Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quick Chart update

Finally a full chart to look at, So this morning when I entered my temp I got my cross hairs and it has marked the 19th as my "ovulation" day. Which so happens to be the same day that my iPhone app had predicted, I am happy to know that at least for this month the app is on track. Now as to whether an egg actually came out of one of the small follies or not? Who knows, All I know is that I def. had signs other than this temp chart of O happening around that time. I am not getting my hopes up though because conversation with Dr. W pretty much convinced me that this month would not be "the month".
I am still set to start round 2 of clomid and adding progesterone on day 14 next month. Just a quick update so I don't forget! still in FL!  Cant wait to post all the pics!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Road Trippin'

YAY!! Finally the night before is here! Scott and I leave in the morning to travel South to Navarre Florida to See Jillian Josh & Miss Mia!! We are also going to head over to Nola, New Orleans to visit my cousin Lauren and her husband Christian! We are super excited to spend the week traveling around seeing the people we love and spending some much needed time off work! I am sure I will have lots of stories and photos to post when I return!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am Thankful for My Wonderful Husband, Family & Amazing Friends
Give Thanks 
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Awards :) I ♥ my Blogging Friends


Given to me by pinklipglossandprenatals

Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers 
with less than 200 followers.
Here are the rules:
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 Here are 5 bloggers I would like to pass the award on to:
2. Julia @ TTC Baby E
3.  Megan @ This Space is For Rent 

Thanks again to REBECCA :) 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conversations with Doctors...

I talked to Dr. W yesterday! Just when I thought the office wouldn't call
 the phone rang. 
It was the nurse of course, she said she talked with Dr. W and he has decided to up my dosage of clomid to 100mg taking them on days 3-7 calling to sch. an US for Day 11 (just like this month) 
and also to continue the metformin as prescribed. She was about to say her goodbyes when I said, I had a question...they love hearing that, because I always have just one question, that leads to another question and so on...
Anyways me and my friend Google got together this past week and researched progesterone. I was on if briefly last year around the time I started to miscarry. Dr. W did blood work and found my progesterone to be very low, so in efforts to save the failing pregnancy he put me on it. It was too late by that time, Anyways point of that  recap is If I had low progesterone then...I wonder if I still do now, that's where Google came into play :) I just love him. Google had a list of symptoms of low progesterone and 
these are just a few that fit me. (not all the time every single day, but often enough to know my P is low) 
  • Anxiety, nervousness and irrational fear (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Back-ache – particularly pre-menstrual back ache (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Bloating (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Breast tenderness (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Fat gain, especially around the abdomen, hips, and thighs (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Infertility
  • Miscarriages
  • Mood swings (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Panic attacks
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Weight gain
  • Water retention
  • Sluggish metabolism
Okay So, after knowing all this my question to the nurse was, "I was wondering if I need to be on progesterone?" as I explained the story about last year and the symptoms and what not she quickly said, "Hang on one Minute" 
2 seconds later Dr. W gets on the phone (I love him)
Here is where the conversation gets weird: 
I don't know how to explain it other than, he is really really smart, like one of those smart people that when you talk to them they sit in silence and you can tell they are thinking up something brilliant, then it comes out kinda slow as if he is a genius talking to a two year old making sure they understand what exactly he is trying to say..
"Hi Alexis" 
Me all nervous..not expecting him to get on the phone "Oh Hi Dr. W how are you?!" in my super excited voice
"Um good"-------long pause
Me "So I was--" Same time Dr. W "I talked with--" 
Me "go ahead sorry" 
Dr. W "I am going to up your clomid for next cycle to 100mg take them on CD 3-7 then call for an US on day 11, Your follicles didn't respond how I wanted them to on this dosage" "I think this will do it"
Me "okay and wha" Dr. W "talking" (we talk over each other again)
Me "go ahead sorry"
Dr. W -----silence 
Me "hello?" 
Dr. W "yes I see what you were saying about low progesterone I would like to have you start that on CD 14 and 
take until you get a (+) and till after we have done blood work" 
Me "Okay!" all excited, why I am not quite sure..(I think because he said (+) and blood work)
Me "Now does the fact that my cycle is 37 days apart have anything to do with my follies being small?"
Dr. W "No they should have responded right away to the treatment" 
Me "Oh, Okay" (good to know)
Dr. W-----silence
Me "So do I need to speak with the nurse again?"
Dr. W "Um no she will call them in for you" 
Me "Okay!" "Thank You!"
Dr. W "Okay then---Have a Happy Thanksgiving
Me "You Too!!" 
Dr. W "Thank you, bye now" 
Me "BYE!!!" 
HA! I hope that all made sense and the fact that I sounded like a valley girl getting asked to prom and him all serious and slow talking came across in that little explanation of my conversation! 

