till I am in the second tri
 There is so much in this life that is not fair..
but IF and the Loss of a baby has got to be the most unfair shit in the entire world! 
Anyways this is turning into a book and I need to keep my thoughts positive 

speaking of thoughts...

I gave in and started reading 50 shades of Gray...
 is all I have to say! (& I am only on chapter 9)
Anyone out there reading it? or already read it? 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

Saturday my friend Lucy had an Open house 
for distant family and family friends that haven't 
yet had the pleasure of meeting little
Logan, and seeing her new home. 
Scott and I helped her put it all together 
and I made cute little invites!
 (I will upload the pic when I get to my work computer)
 But for now check out this adorableness!
Brotherly love!
why MUSTACHE you be so close to me!?!
In need of early morning naps!
Proud Poppop and Anneee
Taking a break from the heat! 92 here today! and my favorite Humidity! yuck!
Hurry Uncle Scott blow it up faster!
Ahhhh! Water!

Scott showing the kids how its done!

Getting the hang of it!
Like a kid again!


Soaking Wet!

Darling Girl!
What do you mean I have to wait my turn...they are my bubbles...

Sparkling eyes!
Woahh! we lost gravity!

He hasn't parted with these new beats since he got them! (well except for slip n slid time)

Hold on tight!
Don't let go!
"Hey loved ones in heaven! you ready for these balloons!?"
Off they go!!!
What a wonderful day with wonderful friends and family! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashback Friday loaded with pics :)

Here is a look at this week! It was full of adventurers and excitement! :) 
Scott has a big project coming up at work and this is how 
I keep myself entertained on the nights he works late :)
Exhausted after a l.o.n.g. day of swimming :)

Little Miss Adorable taking a break

Little Miss Rotten taking a break!

T sitting in the shade with the baby!

my duty at the baseball game..protect babies head!
and keep him cuddly  
1st baseball game E.v.e.r.

he LOVED it! 

He even got a game ball!!!

see look!

Look at the dragon! 

Um..time FLYS! remember my 5th delivery?!
here he is! 1 whole month old!~
I think we found a new sitter for the boys! My little
baby cousin K! well I guess she inst so little anymore :(

The get a long like two peas in a pod!
He came out of his room like this! LOL..Watch out Pauly D!
A much needed night at the Tap room!
Strong. expensive.and...strong. 
Ready for bed! 

Have a Lovely Weekend Ladies! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get back in the car!

Here we go! 
Starting Provera today! 

Getting back in the car, back on the road
and back on route to our destination

We still have a ways to go!
but this is step one! Getting AF into town!

Today is CD 73! YUCK!

Off we go!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

♪ Take me out to the ball game ♪

Friday Night 
My Dad gave us some awesome tickets 
to the Reds game
Our "seats" were located 
in the Fifth Third Bank Suite :)

It's been a while since I have surprised Scott with anything 
& I thought box seats at his favorite sporting event 
would be a pretty good surprise!  

Once we neared Cincinnati he started guessing..
He figured out that we were going to the game 
but he didn't know that our seats were located in the suite
with all the food and drinks your could need at your finger tips
Oh and a "make it yourself" ice cream bar :)

I think this might have been the very first thing he did!

He was soooo excited!

We had one amazing view!


Fabulous Weather, Yummy Food, Great Game & Awesome Fireworks
= Perfect Evening 
{All with my Love by my side ♥}

lol..he was watching the game and not the camera