•○•Our TTC Journey•○•

Scott and I started ttc 7 years and some months ago
we have been pregnant 5 times, 3 early miscarriages, a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks and a chemical pregnancy. We have tried clomid cycles, femara cycles, gonal-f + femara cycles and 5 IUI's and in June of 2015  IVF!! on July 16th 2015 8 eggs were retrieved, on day 3 we had 5 that fertilized through ICSI and on day 6 we had 2 that made it through biopsy and freeze. The results from the PGD testing came just 4 days later and out of 2 embryos we had ONE NORMAL HEALTHY BABY!!! Transfer was set for September 2015...Beta day brought a negative result. We're back to square one. 

Below is our detailed timeline in our journey to bringing home baby warrick!  
Here is our time line:
•May 2008- surprise BFP! Early miscarriage at 7 weeks
• October 2009 stopped using all forms of birth control
July 2010-surprise BFP! Early miscarriage around 6-7 weeks
• Feb. 2011  We talked with Dr. W about starting clomid if we didn't become pregnant in the next 6 months on our own
• April-October-Cycle regulated, and we ttc on our own but no luck 
• Early Oct. experienced spotting 3 days before expected period, which we thought may have been implantation bleeding but hcg blood test revealed negative results as well as 6 (-) hpt's                 
• October 2011 We went in and talked with Dr. W to begin clomid cycles
I was given metformin and clomid and instructed to take the metformin along with my prenatal now and start the clomid on the 3rd day of the my cycle and take until day 7 then come in for an ultrasound on day 11 to check follicles 
• November 9th started 50mg of clomid continuing metformin and prenatal vitamins 
• November 17th first follicle check results: showed lining as a 5 ; 20 follies on left 18 on right all very small 9mm being the biggest one on the left. Informed by Dr. W this would most likely not be our month, we will increase dose for next cycle.  
• PCOS confirmation (I thought I heard him say he thought I had it about a year ago, but it was just confirmed I do in fact have pcos (BOO) 
• December 9th Second round of clomid dose increased to 100mg on days 3-7 ultrasound on day 11 and beginning progesterone on day 14. *Fingers crossed* 
(p.s. my ovulation day on FF is Christmas Eve!)
• January 7th AF arrives moving on to round 3...
• January 9th 3rd round of clomid dose increasing to 150mg on days 3-7 ultrasound on day 11 continue on metformin and prenatal progesterone on day 14. *fingers and toes crossed* 
• February 7th- BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
•  April 1st, 12 weeks 1 day, I experienced light spotting which sent us to the ER, we discovered baby W's heart was no longer beating. We now have 3 angels in heaven
• April 2nd I received a D&C.  
• April 18th met with our new RE Dr. B (he is amazing!)
• April-June we take a much needed break from it all
• June 14th begin Provera to bring AF to town. Begin 1700mg of Metformin
Daily baby aspirin and prenatal
• July 4th AF arrives sticks around for 6 days 
•July 22nd positive opk 
•August 5th AF arrives 
•August 11th RE Dr. B calls to say all blood testing came back normal 
and we are set to begin cycling in September!
• September 8th begin clomid (round 5) 
• September 17th Follicle scan, to small.. to trigger reschedule U/s for 19th 
• September 19th Lining at 11 left ovary follicle of 26mm right of 14. 
Trigger that night. 
• October 5th Beta day!! woke up to AF :( Round 4 BFN! 
• October 5th Baseline u/s all clear to start clomid round 5
• October 7th start clomid 
• October 16th Follicle scan
November 3rd AF arrived, on to cycle 6
• November 5th started 150mg of clomid
• November 14th Follicle scan showed no response
• November 14th Begin stair stepping process started 200mg of clomind
• November 21st follicle scan........ Showed only my right ovary with 2 good size follicles 15mm and a 16mm with a lining of 9.8! 
• November 24th 1st trigger 
