Wednesday, February 29, 2012

7 Weeks 4 Days

7 weeks 4 days! :) 
• This weather is C.r.a.z.y. 
• I love being pregnant
• I am nervous but excited for Friday! 
• My chain I made is getting smaller :) 
• Smells are starting to make me nauseous 
• I feel a wave of nausea after almost every meal 
• I have gained 7 pounds :-/ 
• I am definitely showing already and wont be able to hide it 
from coworkers much longer
• I am tired. really tired. 
• I have weird dreams, really weird dreams. 
• I am excited for March to be over already :) 
• My mom and aunt are taking baby Mia back to Florida today
~ Please pray for their safe travels

• I love all my blogger friends and am proud to have 50 followers! 
• You will hear from me again after my ultrasound Friday! 
Prayers greatly appreciated for a smooth day with a healthy heartbeat! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

OB Appointment & a Due Date!

October 13th 2012 
is our official Due Date :) 
The appointment was good, we asked lots of questions 
got lots of information and slips to get some labs drawn. 
We decided against the Downs screening. 
We both agreed that the false positive rate is too high, and I would be a 
professional nervous wreck the whole time. 
& the results of the test won't change a thing. We will love this baby no matter what. 
So I am glad we said no :) 
My nurse also informed me that my favorite hospital
(Brand NEW hospital by the way) 
is putting in a labor & delivery floor!!!
I love love love this new hospital! 
& today is half over so 4 1/2 more days till the ultrasound! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

7 weeks 1 day

7 weeks 1 day :) 
another day closer to seeing our beautiful baby and its beautiful heartbeat! 
I am super excited! 
So far week 7 has brought 
less cramping, almost none at night now! woowhoo
on and off boobie pains and nipple soreness
increased peeing. 
a uti. 
increased cm. 
and cat nails. 
wait maybe I already had those? 
I am feeling good! I have an appointment tomorrow morning at my OB office
my first prenatal appointment! I am kind of nervous but more excited. 
I know it probably wont be that exciting but I have never been before and I 
am excited to be going through the process! 
I have a long list of questions
my main one being 
can I take a bath yet?! lol.. I do shower I promise 
but my new huge tub with 6 jets is calling my name. 
I have read so many things that say, its fine, and its not fine at all. 
So I am just going to ask the nurse and maybe another nurse and the Dr. 
just to be sure. ha. 
Oh and listen to this! 
I have a rash! haha! another flipping rash!
I think I have tracked it back to the body butter I just recently bought
its real light when it goes on so i decided to scrape out clumps of it 
and smear it all over my stomach and boobs. 
two days later, rash. bad rash, super super itchy rash!
do you know how hard it is to not scratch your boobs in public?
Hard. Waiter looking at you like you are crazy,
 only to realize your hand is in full scratch all the way down your shirt. 
ya. that happened. I couldn't help it! I was itchy! 

In other news,
•Scott and I went to church this morning! 
it was nice to go, I felt really good when I left, and the new place is huge! 
and really cool. I think we are going to try it out a few more times before we decide
to make it our place.

•Scott's freelance business is booming 

•The house is coming a long, trying to finish up some projects 
so we can get an appraisal and see if maybe we can move before the baby gets here! :) 
I am excited and sad at the same time, I do love this house. 
We poured our blood sweat and tears into this house, and have made it our home. 
It is a 3 bedroom 21/2 bath bi-level 
but we are already outgrowing it and I think when the baby comes 
we will be crowded with all the stuff we already have plus baby things. 
I found my dream house online a few days ago, in a beautiful neighborhood 
right in the heart of the city I love, in the school district I want my children to go to. 
the next morning I got online to email the seller, and the status had flipped to
off the market. :( 
O well I guess it wasn't meant to be and I will keep looking, since we did so much 
(knocked down walls, ripped out all carpeting, removed and painted all doors
painted kitchen cabinets from nasty brown to pretty white, installed hardwood floors, 
gutted the master bathroom and much more..) 
I now am looking for a house that is perfect, 
that has everything I want in a home and somewhere where I will never
 have to paint another damn cabinet again in my life. :) 

•I will update after my prenatal appointment! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

6w5d & things that make you scratch your head..

I made a chain today. 
You know like the ones we all made in 1st grade! 
it represents the time left util we hit 12 weeks :) 
My next big milestone I am looking forward to! 
its hanging by my desk at work 
only 37 days left :) 

I was browsing around on the internet and found some interesting baby things

like this. 
which Scott wants for sure.. I on the other hand am not so sure..

This space looking bouncing seat is actually really cool
but I don't know if I can get past the Star-Track look! 

