Monday, October 1, 2012

PART of the Mystery Solved!!

SO if you'll remember last week 
I found 6 very tiny golden baby shoes in my jewelry box! 
(post found here)

after asking everyone I've ever come in contact with, I found out that.. 

My Oma bought them in Indiana 10 years ago!! 
but we are still baffled at how they ended up at my house! 
in my jewelry box! 

The day after our trigger shot,  I had a very strong urge while driving home 
to go to the cemetery to visit my Opa 
it was almost like my truck drove me straight there. 
I got lost in the huge cemetery for a while before I finally found his street 
when I got out of the car and started walking toward his spot 
a beautiful butterfly landed on the ground right in front of me. 
let me stop here and tell you how the butterfly represents my Opa. 

{Shortly after he passed my mom had a dream that he came and talked to her
she could see his face so clearly and it was so real. When he finished speaking 
he turned into the most gorgeous Butterfly she had even seen and he flew away. 
when she called my aunt to tell her about her dream, my aunt said 
you're not going to believe this.. 
as you were telling me about your dream a beautiful Butterfly 
came and landed on my arm!!!  
Ever since then everyone in the family has 
related the site of a Butterfly to my Opa.}

here is the butterfly that laded at my feet when I was walking to see Opa 

So I sat and hung out for a while talking to him and crying to him 
about our losses and about how badly we want this cycle to work 
and then just about life and everything else that is going on. 
It was a wonderful talk a wonderful cry and I felt 
so at peace when I left. 

Here is what I believe. 
My Opa heard my pain and my heartache and somehow 
he placed those baby shoes in my possession to give me hope 
and let me know he heard everything I had said to him. 
We will never really know how they got there or why but I believe my Opa 
had a hand in it :) 

This past weekend I was at Nathan's football game 
sitting on the ground watching and enjoying the beautiful day 
when two white baby butterflies started dancing around my feet 
they kept taking turns landing on my shoes, then my leg. I was 
quick enough to get a picture of one, but all I could think was 
that Opa had sent these little baby Butterflies to me to tell me our time is soon :) 
and that was my exact thought when I saw them. 
Our. Time. Is. Soon. 
you see the little speck of color starting on the bottom left of his wing? 
Love it! 

So...That's how the Mystery ends. 
where they came from they got there...unsolved.


  1. This made me cry. I hope all these butterflies are signs of the good things coming your way. FX!!!!

  2. I teared up reading this!! What a sad but beautiful story!! I believe it is a sign. You have a lot to look forward to!! In time everything will correct itself-I have faith it's coming soon!!!! Wishing you nothing but the best:)

  3. I am trying not to let the tears come out as I am sitting here at work reading this. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Such a beautiful story! I really believe that was your Opa's way of communicating with you. Makes me tear up thinking about it. How amazing!

  5. When my grandmother died, my family and I would see yellow butterflies everywhere so we started telling everyone it was her watching over us. :) My fingers are crossed for you!

  6. That's a great end to the mystery, it's very special to you. :)

  7. I kept getting chill bumps as I read this post. I truly believe your time is soon too!!

  8. This literally got me SO excited for you! I feel like I can just forsee one year from now reading posts about your little one...possibly ONES...haha!!!! If I could look back on the time I was waiting- I would have just soaked it in that it WAS going to happen soon and start planning by researching, buying baby things, and letting it into my home. I think positive thinking is SO important! You got this!!!!

  9. Sounds like you did solve how the tiny gold baby shoes did come into your posession. I mean, how else would you have been the one to find them and not your hubby? It was meant to be...from your Opa.