• November 29th Second Trigger 
• December 3rd Progesterone test: Results: 38!!! Highest it's ever been!
• December 11th Beta day!.....
• December 10th AF showed. -_-
• January 2nd we meet with Dr. B to discuss where we go from here!
(decided to move on to Ferma and IUI in FEB! 
•January 13th AF late..took a FRER got a pink dot not a line a dot 
called for a blood test, confirmed a Chemical pregnancy.
• January 15th AF
• February-got sick with pneumonia and the flu postponing iui
• February 21st-CD38 no signs of AF (multiple negative hpts) 
(if AF doesnt show by CD42 calling for a blood test)
•February 27th CD44 went in for labs results (-) progesterone .1 
estrogen levels high.
• March 6th CD51 Ultrasound confirms that I am stuck in a cycle. 
(talked about the ovarian drilling procedure if Femara fails)
• March 7th started provera to bring on AF 
• March 2013 plan: Go in for labs on CD1 - CD3 begin Femara come in on CD12 for a follicle scan, trigger, IUI, progesterone test, Beta test.  praying IUI #1 works!
• April 1st (1 year since we lost baby#3) We had our 1st IUI procedure. using Femara 
• April 15th AF showed IUI#1 was a failure 
• April 30th IUI#2 with Femara 
• May 15th Beta day! AF showed. IUI#2 was a failure
• May 28th IUI#3 with Gonal F and Femara
• June 12th No need for Beta as AF arrived. IUI#3 another failure.
• June-August No procedures {Break} 
•September-Scott and I discussed a plan moving forward. 
October we will go back and talk with Dr. B about 3 more IUI's using 
injectables starting in November.
In the mean time I am starting Pregnatude supplements, temping and tracking ovulation using opks to see if we can can get a successful pregnancy while we wait to start treatments again.  
October- We decided to take a chance and change doctors! Dr. D is our new main man. He is an OBGYN that specializes in fertility treatments...Meaning...INSURANCE covers ALL appointments and ultrasounds!! 
November-last month before getting back to medicated cycles. I actually got a positive OPK this month!! in the 2ww now! :)
March 2014-Did another round of clomid with DR.D...it was a bust. 
End March 2014 Met with Dr. B again to discuss IVF
April 2014 preparing for our first IVF 
May 2014- April IVF put on hold...Was told I needed to lose 12 pounds before proceeding >:-C 
May 2014 Called old OB dr. D and got 150 MG of clomid while I wait for my IVF process to begin...or aka lose 9 more pounds.. 
June 5th 2014- Faint Positive!!! 
June 6th-HCG 5 
June 8th-HCG 43
June 11th HCG 167 
June 17th HCG 798 
June 25th HCG 3925
June 26th 5 weeks 3 days Ultrasound shows 1 sac and faint flicker 
July 3rd Spotting 6w3d
July 6th Miscarriage at ER in Florida while on vacation. 
July 14th ultrasound shows tissue remaining. Will wait to see if D&C is required. Labs drawn to watch HCG levels return to 0. (no d&c was required)
November 2014: Provera to bring on Period after 93 day cycle. 
followed by clomid days 6-10 because I forgot to start on day 5! oops :-/ 
December 18th: Round 12=........BFN
January 5th: Positive OPK all signs of Ovulation are present. 
March NEW RE!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! WISH I would have switched years ago! 
March 2015- IUI 4 with 150mg of clomid and a trigger shot=BFN
April 2015 IUI 5 with 150mg of clomid and a trigger shot=BFN
June 2015 Started birth control, Lupron, Bravelle and Menopure for IVF!!!! 
JUly 16th 2015 IVF Egg retrieval!! 8 eggs were retrieved! on day 3 we got the call that 5 had fertilized on day 6 we got the call that 2 had made it through the biopsy for PGD testing and they had both been successfully frozen!
On the 27th I got a call with the PGD results....ONE Normal healthy embryo!! we are over the moon excited!! Transfer is set for September :)
IVF #1 BFN nothing frozen. back to square one and heart broken.
February 2017 we will try Round 12 of clomid?? I think it's round 12 It's been 7 years...it's getting hard to remember! Were also considering adoption with out an agency.  