Its called the Mamaroo 

Features Of The 4Moms Mamaroo

The tagline of this product is “It moves like you do”. In other words, the motions are designed to simulate the actual movements of parents when soothing their babies. There are 5 different motions available with 5 speeds to calm your baby. All that is needed to change motion and speed level is a push of the button at the base where the display panel is located.
There is also a choice of nature sounds and white noise to soothe your baby to sleep. If you find that a little too boring, you also have the option to hook up your MP3 player to the base and play your own selection of sounds and music. This cuts down on the monotony of listening to the same old stuff that is pre-built into the seat everyday.
and then there are things like this that just make me scratch my head
I don't even know what to say about this
other than the
poor kid looks miserable 

Nothing about this looks safe
"hey honey where is the baby?"
"Oh he is in the laundry basket looking thing that is hanging from the closet door"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

6 weeks 4 days and a Proud new Snoogle Owner!


Holy Moly girls! this is a MUST! 
My Mom bought me one today!

The best pillow ever.
GO buy one right now! 
I am serious get up and go! well don't get up! send your husband! or mother or brother 
or the ups driver! anyone! just get yourself a snoogle! 

Not much else going on around here, 
Yesterday I experienced a pulling stretching pain in my groin area that felt like 
bladder infection pain, It was still present this morning so 
 I called my Dr. this morning and they sent me to the lab
for a culture and called me in an antibiotic that is safe to take in early pregnancy 
after taking one pill I feel better! So I am guessing I had the starts of a uti or bladder
infection, which I read is common in pregnancy and starts around 6 weeks 
I also feel a little nauseous right now, which is awesome! I have wanted 
to feel another pregnancy symptom and I think I got my wish. 
It's not real bad but its there enough to make me not finish my bowl of pasta..
which never happens! haha!
SO I played around today with the Chinese Calendar 
and all 10 sites I found said BOY! 
which is funny because ever since I found out I had a feeling it is going 
to be a boy! and when I told my Oma she referred to the baby as a HE! 
she said wouldn't that be so fun if you had a boy! 
So BOY it is according to the Chinese Calendar! 
Has anyone else played with these? Did you get accurate answers?
I have a friend who is on her second baby that had correct predictions with both
So I wonder if it really works? 
•○•○• Upcoming Mini Milestones •○•○•
2 more days till 7 weeks!
 9 more days till our ultrasound! 
38 days till 12 weeks!!! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

6 weeks 1 day :)

6 weeks 1 day! 
My phone went off Saturday morning with an alert from an app I downloaded
it said..
Congratulations you are 6 weeks today! Half way through your 1st trimester! 
I never thought about it that way, I have always looked at it in weeks,
how many weeks am I? how many weeks do I have to go?
But to see it written out, that I am half way through my 1st trimester! 
that was a real Wow moment for me! 
I mean there are only 3 trimesters 
and to be half way through one seems huge to me

Truth is my apt. Friday was a little upsetting
I had my hopes to the moon that we would see babies heartbeat
The nurse we had, had the worst bedside manner E.V.E.R.
if you watched the video I am sure you heard her during the ultrasound 
when Scott said "thats it?"
like OMG That is it!? that is our baby?!
But instread of a happy reaction she said 
yep that's it, just a sac inside a sac no heartbeat yet but I warned you on that...
I mean really? 
this is our first time ever seeing even a sac! it was monumental to us, 
but to her if was just another sac. 
that really, really, upset me. 
I held it together until we got to the car, and then I lost it. 
I was just so damn dissappointed on how it went.
we literally saw baby for a mere 10 seconds. 
I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting a happy joyful experience
with a nurse that said "There is your baby!" Look at that! what a beautiful sac! 
No worries we will see the heartbeat next visit! 
but no.
I got, its a sac inside a sac no hb but I warned you... 
I am totally over it now! I printed out a picture of the baby 
and hung it on my fridge, it is also the wallpaper on my phone! 
so I can see it all the time! 
I Am SO excited to be here, in this place. 
this happy place of pregnancy! I can not wait until 
our next ultrasound! I am going to call and request a different nurse before we go :)
Oh My. 
Okay well here is my 6 week picture :) 

The bloat never went away and now I think it is here to stay :) which I don't Mind at all. Hubs made the board :) & Me before dinner on Saturday my 6 week day!! :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

5w6d Ultrasound

Baby Yolk Sac W. :) 
5 weeks 6 Days right on track!
no heartbeat yet
but I was warned about 10 times that, that was a possibility
So we will go back 2 weeks from now 
at 7 weeks 6 Days to hear the heartbeat and get an official due date!

Baby W  :)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

24 hours...

