Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween my little Ghouls! 

Today marks 8 years that Scott and I have been together! 
Scott and I when we first started dating! 
and us now :) this was taken at the wedding this past weekend :)

This was me last night for trick or treat :) 
last minute idea to paint my face! 

Look at this amazing package I received this morning! 
from my sweet friend Janet over at Just A Little Off Kilter 

Ketchup chips! (two bags! but I already ate one!  lol) two pairs
of socks! fun goofy glasses! Chattering teeth! and an awesome card!!
How do they look?! 

She is so awesome! I love love love everything I got!! 
Thank you again Janet!! 
go check out her blog she is hilarious and awesome!! 

Also a shout out to my 2ww buddy Weaslewam 
who blogs over at More Salt 
she got her BFP today!!! I sure hope I join her tomorrow! :D

Happy Halloween Lovelies Stay Warm Tonight! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am SO SAD we didn't get snow here in Ohio, well where I leave anyway. 
Scott and I took waffles over to my parents last night 
and had a sleep over! We ate chicken paprikash! 
(if you have never had it, try it! Now!) 
We also ate cereal :) More than a normal serving size! 
We watched the news updates on Frankenstorm and played 
each other in words with friends. I think my mom and I have 10 
games going! Dad and I however only have 1 because he is the 
scrabble champion of the world  perfectionist. 
Words must be played with  lots of thought and played for points! 
Mom and I just throw words up as fast as we can
not giving two hoots about the score :) 
Scott entertained waffles while the scrabble war slowly 
dwindled down to an end.
Do you play words with friends?! 
If so are you a perfectionist or a throw the words up and go kinda player?

So as this evening came to an end I crawled up the stairs 
to bed with visions of snow piles filling my head. 
I woke around 4am and took a peek outside, a light dusting 
was covering the grass! YES I thought Snow day on the way!! 
I woke around 10 only to jump out of bed and be 
instantly disappointed! No Snow at all! 
I wish I lived in Alaska! 
I just love snow! 
I guess maybe it's because I was born during a blizzard, 
apparently I loved snow while in the womb! 
Do you love snow? or are you a hater?

As you may have noticed I am totally avoiding talking 
about the 2ww that is quickly coming to an end. 
I just don't want to jinx anything. If there is anything to jinx. 
So Thursday you will all be updated with whats happening :) 

Sending thoughts and prayers to those negativity effected by Sandy. 
Stay safe and warm my friends! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Award! :)

The lovely Kate
nominated me for this lovely blog award! 

Liebster Blog Award! 
If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kate, 
hop on over and tell her hi! 
Thank You Kate for the award!!! 

Here are my questions she gave me :) 
1. If you could drop everything and live in a foreign country for 6 months where would you live?
I would have to say Paris! 
2. What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
Mashed Potatoes 100%
3. What was one thing on your Christmas list as a kid that you never got and never forgot!?
Hmm this is a hard one! I was an only child! 
4. What is the best birthday you remember?
My sweet 16! my parents had the biggest party for me! and all my girl friends 
and I got to ride around in a limo for the night! 
5. Hamburger or Hot dog?
6. What nail polish color best portrays your personality?
Pink :) 
7. What's your dream job and why? 
To be a cop! To protect and serve the community!  
To carry a gun and drive a fast car! 
oh and to pull over all the idiots on the roadways :) 
8. What's something about yourself that you never told ANYONE? 
Its a secret! :)
9. If you had to listen to one song, and only one song for the rest of your life, what song?
Marry Me by train? I donno I am not a big music person 
10. Do you have all your wisdom teeth left? (if not, share the fun extraction stories!) 
I do not have any wisdom teeth! I had them all cut out at 18! 
I don't remember much but I do know I got some good pain meds! 
11. What made you start blogging?
2 things, My mom.. she blogs over at
and Our Journey TTC(AL) I also just wanted to remember all the good 
and the bad of this crazy journey through this lovely life!! 

Now for the real fun!! Nominations! 
1. Lauren and Christian over at  Boho in a shotgun 
(My cousin and her husband blog here, and I love their blog! go check it out!) 
3. Laylarue over at Your Precious Love 
4. Mel over at 4KOTTEZ 
5. Blossom over at Dragon and Blossom's Adventures 

Here are your Questions! 
1. Do you remember your Dreams?
2. What was the last thing you bought?
3. Is the glass half empty or half full?
4. What's under your bed?
5. Have you ever won the lottery?
6.  Are you a morning person or a night owl?
7. text or phone call?
8. Do you sing in the shower?
9. If you could change something about your home with out
 worrying about expense or mess what would it be?
10. Do you blog for yourself or for your followers?
11. Why did you start blogging?