Summed up:
Cycle 2 here we come...
Clomid 100mg --Metformin 2 times a day--US day 11--Progesterone day 14--HOPEFULLY (+) at the end! 

P.S. I really do Love my Dr. even though he sometimes talks slow and may be a little weird to some, He is SMART and he is ranked # 1 OB in the Southern area of my state. I know I am in good hands! 
♥ Excited. Nervous. Hopeful. Loved. ♥

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maybe Baby.....Next Month

Scott passing the time in the waiting room
Well my follicle check was today and here are the results:
Confirmation of PCOS
Uterine lining was a 5
Left ovary has about 20 follicles
Right ovary has 18
The biggest follicle (on the left) was only 9mm
The ultra sound Dr. came in and said that my lining looks really good and we just need the follicles to catch up. I will most likely have my clomid dosage increased for next month, but I am waiting on Dr. W to call me tomorrow and let me know for sure what are next plan of action is.. Any thoughts or advice? small follies?
I wonder if I can write Mrs. Duggar and see how big her follicles are...I bet she doesn't event know.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Weeks End

This week brought lots of fun and excitement! I was able to start my first dose of clomid! Scott was given good news about a new schedule! (first shift starts again soon! woooowhooo no more second shift!) the weather got a lot colder and a few snowflakes were seen! We celebrated with my parent for their 28th year Wedding Anniversary! We spent the day at a college basketball game, then out to our favorite supper club for fabulous steak dinners! The count down to our follie check is less than a week away! and the count down to our road trip vacation is now only 12 Days away!!
28 Years of Wedded Bliss ♥
ready for our walk
Cold Nose Dog

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day one of clomid down! Didnt really feel any side effects other than being a little dizzy this morning but other than that everything was good. It was a rainy day here today and I couldn't wait to get home from work so I could take a bath and cuddle on the couch with waffles (the dog) and check out some new blogs! I am also planning my open house Christmas party and working with my mom to open our online boutique! Lots going on around here! trying to keep myself busy, to help make these days of waiting seem shorter! 

The online boutique is coming along! I posted one sneak peek photo earlier but that is not even a third of whats to come!

The Christmas party is well..lots to do! The theme is Silver & Gold :)  So far I have completed (with the help of my mom) the glittering of the huge plastic snow flakes that will be hanging from the ceiling and my shoes purchased! ha! thats it! ya I know I need to get moving! I found a picture of the dress I want!
The must have dress
Gold on the bottom (its kind of hard to tell) but perfect for my silver and gold party! 
Here are a few flash back photos from my "Pink Party" I hosted in April for a few girlfriends! 


•○•Sneak Peek•○•

Here is a little sneak peek of what's to come! 
This is just ONE of the hundreds of fabulous creations that we will be selling in our boutique~ 
 This adorable baby headband was handmade by my Mother 
The store is not quite ready to be opened, as we are finishing up some last minute details. 
I will be sure to let everyone know when our official opening day will be! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Dance!

Tomorrow is the Day! I finally get to take the first of the little white pills that have been staring me in the face since I got them! I also talked with the nurse today and made my appointment for my follicle check! wooowhooo! (Praying for good news from that!) keeping the positive thinking on track and trying to not be overly excited! Also Happy Dancing for finally finding a name for our boutique! and being so many steps closer to opening! Just wait till you see the things we have in store for your little ones!  & my last two step of the happy dance goes to...The count down till our much needed vacation!! 17 Days till we leave! I will be Dancing the night away with all this excitement! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hellooo Aunt Flow ...Can You Hear Me?!

Helloooo Aunt Flow?! Can you hear me?! Where are you!! You are supposed to be here today! I was supposed to wake up to you, so everything can go as planned...look at you just showing up whenever you want! 
I am over you, we can no longer be friends.
Just stay gone! & please don't come back for the next 10 months....thanks Alexis~

I am going to go crazy seriously! AF is due today! the 36th calendar day is today and it should have been here bright and early..Have I tested you ask? Of course silly once this morning once 2 days ago once 2 days before that...all (-)  However...I am wondering if I should splurge and go buy the good test you know the digital one? I gave up on spending so much money on the fancy ones and started buying the dollar tree ones. 
I am wondering if maybe I should just try one that is a little more expensive?
Just so you don't think I have lost it 100%
here is the back ground on the last month & a half:

(Warning the info below is TMI)