Only 24 hours till we get to see BABY!! 
Holy Moly I am EXCITED! 
So you know my favorites board all the Mexican and Hot Sauce Love 
 Well it has now produced: Heartburn!
Let me just say wow! I had one spell that was so strong my eyes were watering! 
But I am not complaining! I am HAPPY because it is a symptom! a good one! 
I could seriously eat Mexican food everyday right now! it just sounds so damn good!
I have been picturing tomorrow in my head all week, how its going to play 
out, how I am going to cry like a baby, how I want Scott to video tape it, and 
the look on his face when he sees our baby! {Heart Melts}
I Can. Not. Wait. 
but can I just said I CAN NOT believe its already Thursday! 
I think my "keep busy" plan worked! 
If I can make it through tonight! lol


I discovered these this week..
Every Pregnant woman needs these in her fridge! OMG they are so good! 
Now If they would just make the spicy ones in snack packs I would be in heaven! 

We watched baby Mia last night! who is turning into more of a toddler! 
She is so adorable! 
She loves to sing the itsy bitsy spider! 
and she loves her grapes! she knows sign language and she can say more 
so she is always saying/signing more more more for more grapes! 
too dang cute! 
here are some pictures of her visit! 

Oh and here are a few blurry photos from VDAY 2012 :D 

Happy Thursday everyone~

Because they work..Continue to say your prayers :) 

Much Love. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 weeks 3 days

Just a quick post before Scott and I head to dinner! 

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Keeping Busy! 5wks2days :D

This week I am determined to keep myself BUSY!~
I woke up this morning wishing it was Friday! 
Not Good. Cause it's only Monday! 
Tonight I am going to bake some Valentines sweets and make my love a card 
then Eat. and Bed. 
Tuesday I will be going to my Mom's to visit with Mia! who is in town for 2 weeks
then Eat. and Bed
Wednesday Scott and I will be watching Mia while her grandparents go to a basketball game 
then Eat. and Bed. 
Thursday Scott bowls! and I will be shopping with mom! 
then Eat. and Bed. 
Then WALAAA it will be FRIDAY! 
and we will get to see tiny baby! 
Speaking of tiny baby! I got my first nose bleed this morning! 
Oh and last night I woke up about every half hour so parched I couldn't swallow! 
it was quite scary but after about the 3rd time we figured out it was the heat!
so we turned that off and walaa I slept for 2 hours! 
I don't sleep a full night anymore, which doesn't bother me cause its just the baby making me pee 
Sometimes I feel great! No cramps nothing, but then I worry! 
then the cramps and sore nipples come back and I think why was I worried?!
Everything is going to be great! I feel it. I know it. 

Our weekend was lazy for the most part, I worked Saturday morning
for about 2 hours 
and came home ate and went back to sleep :D 
I worked on my blanket, which I am afraid may be the size of my living room 
when I am finished! 
lol. I tell myself its okay the baby can use it on the floor, or to make a huge tent with one day! 
Sunday I woke early very hungry so Scott took me downtown for breakfast! :) 
Then we went to a local flea market, for a total of about 10 minutes! 
haha. It was the pregnant woman in me!
I couldnt stand it! too many people...way too many people!
and Junk! just plain junk! So we left :) 
We decided to go over to the new outlet mall! (more my style) 
but that was also flooded with people so we drove around the whole building and decided to leave
Then we decided it was time to eat again! So we went to a local
hamburger stand downtown called The Hamburger Wagon!
Oh My they are Fabulous! 
Here are a few photos from our weekend! 
Sleepy Bears
Scott with the silver back at the Flea Market
Animals at the Flea Market
Hubby made dinner! Fried chicken potatoes and
 Mac and Cheese a true man meal
Homemade raisin meatballs MmmM

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I am "resting"

Laying around is great! 
until you've layed so much your knee caps hurt! LOL

I am just so insistent on "resting" right now
I want our tiny baby to grow grow grow! 

I can't believe we get to see tiny baby in 6 days!
I pray that the appointment goes well and we can see and hear what we should

I have a lot of emotions going on
one minute I am feeling over the moon! The next I am worried!
oh and the annoyance! Holy moly! the littlest things get on my last nerve! 
only momentairaly, 
but still! crinkle that bag one more time and I might cut you! 
I am doing a pretty good job of staying positive keeping my thoughts positive and bright!

I know I have mentioned him before but Andrew Johnson's apps
are Amazing!! 
He does hypnosis and the Pregnancy app is just awesome,
it really relaxes you and keeps you thinking positive!
if you haven't checked him out I recommend you do!

um in other things 
I have been on and off crampy
which I have read 1million times is normal but will continue to worry about
I am blaming most of the crampy feelings on constipation Ewe. 
I am pretty sure I need to invest in a bed pan! the peeing is ridiculous! 
although I am loving it because its a pregnancy symptom!
O My and  I am Bloated like woah!
it's seriously embarrising to say that my jeans are now equipt with a nice little rubber band 
& I made a stop by target today to get some new comfy pants! 
I just hate squishing tiny baby in tight yoga pants so now I have some nice 
super stretchy momma pants! I have a feeling I will be living in these! 
No real cravings yet, just the fact that I can go from slightly hungry
to feed me or I will scream in like 2 seconds! lol..