(Copy and past the questions then answer them, nominate fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers 
make sure to save the photo above to use when you post about your award)

Have Fun!! 

Friday, October 26, 2012



They like to see it over 15 for signs of a "good" ovulation! 
15.6 I'll take it! 
1st part of good news received! 
come on part 2 please be good news!!! 

please let there be an embryo... please let it implant! 

Anyone else know their progesterone numbers from 7dpo?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blood Suckers

I had the worst and I mean WORST blood drawl today
that I have ever had in my life! 
Now I would say I have been letting the vamps feed for 
quite some time and had my share of "newbies" 
but this girl! Oh my lord! 
She should choose a different career path!
I will totally be asking for my normal girl next week.. 
It makes me wonder if there is a place you can go where they 
only have trained staff, not different faces every time you come in?
So this girl. I would say 2-3 years younger than me 
calls me back with her snotty attitude.. 
Alexis she yells into the waiting room...full of two people. 
Me and the pregnant lady next to me 
(yep just my luck the pregnant one sat right next to me) 
The lady was there for her glucose test as I saw her drinking "the orange stuff" 
Anyways I follow Dracula back to the room
I pull up my sleeve because I know the routine..
no small talk just a quick tie of the tourniquet a cold swab of the skin
and a jab of the needle.. 30 seconds later a band aid and a "have a nice day"
Now I have a throbbing arm okay its not really that bad
and a bruised bump where she jabbed me...
way to suck at your job!
which leads me to people sucking at their jobs!
I went to a wine tasting for work on Tuesday and i would say
70 percent of the people working pouring wine had attitudes!
I mean come on your pouring shots of wine and making pointless small talk.
at least smile! then the girl at McD's I go to get a sweet tea this morning
after my arm abuse.. I get to the speaker and I hear Charlie Brown's teacher..
So I place my order.. then here her again. No clue what she said?
not even sure if they were words she was speaking.
So I get to the pay window and she is texting on her cell phone!
As I sit there staring at her in disbelief, I finally say excuse me!?
and she gives me a hate stare and snatches my dollar from my hand..
No have a nice day from her!
People these days ugh!
Have you come across any rotten people lately?
How do you deal? do you let your blood boil? or just shrug it off?
& What about the date with the vamps...
Have you had any bad experiences with the blood suckers?

Gas prices holy flying pigs its under 3 dollars!
I have this weird timing thing with gas..
I always need it on Thursdays always.
and coincidentally Thursdays is always when the price spikes!
But not this past week! It dropped so I filled up!
then 2 days later when I was at a half tank and it dropped again..
I filled up! Now it's been dropping everyday and I already have a full tank.
which makes me want to run out and buy a huge barrel to fill up and keep
in my garage for when the price spikes again...because I am sure it will
be low until I need to fill up! what are gas prices in your area? Have you seen
any relief at the pump? (haha I sound like the news reporters now..)

Today is 7dpo and 8 days past trigger..
as you can tell from my story above I had my progesterone tested today
and am hoping for a number better than 12.5 which is what it was last time!
then exactly a week from today I will have my BETA!!
I have been so good so far! (I hope I didn't just jinx myself)
I haven't tried to analyze anything! I haven't peed on anything!
I am taking my pills,drinking my water, and getting my rest that's all I can
do at this point! what will be will be!
 & I can not believe its almost the weekend already!
where has the week gone?! I am happy it flu by and I hope
the next week does the same!

Who has fun plans for the weekend?!
We have a wedding on Saturday then house work and sleep on Sunday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

• Bowoween •

This past weekend Scott and I took Waffles 
to the Bowoween at the Greene 
We dressed her as a chicken and she was a hit! 

chicken little gazing out the window 

A little confused that were not driving to grandmas

She hates when anything touches her tail.. so I had to
shorten the costume 
waiting for the announcement on where to line up

chickens momma and papa 

Handsome Chicken papa

It was a beautiful day :) 

Here from ICLW?!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary...

