Sunday, February 19, 2012

6 weeks 1 day :)

6 weeks 1 day! 
My phone went off Saturday morning with an alert from an app I downloaded
it said..
Congratulations you are 6 weeks today! Half way through your 1st trimester! 
I never thought about it that way, I have always looked at it in weeks,
how many weeks am I? how many weeks do I have to go?
But to see it written out, that I am half way through my 1st trimester! 
that was a real Wow moment for me! 
I mean there are only 3 trimesters 
and to be half way through one seems huge to me

Truth is my apt. Friday was a little upsetting
I had my hopes to the moon that we would see babies heartbeat
The nurse we had, had the worst bedside manner E.V.E.R.
if you watched the video I am sure you heard her during the ultrasound 
when Scott said "thats it?"
like OMG That is it!? that is our baby?!
But instread of a happy reaction she said 
yep that's it, just a sac inside a sac no heartbeat yet but I warned you on that...
I mean really? 
this is our first time ever seeing even a sac! it was monumental to us, 
but to her if was just another sac. 
that really, really, upset me. 
I held it together until we got to the car, and then I lost it. 
I was just so damn dissappointed on how it went.
we literally saw baby for a mere 10 seconds. 
I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting a happy joyful experience
with a nurse that said "There is your baby!" Look at that! what a beautiful sac! 
No worries we will see the heartbeat next visit! 
but no.
I got, its a sac inside a sac no hb but I warned you... 
I am totally over it now! I printed out a picture of the baby 
and hung it on my fridge, it is also the wallpaper on my phone! 
so I can see it all the time! 
I Am SO excited to be here, in this place. 
this happy place of pregnancy! I can not wait until 
our next ultrasound! I am going to call and request a different nurse before we go :)
Oh My. 
Okay well here is my 6 week picture :) 

The bloat never went away and now I think it is here to stay :) which I don't Mind at all. Hubs made the board :) & Me before dinner on Saturday my 6 week day!! :)


  1. lol I just noticed pickles is spelled wrong! haha what happened to the L Scott? lol! I love him..

  2. ;) i didn't notice the pickles until i read your comment...too cute!!

    i'm SO sorry you had a meanie rn. ughh, those are the worst. it's like, how do they NOT get it?!
    i'm sorry you had to deal with that but so happy for you...YAY for 6 weeks!! i hope that your next appointment only leaves you with smiles and happy tears! i have a great feeling it will!

    love your bump and cute top!
    maria <3

    keep on smilin'!

  3. i LOVE how you're doing your weekly favorites! So cool!!

    1. Thank You! I saw a version of it on Pinterest and I knew when I got pregnant I was soooo doing it! lol.. it's fun for Scott too he loves asking me daily if he needs to change the board yet! lol!

  4. Be warned, most ultrasounds will be very brief and to the point like that except for the big ones, the NT scan and anatomy scan! I am always disappointed in them as well and couldn't even see anything in my last one because the screen was so far away. Don't worry though 5 weeks 6 days was way early and I'm sure you'll see the heartbeat at your next ultrasound =)

    1. Thank you that makes me feel better! I totally felt robbed! I am so excited to hear the heartbeat! when I think about it I get super antsy!

  5. Congrats!! I love your idea for documenting the progress with your likes. It is darling!

  6. Yikes I'm sorry that nurse was so unfriendly!! I think it's a great idea to request someone else next time. I know it's hard, but try not to worry about the hb. None of ours had heart beats at 5 weeks either, but by the next scan, there they were!! Congratulations on being half way through first tri :) So so so happy for you!

    1. Thank you! that makes me feel better! I am trying so hard to not worry! but not worrying is hard! lol!

  7. If Scott had switched a few words around - it would have read "mexican nerds" - which for some reason makes me laugh! Cute idea for sure and sending love & good vibes for your next check up. Love to you both

    1. hahah! I laughed out loud when I read this! Thank you for the good vibes! Love you!

  8. I love your board!! SOrry your ultra sound wasnt what you expected but im sure you will see your little ones heartbeat at your next appoinment!

    1. Thanks :) I can't even describe how excited I am to see that little flicker! :D

  9. Adorable! Both your mini-bump and your board. Hooray for milestones too. Great way to see it as half way through your first trimester.