Monday, August 31, 2015

whats going on up in there?

This morning was my last lining scan before transfer! 
only 9 more sleeps!!! 
Everything looked great my lining was at a 10 
and I had a nice three strip appearance! 
Dr. G said he likes to see anything over a 6 
at this point in the process so a 10 is fabulous! 
Today I will increase my Estrace to 3 times a day 
Friday I will add Crinone and Saturday starts a low dose
of Prednisone to keep those AK cells quite! 
It's crazy to think that in just 10 days I'll be 
pupo :)  
Please dear God let this baby stick around. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Time is flying by. 
Yesterday I started my Estrace 
I also switched my diet up to 100% clean 
by 2pm my head was throbbing. 
I was also mildly bitchy 
and I felt super irritated. 
I got home around 5 and napped till 7
Scott called to tell me he would be working later
when I hung up the phone I cried. 
He often works overtime so I'm not sure 
why I was crying. In that moment I just missed him.
When he got home I cried again. 
is it possible for Estrace to dump it's shit 
side effects on you so quickly?
Anyways he asked why I was crying 
to which I had no real reason but blurted out..
Debbie called our embryo a "he" today
then I cried harder. 
He said why are you crying?! will you be upset if its a boy!? 
to which I quickly replied NO NO NO that is not why I am upset! 
I'm upset because I didn't want to know the sex!
I then told him the rest of the story and how 
she said he then quickly said or she...
and after I told the whole story out loud 
I realized that I sounded insane.
Scott began laughing and said welp there's still a 50/50 chance then! 
At least I can mark day one off the calendar and hope 
that day two is better! 
15 more sleeps till our transfer!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Time To Pop Bottles and Dance On Tables!

This past weekend was 
one of my best friends bachelorette party
Hosted by me and Jillian :) 
We had so. much. fun.

We rented a couple of hotel rooms in downtown Newport, KY 
we all met down there around 4pm 
and got ready together, we did a little pre gaming 
then headed to Cincinnati for dinner and dancing! 

The "Theme" was gatsby I glittered everything I could find
and made headbands for each of the girls :)

Jenn Jillian and me :)

The Bride to be! 

So much fun~!

I'm proud to say everyone stuck together 
no one got roofied and we didn't lose the bride!! 
Just 5 days now until the wedding!!