Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon...

♫ You saw me standing alone
with out a dream in my heart ♫
Okay enough of my glorious singing! 
You guys! There is a Blue Moon tonight! 
I hope it really looks like this! 
Maybe if I drink enough of these
I will see it! 

Hubs and I are planning to drive out to the country and see if we can get 
some good shots of it! although my mom burst my blue moon 
bubble this morning telling me, it won't "appear" blue!
{insert sad face
a little googling and I found out that the term blue moon is used 
to describe the fact that there are two full moons in 1 month..
not that the moon will be blue
I did find it cool though that the next "blue moon" wont be until July 2015!

My Mom told me earlier,
Neil Armstrong's funeral is today 
and his family said to "do good things" like he did. 
and "when you see the moon to think of him and give it a wink"
{insert tears}

So those are our plans for tonight! 
•Do something maybe a little tippy  tip for the drive-thru guy 
who sells us our 6 pack of blue moon :)
•Think of Neil...while laying on the ground gazing up at the sky 
•& give that big blue moon, a big ole wink! 

Is anyone else celebrating the blue moon this evening?! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday..

Its a nice day, I mean it's not Friday but it's close!
This Thursday my thoughts are on the future
and what we want in our lives.. 
Have you ever been asked what your 5 year plan is?
My dad asks me about once a month :) 
But really do your have a plan?
My answer: 
I think? I think I do? Yes! 
Of course when i say "my" I mean Our (as in Scott and I) 
So the first part of the 5 year plan or "goal" is to 
build a family..easier said than done...
and taking a lot longer then we had hoped.. 

But in the next five years our goals are as follows:
•Have a baby (or babies)
•Move out of our starter home 
( into the city we want our children to attend school in..
hoping we have children to put in school by then)
•Renew our vows
•advance in our job(s) 
 • Make our own businesses more successful 
(Scott owns an online freelance business mainly web designing 
and I co own a boutique with my mother) 
•Transition me to a SAHM
 •Road trip for 2 weeks and stop in every state (that you can drive to) 
•Make a trip over seas 
•Give back to the community 
•Be more healthy
•Be more active 
•Save more money
•Be fluent in another language 
•Love more, pray more, learn more

I am happy with that plan I know it's not set in stone,
but I would Love if we could
make all those things happen 
in the next 5 years :)

So what about you? Do you have 5 year plan?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Little Miss Peyton spent the night with us
last night she is the Happiest Baby Ever!
Scott and Peyton at Re.d Lobster Last night
We got so many compliments
on what a doll baby she is
Jillian and make the cutest babies ever! 
This is Peyton's
245690094231 Kiss from
Auntie A :)
She loves it, this face is just an act! 

Lol...Logan and Peyton new Bffs!

Monday, August 27, 2012


So I had this dream last night 
one that was so real and so vivid 
In my dream I was pregnant. 
and I kept getting these black and white 
visions of the baby's face 
but when  I would turn to look at it, it would fade away 
like dust being blown away, then it would circle around 
and reform the face only the second time, there were 2 faces 
I could see a glimpse here and there, of their lips &
their cheeks, but never their eyes. I wanted so badly to 
look the babies in their eyes but every time I tried 
The image of them would fade.. 
Then the dream switched and I kept seeing 
2 sacs on the ultrasound screen my eyes were 
blurry and I kept rubbing them thinking I was seeing things
and then... do you remember the video of the creation of life 
that I posted here a few months ago? well I kept seeing the 
part where the sperms are traveling to the eggs and 
I swear I kept watching 2 sperm traveling full speed 
running into two eggs! 
How freaking weird is this! 
what a mush of everything baby all in one dream! 
and twins again, more dreams of twins..
I will be over the moon with whatever happens in the coming months 
but I would be..
  over the moon and in another galaxy if we conceived twins! 

What will be, will be & We shall wait and see! 
and I will leave you with this photo... 
This is toilet paper pieces that were on the bathroom
floor behind the door, this was a while ago.
but I just found the picture in my phone.
Scott called me into the bathroom and said
babe....what does this look like to you?!!
sperm and an egg anyone?