We walk together hand in hand with love & faith
We know our day is soon to come & we to shall experience the joys of parenthood
♥Never giving up hope ♥
I will love you my love, forever and a day

Running total of money spent on our journey ttc

Round 1 November 2011
Clomid $24.00
Metformin $10.00
HPT's $25.00
OPK's $5.00
Total : $64.00 

Round 2 December 2011
Clomid $24.00
Metformin $10.00
Progesterone $32.00
Pre-seed $22.00
HPT's $15.00 
OPK's $5.00
Total: $ 108.00

Round 3 January 2012
Clomid $24.00
Metformin $10.00
Progesterone $32.00
HPT's $20! but my Mom bought the winner!!
OPK's $0! my Mom bought me the smiley opk!
Round 3=BFP!!!! 

April 2012 Missed Miscarriage 
D&C $3980.00 
(insurance covered $9000 but not the remaining $3980)
3 ultrasounds prior to this all not covered because I didn't meet my deductible
U/S(s) $390
infection from D&C antibiotic $30.00
Total for April 
Sent in paperwork to the hospital for financial
assistance and they covered my WHOLE bill!!!

: Provera to bring AF to town $20.00 

Round 4 September 2012
Clomid $24.00
Metformin $4.00
Baby Asprin $4.00
Ovidrel $70.00
Ultrasounds:3 at $208 a piece.. $624.00
Total of $727.00
Round 4=BFN

Round 5 October 2012

Clomid $24.00
Metformin $4.00
Baby Asprin $4.00
Ovidrel $70.00
Ultrasounds: 2 $416.00

Total of $518.00
Round 5=BFN

Round 6 (and 7 in one month) November 2012

Clomid $26.00
Metformin $4.00
Baby Asprin $6.00
preseed $30.00
Soft cups $12.00
Ovidrel x2 $140.00
Ultrasounds: 3 $624.00
clomid 200mg $34.00

Total of $876.00
Round 6= BFN 

Round 8 March /April 2013
Provera $4.00
Metformin $4.00
Baby Asprin $6.00 
Ovidrel x2 $140
Ultrasounds: 2 $416
Femara: $135
Total of $ $705
Round 7= BFN

Round 9 April 2013
Metformin $4.00
Baby Asprin $6.00 
Ovidrel x2 $140
Ultrasounds: 2 $416
Femara: $11 ←pharmacy discount card
 saved me 124 dollars!! 
Total of $ $577
Round 8= BFN

Round 9 May 2013
Metformin $4.00
Baby Asprin $6.00 
Ovidrel x2 $140
Ultrasounds: 2 $416
Femara: $11
Gonal F: $375
Total of $952
Round 9= BFN

Round 10 March 2014
Metformin $4.00
Clomid $9.00
Office Visit $30.00
Total of $43.00 
Round 10=BFN

Round 11 May 2014
Metformin $4.00
Clomid $9.00
Office Visit: $30.00
Bloodwork: $75
Total of $118.00
Round 11=BFP!!!! 
(ended at 6 weeks) 

Round 12 November 2014
Metformin $4.00
Clomid $9.00
Provera $4.00
Office Visit: Free!
Bloodwork: $0
Total: $13.00
Round 12 =BFN

Round 13 March 2015
Metformin $4.00
Clomid $9.00
Office Visit: 45
Bloodwork: $45
Total: $177
Round 13 =BFN

Round 14 April 2015
Metformin $4.00
Clomid $9.00
Office Visit: 45
Bloodwork: $45
Ultrasound $75
Total: $177
Round 12 =BFN

June 2015

IVF with ICSI / PGD 
Total so far... 

Transfer fee in September 

Current Grand Total: 
Still nothing to show for the money spent. 
going on year 7 & slowly losing hope.