This info is from the notes made in my Menstrual Calendar
•September BD twice during ovulation (15th-19th)
•September 26th Noted: feel like crying, very tired, late night cramping & sweat spell
•September 28th Noted: Cramps, back pain, more sweating
September 30th Noted: Cramps 
•October 1st Noted: Fever (no idea how high, knew because of burning eyes and fever feeling) 
•October 2nd: 3 days before AF due : Noted: 6am bright red blood, not enough for tampon not filing pad back to bed: back up 1pm no red blood but now pink spotting 
•October 3rd Noted: Half dollar size bright red blood spot in A.M. nothing all day PM only when wiped did I get reddish see thru egg white consistency but with red in it.  
•October 4th Noted: brownish pink only when wipe in AM called Dr. to go for HCG blood test
went in at 2:45 for test no signs of cramping nothing at all when wiping 
•October 5th Noted: 6 AM woke to nothing no blood no spots no cramps
•October 7th Noted: Nurse called HCG (-) Made apt with OB
•October 11th Noted: Went to OB was giving metformin and clomid
(At the end of my apt he asked about when my weird spoting period was, then asked what day I went in for BW, with a confused look on his face he said huh okay well if AF doesnt show up in Nov. Call me and we will retest) 
 bad Idea for him to install that "maybe" in my head, maybe I called to have the HCG test done too soon and the spotting was implantation, that's how I interpreted what he was thinking..
•October 18th- 23rd ovulation (I think, but what do I know) Did BD 3 times during these days
•November 3rd Noted: Cramps very noticable in the left ovary, Nipples sore, white cm. 
•November 4th Noted: Light cramping, Nipples sore 
•November 5th Noted: Nothing but sore nipples 
November 6th....... Now..AF is due and isnt here...I mean she does have the rest of the day to show up, but she is always been here bright and early in the morning..she always lasts 3 days, she always brings enough with her for 3 days use of tampons, and she always has cramps...so why was she so weird at the begining of Oct. and where the hell is she now!? and why are all these damn dollar store tests (-)  I can only think with all this crazyness I should be seeing a (+) right? Ugh god who knows, this is just stupid...
 & I am driving myself crazyer googling things, now making myself wonder if I did in fact get BW too soon and I should try a more expensive test or If I have a cyst that is interrupting aunt flows arrival or..or..or..ahh help
Any interpretations? 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Lovely Week ♥

○ Lemon Pepper Pasta with Chicken topped with Crispy Onion Crumbles 
○ Halloween Day ○ Walking with Waffles 
○ One amazing Sky 
○ College Basketball Game with DH ○ DH aka The Model 
○ Warming Waffles
One Amazing Week...Ready for Sip & Shop Sunday! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Clomid Countdown....

The countdown has begun!
If everything goes as plans that means clomid cycle 1 starts on Tuesday November 8th...take the pills for the 5 days or until Saturday the 12th! Then apt. to check my follicles on Friday the 18th....ugh written down that sounds like forrrreverrrr!! I am new to fertility friend and the whole charting experience, I started in the middle of the month which I found out is not a great idea because it messes up when you actually ovulated now my chart is all wacky looking see ▼

I have an app on my iPhone that I track my information in and I know that I ovulated or at least had all the signs of ovulation on the 22nd but the chart is telling me the 27th was my ovulation day..so hmm...then as you see it spiked to the sky and stayed above the cover line still trying to figure out what that even means until this morning when it dipped to 97.5 which I think I read means my monthly gift is on its way! which is a good thing because we are ready to start this clomid process like now. Last night was nice DH sat with me while I explored blogs and researched all kinds of things, When he suddenly had questions about the follicles and the implantation process. Just then I realized men do not read all of these things and research and actually know the whole process in creating a life, Most of them only know that sperm has to meet the egg and bam a baby is created..So I went googling videos of the creation of life and found this fabulous video that shows the whole process, he was so intrigued, I don't recall seeing him blink or look away once (we did mute the video because the music was in Arabic I think...don't really know I couldn't understand what he was saying) but the video was very very cool and I would recommend showing it to DH to help him better understand why this whole process is so detailed and how everything must be just right for a healthy life to form. (feel free to Mute this video)


I am so ready to start this clomid I can't stop thinking about it! and its so weird because I keep getting this odd overly excited feeling like something great is on the way! I can kind of describe it as like when you are a little kid and you know that your leaving in the morning to go to the beach and you cant wait and you have all these happy dancing feelings inside! tha'ts what I am feeling, just every once and a while, while I am at work I will get a huge rush of excitement then have a vision of DH holding our baby(s) or the babies room or having twins, that's something I haven't posted about yet but it is soon to come...My hope for twins ♥  {Not that I wouldn't be overly ecstatic with one...}

Anxious. Excited. Nervous. Ready.