Friday, August 24, 2012

A pregnant lady walks into a strip club

Okay not really, I just thought it would be a good attention grabber! 
did I grab ya?
:) Good!  
           Few things that are on my mind... 
  • I am SO over summer! 
  • I am SO ready for fall!
  • My mom and Aunt are currently driving right into the hurricane path to pick up sweet Mia 
  • September is SO close yet SO far away..
  • I am ready to get this cycle started
  • I found EWCM and a positive OPK two days ago..
Cloud Waterfall... do you see it?
Okay enough bullet points I can only take so many of those before I just have to start explaining! So as I have said about 103 times now we are starting clomid, heparin, ultrasounds, blood work all the fun stuff in September when AF shows her face for the third time.. I can't believe it has been almost 5 months since we lost our tiny one. I did a good job of not really thinking about the things we all think of after a loss, like how far along I would be, that I would be having baby showers, that I would be swollen to the moon because of this heat and my love for salt, about if we would be painting the spare room blue or pink.. or yellow. All the things that I worked so hard to push out of my mind for the last 5 months have started to creep in..A big thanks to En.famil on that one, they sent me an email saying "During your 8th month"  To be honest I am dreading October.. but at the same time if everything for September's cycle stays on track we could be getting our beta results in early Oct. So I guess it could be a bitter sweet month... or it could totally suck.. Either way I would like it to be here now! and I am pretty sure Scott is feeling the same way. I was a little surprised by my reaction to the ewcm and the +opk my very first thought was hell ya lets do this~ but then I started to think about how I long I have been waiting for this appointment with RE Dr. B and how I want to be in his care when I do conceive. I want the weekly ultrasounds for the first 12 weeks (which he said we can make happen ;) and I want the HSG to check out my insides.. I want it all because I am afraid if we do conceive on our own and are not in his care we face another loss..and that is the last thing in this world that I want. Okay that's enough of that.. 
:) positive attitudes only from this point forward 
A few nights ago while laying in bed Scott started laughing, uncontrollably laughing, which got me laughing! Like the very unpretty hacking coughing can't catch your breath think you may pass out laughing, this seriously went on for a good 20 minutes. Every time it would get silent one of us would just burst with laughter. It felt good to laugh. After we both had finally calmed down he found my hand in the dark of the room and began to pray.. I don't remember word for word what he said but it was a prayer for a baby a healthy baby and soon. I just love that man so much he always makes me smile, and he is always there for me doing all that he can to better my life and make me happy. I am so grateful to have him as my husband, and I want so badly to make him a father..I just can't wait! I am getting so excited the anticipation is slowly killing me!! 
So..I have to add some pictures
 because the words to pictures ratio on this post is awful! :)
 I dyed my hair girls! Dark... The color is called iced chocolate! Mmmm! However... I didn't read the directions because I have dyed my hair 345456 times in my life and know what I am doing..But this time I kinda forgot I was going light to dark and that my leave on time was only 10 minutes...23 minutes later I pick up the paper to glance over the steps before throwing it in the trash, my eyes went straight to the 10 and my head went straight to the bathtub faucet! Needless to say my iced chocolate is more like iced black coffee....
Its still cute though! well I at least I keep telling myself that!  I picked up a little red to through some chunks in there, just wash out red for now to see how I like it.. 

We also celebrated my cousins 15th birthday! I CAN NOT believe that he is so old.. He was my little baby doll growing up, I loved to dress him up and push him around my parents house in the stroller and now he is growing up! 
Zach(ary) Scott Me and Kailyn...are we twins or what?!

Scott and I are off the the Great American Ball Park tonight 
to watch the reds one last time for the summer
Have a lovely weekend Everyone! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Part III

I know I know a three part vacation..
I will sum it all up here 
but I am warning you now its going to be long..
and scrambled cause I have lots I want to get blogging about! 

