Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have a fabulous post coming filled with pictures of our weekend with the fam!
 but for now I would like to entertain you with my comedy! 
because lets all admit I am hilarious! 
(just kidding I am not that funny!)
This weekend on my way out to my aunts I was driving along singing Adele at the top of my lungs when all the sudden my underwear popped into my head! I left it on the bed! (not the ones I was supposed to wear) but the ones I was supposed to pack! I made a stop at M.eijer and wondered into the undies section...Now to me this "packaged underwear" section of the store is overwhelming! I mean really! Okay so first you select your style right? boy-short, high-rise, low-rise, hipster, bikini, control top..Soooo many choices! Then you must find the color combo that best suites you, neon, neutral, polka dot, all white(never) then shades of gray and black. Perfect. k Find the color..THEN fabric! seriously. cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton blend, microfiber. Then next would be the size or wait should that be second? I wouldn't know because I ALWAYS forget to look! I get so overwhelmed with all of my choices that have to be made that I forget to look at the small little number on the top right hand corner, not to mention I am nervous that someone I know may see me in the "undie section" at M.eijer! I mean it really is a bit embarrassing, when your in V.ictori.a's Se.cret it is mainly all women, all shopping for the same thing..but in a M.eijer there are all kinds of people there for all different reasons, like buying toothpaste or some canned soup. Not underwear! Anyways I managed to pick out a pack with the right style, color, and fabric. I quickly walked to the self check out with the undie pack at my thigh hoping that no one would see me. I scanned them threw them in the bag and ran out of the store ripping up the 11 dollar receipt on the way..I got to the car and opened my bag to look once more at my selection when I noticed that I had picked up the (S) package...(S) for SMALL! size 4...SIZE 4! SMUNDIES! I am a 10-12 not a 4! But what do I do? I just ripped up the receipt! into tiny tiny nervous ripping pieces! and I would HAVE to talk to someone to return them! I opened the pack since there was no way they were going back and they actually didn't look as small as I had imagined they would! Thank god..The next morning after my shower I had to laugh to myself as I shimmied the size 4 underwear onto my size 12 ass! They fit, they were definitively tight and not comfortable but they did their job..The funnest part of this whole story is that a few months prior I did the same thing! except I bought XXL which didn't do the job at all! I had to roll them to get them to even stay on! Why didn't I choose camando option you ask? because both of these days I packed a DRESS to wear! nice huh? lol..Moral of the story...Check the size on your undie pack before purchase!


  1. Haaaaaaaaa I love it!
    Smundies is an awesome name! lol
    Love you,
    p.s. you ARE hilarious!

  2. Hello from ICLW - your post was hilarious!

  3. This post gave me a nice little chuckle. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. lol i do that all the time too!

  5. Hahahahahahaha! This just made me laugh so loud and smirk so big, Alexis!! Omygosh, "smundies" - I love the name you gave them! LOL!
    I can't stand when underwear is too small. Usually, I'm a thong girl (I'm sure that made your night! Hahaha!) But when I wear full coverage, my badunkadunk always seems to get the "4 buttcheek syndrome" bc it cuts my cheeks in half and it looks so funny! :)
    Thanks for the laughs! Hope you're having a relaxing night, beautiful friend!

  6. *LMAO* Hilarious!!!! And I felt the same way when I had to buy maternity if people couldn't already see I'm overly pregnant! I bought two size smalls (were on size large hangars).