To my BLOG!! 
I. can. not. believe. it. has. been. a. year.!!! 
A year ago I did not think I would blog for that long, 
But it has stuck and I love it more than ever! 
This community is one of the best, the love, support,
 and friendship is simply amazing! 
I have been through ups & downs and been there 
along side of you girls during your ups and downs 
I have seen many blog friends get there BFP's 
that now have their beautiful babies! 
 I have seen struggle and hurt, pain and tears. 
but I have also seen laughs and smiles and happy endings. 
I encourage everyone I can now to blog. 
What an amazing feeling it is to look back through an entire year
of things we have done, things we have overcome and the love 
that has grown stronger than ever before. ♥
Thank You! each and everyone of you have touched my life 
in one way or another and your friendship and support means 
the world to me! I hope I can return the same!

Here from ICLW?!
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Welcome ICLW October 2012

Welcome all from ICLW! 
I am excited you stopped by! I hope you will stay awhile! :)
I am Alexis married to my adorable husband Scott.. 
I have been blogging for a whole year 
and I love it more and more each day! 
I am an executive assistant for my family's bowling centers and
I just recently opened an online boutique with my mother
selling headbands for babies to adults and more! Our link is above :)
Scott is a jack of all trades, graphic designer, embroider, lead art designer and 
free lance business owner where he designs websites. 
We live in a house on the hill, that we are planning to sell this spring! 
 We have an adorable pup named Waffles :) 
Scott and I have been ttc for 3 years this October. 
We have suffered 3 miscarriages. 
Our third loss was in April were we found at a 12weeks1day 
that our baby had stopped growing around 9 weeks. 
We were devastated but with the love and support from 
our family, friends, and this community we made it through to smile again. 
 We decided it was time to see a RE who we absolutely love 
We waited for 3 cycles before we started treatment. 
On September 8th we started 100mg of clomid which resulted in a BFN
October 7th we started another 100mg of clomid for 10 days 
We triggered on Wednesday October 17th and are in the midst of our 
2ww! Our beta is set for Thursday November 1st! 
 Thank you for stopping by! 
We hope you would love to stick around and follow us on 
Our Journey Through Love, Life & Adventures! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Miss Millie's Boutique

I haven't blogged about our Boutique since we opened it! 

Over the summer my Mom and I opened up an online boutique, 
We sell handmade items our specialty being headbands!  
We also love creating wedding head pieces, custom garters 
and our newest project is dance studio head pieces! 
We have sold quite a few items and are setting up 
arrangements to have a booth at some upcoming expos! 

If you haven't checked out our store and you have a spare minute 
stop over and check us out! 

& we would be tickled pink if you would like us on FB :) 
 Here are a few items for sale in our Boutique!

Miss Vintage Lace $30.00 click image to view in store

Little Miss Marie Antoinette $30.00 click image to view in store

Autumn $25.00 click image to view in store 

Miss Mia Lace Romper $28.00 click image to view in store
Little Miss Velvet $26.00 click image to view in store

:) Have a lovely weekend ladies!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Surviving the 2ww

Beta is set for Nov. 1st. 
Exactly 14 days away! 
We triggered last night at 7pm and according to Dr. B 
we should ovulate somewhere in the 36 hour mark. 
Which puts us at 7am tomorrow morning! YAY! 
Anyways the trigger was good, I gave it to myself. 
today I am feeling a little blah and really sleepy!
 I invested in the soft cups!!! wooowhoo!
I went to walgreens at 11pm and bought the very last box!
I will admit I was super nervous to use them but it was a piece of cake!
I think they should be marketed toward ttc'ers!
So how we are surviving this 2ww!
Tonight my friend L and I are going to see Paranormal Activity 4..
I most likely wont sleep tonight
Hubs is bowling :)
Tomorrow night we have big plans to rip up the back carpet
and finish the final room with the hard wood floors!
We are listing our house March 1st!!! (post on that coming soon)
Saturday we are taking Waffles to the Bowoween Dog Parade
I made her a chicken costume! :D I will post pics below.
Saturday afternoon I am attending a surprise bridal shower!
Sunday we will be working on the floors and hopefully completing the project!
Monday-Friday we work and will be doing house projects in the evening.
Saturday we have a wedding to attend
Sunday more house work!
Monday-Thursday work
Thursday BETA DAY!!! Please AF stay away!
oh and I am NOT testing at all.
I don't even have one single hpt in my possession
I was tempted to buy some when I bought my soft cups but I stayed strong! lol..
Sooo here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure ;)

another great reason we need a baby...our dog now wears pajamas! lol.. 

