Monday, February 25, 2013

Wooly Bully...

This title actually has absolutely nothing to do with 
today's post. But my mom and I went out to lunch 
today and she put this damn song in my head. 
You know your singing it now, go on. 
Wooly Bully-Wooly Bully-Wooly Bully
Wooly Bully Wooly Bully-
whew. that was a lot. 
andddd your welcome! 
Do me a favor and sing it out loud once today 
put this awful song in someone's head! :) 

So I got the all clear today! 
I am officially NOT sick anymore! 
Wooly Bully! (haha sorry I had to) 
I also got a flu shot! 
lol.. better late than never right?!
Scott and I had a pretty good weekend. 
Friday night we went to another Fish Fry! 
We won a bunch of money playing black jack! 
Hubs ate lots of fish and I, well, I consumed a lot of beer :) 
It was so fun! 

This was my hand all night! LOVE IT! 
Love this game! 
Saturday we got up early and headed to this adorable place 
called "The Coffee Shop" 
they have the best breakfast food ever! 
after breakfast we decided we needed a little nap :) 
after our nap we both woke up with tons of energy! 
we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned 
It felt good to get those dust bunnies out of the corners
and mop the floor! My poor bathtub needed some love too! 
We ended the night with Scott working on websites and me 
lounging on the couch catching up on my dvrs 
Sunday morning I had to work at the butt crack of dawn
which was no fun. at all. 
We had made plans with his parents to meet up 
and do a little switch-a-roo with some furniture. 
Among other things, we traded computer desks,
Scott uses both a MAC and a PC so he needed 
more space. We ended up moving his whole office 
to the basement, which left me with an empty room. 
and a small hole in my heart. 
I have always envisioned us cleaning out that room 
to make it a nursery, painting the walls and measuring for 
curtains. All of the nesting would be done in that room. 
But for now, it's empty. 
I thought about making it a TV/Craft room, 
but every time I tried to carry something in it yesterday
I moved it right back out. 
Part of me wants to paint it now and put furniture in it. 
and part of me wants to leave it empty, keep the door closed, 
and wait. 
Just wait until we have a baby on the way 
and get to the point of nesting. 
But then I think, how long will we wait?
we've been waiting over 3 years now... 
Ugh I don't know what to do!! 
What would you girls do? 
Complete the room or Keep it empty?

As far as AF, she is still a no show. 
and tests are still coming out BFN. 
today is CD42...
last night I did have a bit of cramping. 
and I did cry at least once while emptying out the room. 
So I have a feeling she is coming! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Worst HPT on the market

just wanted to get that out there before I start 
ranting so your not reading the whole time going 
"is she pregnant? is it positive" 
Nope Nadda Negative... 
AF is still a no show, I am currently on CD37! 
I figured she would be here by today 
but I don't have any signs or symptoms that she 
is coming! No cramps no sweet cravings 
So I took an HPT today
Kroger brand to be exact. 
this is the WORST test ever! 
It is a (+ |) test
so (- |) is negative 
and (+ |)is a positive.. 
confusing to start. 
But then get this the first - is SUPER light 
and the second one is SUPER dark... 
I took 2 of these and got the exact same results
So if both the (- |) are considered "control lines" 
shouldn't they be the same shade? 
and it has this stupid plastic window covering that makes it even harder to see 
if there may be a faint vertical line. 
the only plus to these tests is that they are super easy to take apart :) 
ya ya ya I know don't take them apart. 
but lets be real all POAS addicts take tests apart 
and the easier the better! 
So my friends. 
Here we are...waiting. 
for my period so we can wait for 4 more weeks to do our IUI
to wait for 2 more weeks for a beta test
to hopefully wait 40 more weeks..
for a baby!

This ish is ridiculous! 

Yes I used FMU and I even used a cup so I could be sure the tip 
was completely submerged for the correct amount of time..
Look at that flipping control line! That is just crazy! 
Never. Ever. buy Kroger brand. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Holy Sickness Batman!