 Here is part 1 and part II if you missed them and want to catch up :)
So I left off with our canceled boat trip and fried fish and beer 
dinner, then a nap before we headed back to the beach for 
a friend/co workers birthday! 
First we had to get ready :) 
Mia loved playing in Aunt Alexis' make up 
and Velcro hair rollers she was adorable the whole time!  

 Adorable little video of Mia Peyton and I getting 
ready for the night :)
Almost ready! 
waaaalaaa thank the lord for mascara :))
p.s. all these pictures in part 1-2-3 were taken with my cell..
a little energy drink was needed
The first place we went to was called 
The Red Door, an awesome outdoor beach bar we met with about 15 of Jillian's Coworkers & had one fabulous time! We met really nice people, had some hilarious conversations & made so many memories! I think one of the funniest from this part of the night was when Jen asked for the rest of the 5hr energy I had in my purse, I gave it to her & she downed it, then made an awful face! It was grape! YUCK, so I handed her my drink so she could wash down the grossness and instead of taking a sip, she spit it in! the best part is I didn't even notice! it was after I took a drink that she said eww why are you drinking that? I spit in it!
Love these girls
The rest of the night was fun, we walked over to another beach bar 
and did a lot of singing and some much needed 
dancing! I have some funny videos but I think these 
girls would kill me if I put them up :) 
So Saturday...  Yes I am only on Saturday!
 We woke up to Mia's smiling face and Josh made us all a much needed big breakfast! We watched some of the olympics and played kitchen and make up then we headed down to the Juan something.. lol 
I cant remember the name but its a really cool restaurant/ bar right on the water 
 We just so happened to go the same day as the big boat poker run.. 
so there were like 1323432462 people there! We stayed for a drink then 
headed up to Stinkys
Loving the make up :) 
Saturday Night we put the girls to bed then played some 
card games and enjoyed some beverages... 
A little of this happened..
and only Jen can fall asleep shaped like a pretzel!
Sunday we got up early and headed to the beach! 
 We saw WHALES!!! or maybe one WHALE but it was a WHALE!
and a few Jellyfish %-/
I am going to miss these sweet babies! 
We had a wonderful time! 
Thank you again Bott 123&4
We will be back.... 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise Part II

P a r a d i s e 
there that's how you spell it..

We ended our fun night of playing kitchen and feeding 
baby dolls with some pizza and juice :) 

Friday we got up early and 
got ready for our trip to 
crab island for a snorkeling
adventure! We had to make 
a pit stop at wal.mart to grab
an underwater camera ○
←out take #12

There finally..a good one!
We pondered for far to long as to whether we needed 
these awesome Navarre hats for our 3 hour tour
the verdict was..


But it was fun trying them on :) 

until I mentioned 
something along the lines of lice and wal.mart hats 

Harry T's is famous for there
 Sweet Water Beer 
and amazing nachos!
 (I may have made that part up)
I should say they are famous to me! lol...
 Anyways we got a half order 
that took up half the table! they 
are seriously the best nachos ever! 
We were set to take the noon ship out 
but because of the lovely hurricane 
rolling by the weather was If'y 
I called to make sure the trip was a go 
and the lady informed us we need to be there like right that minute 
so we had to take our beer and 
nachos to go! 
take#5 poor old man had no clue how to use an iPhone  

Since the weather was questionable we left our boat bags in the car, in the parking garage 3 floors and 2 blocks away... thinking we would have time to run and get them before the tour. When we were informed we needed to be checking in not drinking beer & eating nachos we ran straight to the check in booth and totally forgot about the bag, with the towels, & the water cameras, dry clothes...ect.. But I did make it around the corner to the gift shop to snag up a 12 pack of beer for the trip! :) 

 The sun did make an appearance for about an hour 
but the rain soon moved in again, turning our three hour tour 
into an hour and a half thus resulting in a partial refund :)
Oh and we got to see a pirate ship and a few dolphins 
on our way back to the dock!
Great memories made this day! 

We stopped by the shrimp basket since our boat ride ended early 
and grabbed a few beverages and some fried fish heaven!
We got home around 3 to take a nap before venturing back 
out to celebrate one of Jillian's coworkers birthdays! 
That night will be revealed in Part III