So ultrasound in 6 days! I can't freaking wait! 
I am continuing to pray
ever second of every day that I continue to grow a healthy happy baby! 

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend! 

Please say a few extra prayers for my friend Julia 
over at TTC Baby E she is in the hospital trying to keep her twins in as long as she can

I wanted to Thank Crystal over at The Redhead Files 
for the shout out! 
she is too sweet! and has one pretty awesome blog! stop by and check her out!

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Official...

2-7-12 6:30a.m  BFP!

Faint Positive! On 2-7-12
I went and had Bloodwork done the morning I found out
HCG  68
Progesterone 19.3
Dr. W said everything looked great and the numbers were right on track :)
2-8-12! Darker line! :) 
On 2/9 I had repeat labs 
HCG Level was 181
Progesterone was 25.5!
Dr. W said numbers are raising appropriately! & look very good! 

We have an ultrasound scheduled for 2/17!! 

My calculations have me being 
5 weeks tomorrow! 

Thank you for all your prayers! They worked! 

please continue to pray for a healthy baby! :)

p.s. if you know us in real life please keep this to yourself for now 
Thank You! :) Alexis & Scott

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What a Cruel Joke..

I haven't tested in 3 days...AF is due in 4..
I decided to take one of the bad boys today..on a whim. 
I sat and watched the hour glass blink again for the whole 3 minutes. 
then it went blank. . . 
and stayed blank... Nothing?! NOPE 

No words at all on the screen! Are you freaking kidding me!?
SO of course being the obsessive person I am I pop the test open
mess around with the battery
which resulted in this
and then I pulled the test strip out..

which looked like this...

and then the googling began. I read that you are NOT supposed to take the test
apart because the 2 lines do not mean the same thing...
what kinda asshole would do that? 
make a test strip that doesn't read the same results! must have been a man.
but then there are those crazy stories out there that they ended up 
with a BFP and that they think the test strip lines were right...UGH. 

Well that was my last test. So I guess I am just going to sit and wait and see if AF 
shows her ugly face on Wednesday.

Happy Freaking Sunday :)

One lovely Sunday

I L.O.V.E. Sundays

Here are a few pictures  :)

Good Morning!

Breakfast in Bed Sundays

I really need to start wearing lipstick..pale lips are yucky

Making room for the new couch!

It's so big it doesn't even fit in the picture! lol..Most comfortable thing E.V.E.R.

Waffles could sleep on it for hours!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

IF affects us all...A guest post from my Momma

This has been a long hard journey. I can have faith to a certain extent but there
are times that you can't help but throw in the towel and question why?
Why did Alexis and Scott have to go through the pain of losing two babies? 
Why did we go through that sheer and utter joy of the news of her pregnancies 
only to have it taken from them?
The news is littered with people miss treating their children. 
I have witnessed more than I could ever care to of teen Moms 
that are so "upset" to find out they are pregnant. 
Moms at the mall that have not a clue where their kids are as they run
unsupervised through the store. Friends that cried in 
disappointment at the news of a pregnancy.
I can't help but think every time " I bet you didn't even KNOW 
that you had to have a follicle burst" I bet you don't even realize the
timing and the true miracle that it takes to conceive a child.
I remember the pain as if it were yesterday of not being able to get pregnant.
I remember going to my Mom's house and breaking down in sobs 
because everyone around me was having a baby. 
Most of which were "surprises" to the Mom's.
It breaks my heart everyday to see Alexis and Scott go through this. 
That is when I have to question why.
Everyone that knows these two loves them. 
They are kind, compassionate and 
would literally give you the shirt off  of their backs.
God knew what he was doing when he joined these two. 
They will make the most amazing, loving parents.
They have a beautiful home, wonderful jobs not to mention two sets of
~Grandparents to be~ that will be there to swoop in and give their Child 
more love than a baby can take.
That is when in moments of weakness I have to question why.
I know, I know it is not for us to question.
So today I will work on getting my faith back in order.
I will be beside her, in front of her, in back of her holding her up.
I will thank God that she has such a loving sweet Husband to be by her side.
I will concentrate on the fact that she has a top rated Doctor to help her. 
I will find peace in the fact that she has all of you that understand the pain.
I will know that God will answer their prayers in time.
I KNOW that they will have the unfathomable love you feel 
when they become parents.
I just wish they didn't have to go through the pain to get there.
In the mean time I better be looking for a part time job. 
WHEN she gets her BFP, this baby will not want for a thing
Especially when it comes to love.
Michele ~ Alexis' Momma