Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sorry Not a Winner oh and CD1

This is what Scott and I titled our Weekend trip 
to the Casino! He started testing his luck early in the day with a few keno tickets but each one we scanned said 
Sorry Not a Winner..
Then at the casino every machine we sat down at was losing but always the machine next to us would win. The first guy to his right won 300 dollars so we moved. the lady to the left.. 500..So we moved again.. lol. to a table this time, with some work friends of his as soon as we got to the table his co workers wife hit 500 twice in a row.. all I could see was that flashing message in my head.... Sorry. Not. A. Winner. 
We had until midnight to play because Scott's drivers license expired that night which would make him unable to claim any jackpots. Right before we left he hit 97 dollars and then another 26.. 

So at least we left with some money! :) 
We left there in search for a hotel, 
I hadn't booked anything because I wanted it to be 
relaxed and not a scheduled trip 
bad idea. 
Every. Single. Hotel. Was. Booked. 
on our journey home we stopped at one last hotel
A Comfort Inn. 
They only had smoking rooms left. 
but at 2am I didn't really care.. 
Yes 2 am we had been hotel hunting 
for almost 2 hours! 
So we agreed to the $80 room at the scary hotel. 
We rode the elevator up with bags in hand
Opened the door...
and the room was 
bed not made, trash in the can, 
towels all over the floor..It was awful!
Back down the elevator we went..
got a new room then back up. 
We walked in and put our things down.
 I began looking around in disgust this place was absolutely filthy!

      Scott was making him self at home, while I was 
      just standing there with a million things running through my head...
     Bed bugs being my number one thought. 
Could have been a horror movie set

I started to cry. 
I told him I was so so sorry 
but I just couldn't do it, 
we had to leave! 
and so back down the elevator we went! 
we made the 2 hour trip home 
and snuggled into our own bed 
around 5 am.. 
It was one long exhausting trip! 


Saturday we had a family picnic to attend 

We ate good food, had good conversations, 
played a little corn hole and 
Scott swam, then home to bed!
 We slept from 6pm to 10am! 
 minus the 3am banging on the door
 from the local police 
letting us know that we had 
left our garage door open! 

Today, I woke up to a visitor! 
Good Old Aunt Flo showed up today! 

33 day cycle! woowhoo! 
This means we will now be cycling in September! 

Thanks love :)

 Wishing everyone a Lovely Week!!


  1. Oh Alexis, you are so funny and full of life! First, I am sorry af showed. However, I am SO SO excited for September. You keep the positivity flowing...I know you will. And I am so sorry that you almost had to stay in a scary, freakya## hotel! You had my laughing with your captions and the pics of Scott holding his nose. I am glad you got a nice night of sleep after all that! And yay for winning some bucks at the end! :)
    You're in my thoughts and prayers! Have a happy week!

  2. Haaaaaa I love the Hotel story! It's not that you're high maintenance you just expect the best! Lol
    I'm all packed for the destination road trip in September remember getting out of the car and catching a flight is always an option! ; )

  3. NOOOOOO! Not af! That picture is like the perfect representation of her haha. Glad you are having so much fun though! You and hubby seem so close, and adventurous... you made me laugh with your stories and pictures. I can tell you guys will have fun together for a lifetime. I'm crossing my fingers for September!! It's my birthday month, so it's lucky haha :) By the way, I love your Saturday picture.. your hair looks amazing! How do you do it like that? I must know!