Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get back in the car!

Here we go! 
Starting Provera today! 

Getting back in the car, back on the road
and back on route to our destination

We still have a ways to go!
but this is step one! Getting AF into town!

Today is CD 73! YUCK!

Off we go!


  1. Yeah!!!! Glad to hear that you are taking another step forward. Come on Provera work you magic so you can really get the show on the road. Good Luck!!!

  2. Great news!! I'm glad you're moving ahead!

  3. YAY!! so so happy for you, alexis! you and scott rock <3
    you know i'm rooting for you both so SO much and can't wait to see where this road takes you! keepin' the faith always!
    lots and lots of love and wishing you a wonderful, relaxing night!
    maria <3

  4. Whooohooo!!!! Can't wait to see how everything goes for you two :)