These are hilarious! Fried egg candies, If I have to have another follie scan
I will be taking these to the girls at the office ;D

I finally got to wear a scarf! but later had to take it off because
it reached 71 in ohio! BLA! Come on SNOW! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Well my scan this morning was good! My lining was 7.5, my right ovary had two follicles one 22mm and one 16mm.. The left? Well.. Once again he couldn't find it! We could see a fuzzy image nothing clear but it look as if it contained a nice size follie! Fingers crossed! We are triggering tomorrow! And Beta is set for November 1st!! Praying this time is a charm!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

We Made It!

We made it through the dreaded 
Estimated Delivery Date for baby 3

Here is how our weekend went down! 
Friday 10.12.12. 
My friend L and I went together to pick up her boys from 
daycare, then headed to our house to make a feast! 
Ribs, Green Beans, Mac n Cheese, Rolls 
and of course pumpkin pie, ice cream, and apple turnovers. 
My camera wasn't charged so you will have to use 
your imagination on what this feast looked like :) 
The rest of the night we spent lounging on the couch 
watching the Polar Express getting all hyped up for Christmas! 
:) My favorite time of the year is right around the corner!! 

Saturday 10.13.12
We knew going to bed Friday that when we woke it would 
be the day.. the day we have been dreading since that awful April day
But when we woke up, everything felt the same. We didn't feel like the 
world was about to end, nor did we feel like we needed to lay in bed 
all day and cry. For this we were thankful! 
We kissed good morning and I made coffee while Scott slept in a little longer. 
We both had to run into work for a bit, but planned on meeting at Nathan's 
football game that afternoon. After work I had some spare time so I ran over 
to visit with my parents. They are so sweet my dad made me the best omelet
ever while my mom got dressed to take me to the store for a special surprise :) 

A beautiful pink sapphire ring and matching earrings! 

After the jewelry store it was off to watch Nathan 
tear up the field! He got to start with the ball this week! 
here is a mini video of him running the ball.. 
Good thing Scott showed up early for a little practice! 
next week they will work on staying in the lines :D 

 I hung out with this little guy while we watched the game :) 

After the game ended Scott and I went to grab some Chipotle! 

With full bellies we decided it was Saturday and we had time for a nap! 
so nap it was! boy was it nice I think we slept for 3 hours! lol.. 
We got up and got ready to head over to a friends house for 
her husbands birthday gathering. They rented the UFC fight so we were 
in for a long night! I wish I would have known what Scott had up his sleeve 
but I didn't :( and we didn't end up leaving till around 1am! 
on the way home he said I am the hardest person ever to surprise! 
before we had left for the party that night I sat in truck finishing my mascara 
as he changed clothes, I didn't think anything of it when he started 
putting stuff from his car in the back of the truck.. 
Anyways back to the ride home.. 
He starts the conversation with, You are the hardest woman
in the entire world to surprise! and seeing as how you
A. wouldn't let me drive separate and B. wouldn't let us cancel our plans to attend the birthday party
my plans for us for the night got a little screwy...
So instead of staying the night at the brand new hotel in town
The basement will have to do :)
I cried and cried as he brought in the bags from the car
and loaded them onto the counter.
12 red roses, a box of chocolates, a bottle of bubble bath,
a pack of strawberries a bottle of whip cream and a bottle of chocolate!
followed with a card that read: stop crying on the front lol.. he wrote it as I sobbed
looking through all the stuff he had prepared!
The card of course made me cry harder,
then we held each other for what felt like forever in a moment of silence
remembering all we have been through and all that is still ahead.
We stayed in the basement that night, it was almost like
staying in a hotel because we never go down there! lol..
I truly love that man with all my heart and soul.
& I am so Thankful to have him by my side every moment of every day :)

Sunday 10.14.12.
We woke up around 9a.m. and after getting ready, headed out the door
to meet his Parents, Sister,her husband and his Brother for brunch at a farm!
It was about a 40 minute road trip there, but so worth it!
We ate at an adorable little barn that had some good home country cookin!
there were all kinds of fun things to do! pumpkin patches, corn shooting,
  apple slinging, rubber duck races, and baskets for free pumpkins!
It was too fun! We wondered
into the shops and found some fresh fudge, caramel apples and PICKLES!!
We got some cute family photos too!
take a look ↓

It was a wonderful weekend! One that we survived with love and strength :)
I am glad the date has passed and we can now fully focus at our tasks at hand!
Our follicle check is tomorrow morning and I am more than ready to head into
the 2ww zone! I hope and pray this time is a charm! :)
Have a lovely week my friends!