Goodness Girls! 
I haven't been this sick in yearsssss
I am going on day 12. It all started the Monday after
Superbowl Sunday I started getting "that smell" in my nose
you know the one where the flu is creeping in..
by Thursday my chest was so heavy it felt as if a 400lb
man was sitting on it and I was wheezing and struggling to breathe.
Friday morning I went to see my Doctor. 
upon arriving my breathing worsened and I think 
I had frightened the nurses. The Doctor had asked me to take 
"a few" deep breaths while she listened...I made it to 3 before I 
clutched the side of the table and almost passed out, I began
crying and gasping for breath. It was by far one of the scariest feelings
I have ever felt. She left the room and returned with the oxygen machine
as well as the heart rate monitor. Once I calmed down I explained to her 
that I could not breathe and the deep breaths were near impossible for me. 
She debated on sending me straight to the hospital but was resistant to 
because of all of the sick people in the waiting rooms. She gave me a
shot, a script of steroids, a zpac and an inhaler. 
By Sunday I hadn't gotten any better and actually felt worse
so I made the decision to head to the ER. 
There I found out that I actually not only had pneumonia 
I also had influenza B...
I was given more meds and sent home with strict 
bed rest instructions...
You'd think this was the end. 
but no. 
On Wednesday I was taking my medication 
and got a pill stuck in my throat.. 
I spent all night throwing up trying to dislodge the pill
after visiting Dr. Google I scared the shit 
out of myself and made a Dr. apt. the next morning (valentines day)
to have the pill "removed"
Sadly the Dr. informed me he could not just easily 
reach in and grab it and that If it was still a problem 
the following day he would send me for an xray and then 
to a specialist to be scoped...
While there he also informed me that I was still not 
clear of the pneumonia.. the flu had passed but the 
pneumonia remained. So another shot was given. 
only this time I didn't respond so well. 
go figure. 
as I was paying my copay I broke out in a cold sweat 
and had to run to the bathroom to get sick
I was dizzy and light headed and unable to focus
The nurses rushed to get me back in a room 
fearing I was having a reaction to the injection. 
I was so embarrassed and I just wanted to go home. 
I laid down for 15 minutes and when the color 
returned to my face they let me leave.. 
A valentines day we will never forget.... 
*side note: the pill finally went down on its own thank god!*

My wonderful husband had made me breakfast in bed that morning
and my own website instead of a card!
you can view it here if you'd like 
 (↑ my very own website valentine!) 
Two of my caregivers :)

Unfortunately this illness has 
caused us to step back from our 
IUI this month :( 
today is CD32 with no AF in site
I am thinking she will arrive around CD37..
We just feel that my body has been through a lot this month
and needs some time to recover. 
So we will wait. 
We are good at waiting though, 
we know it's the best choice and 
we also know that good things come to those who wait. 
So we will wait. 
 I will spend the rest of this month and the start of next 
working on me, and becoming the healthiest I can be! 
Because come March we are going to rock 
this IUI! We will get pregnant and we will have a baby!
You hear that body! That's a demand not a request!

"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait"

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lack of posts

Sorry about my lack of posts this week I have been sick since Monday and was just diagnosed with pneumonia today, I am on a strong script of steroids and using an inhaler. My goal is to stay out of the hospital since they tend to make things worse most of the time. I will be sure to get back on my regular posting schedule once I kick this illness in the butt! See you all next week!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What THE Whaaat? It's February?

How in the world did January go by so fast! 
and today is February 5th holy crap! 
We have been so busy lately that I feel like 
I haven't blogged in forever! 
that needs to change asap! 
Last weekend we had a great time with great firends
Friday night we went to a Fish Fry, that had 
unlimited crispy fish, cold draft beer, jello shots and some gambling!
Here are some pictures from that night

Saturday I recovered with some much needed 

Saturday night was girls night! 
we went to Elsa's of course! 
these lovely ladies made my night! 
Me and Michelle
Me and Jenn
I loved Jenn's Fireplace!  look at this thing! 
Sunday I worked for a  bit then napped for a bit
then off to the Super Bowl Party 

I just couldn't decide which TV to watch!

About two weeks ago L and I started our work out routine 
to prepare for summer! yup end of January and planning for summer! 
I bought this adorable Yellow polka dot bikini from VS 
to hang on my fridge as inspiration! 
One of my best friends growing up has asked me to 
be in her wedding in July...IN CALI! 
So I MUST get my butt in shape! and into this bikini! :P

operation shrink this body is in full effect!
Jillian Michaels  just about killed me!  

↑ I wish you could actually see the sweat in this picture
it was in my eyes on my arms elbows eyelids! all the 
places you don't really sweat while gliding along on the elliptical
I 100% recommend the Jillian Michaels Shed and Shred tape! AHmazing!

After a good work out I like to much on this real quick 

then jump in here!

 Relax. Recover. Read. 

I just finished the book Gone Girl!
It's good but will throw you for a loop! 
I have been hunting around as for what to read next
any suggestions?! 
 Our IUI is still on track nothing really going on right now
we are in the midst of a 2ww on a natural cycle following a chemical 
I don't have high hopes for a positive. 
I am just ready to get to the IUI
AF should be due around February 15th
making our IUI date somewhere around the 27th 
end of the monthish.. 
and I say SHOULD BE DUE 
because I lost ALL of my last 2 years of records 
my phone crashed and I had to restore when I did 
I lost all my info :( It sucks because I always looked 
at past cycles to compare and symptom check and now I can't 
Work news!
Little Miss Millie's Boutique has been quite busy! 
We are doing the Baby Bonanza in Columbus 
on March 10th!
Any blogger buddies in the area?! COME SEE ME!!
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 What's going on this week?! 
Anyone doing anything fun!? 
Anyone getting any snow that I can be jealous of?!