Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conversations with Doctors...

I talked to Dr. W yesterday! Just when I thought the office wouldn't call
 the phone rang. 
It was the nurse of course, she said she talked with Dr. W and he has decided to up my dosage of clomid to 100mg taking them on days 3-7 calling to sch. an US for Day 11 (just like this month) 
and also to continue the metformin as prescribed. She was about to say her goodbyes when I said, I had a question...they love hearing that, because I always have just one question, that leads to another question and so on...
Anyways me and my friend Google got together this past week and researched progesterone. I was on if briefly last year around the time I started to miscarry. Dr. W did blood work and found my progesterone to be very low, so in efforts to save the failing pregnancy he put me on it. It was too late by that time, Anyways point of that  recap is If I had low progesterone then...I wonder if I still do now, that's where Google came into play :) I just love him. Google had a list of symptoms of low progesterone and 
these are just a few that fit me. (not all the time every single day, but often enough to know my P is low) 
  • Anxiety, nervousness and irrational fear (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Back-ache – particularly pre-menstrual back ache (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Bloating (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Breast tenderness (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Fat gain, especially around the abdomen, hips, and thighs (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Infertility
  • Miscarriages
  • Mood swings (commonly accepted, but unnecessary PMS symptoms)
  • Panic attacks
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Weight gain
  • Water retention
  • Sluggish metabolism
Okay So, after knowing all this my question to the nurse was, "I was wondering if I need to be on progesterone?" as I explained the story about last year and the symptoms and what not she quickly said, "Hang on one Minute" 
2 seconds later Dr. W gets on the phone (I love him)
Here is where the conversation gets weird: 
I don't know how to explain it other than, he is really really smart, like one of those smart people that when you talk to them they sit in silence and you can tell they are thinking up something brilliant, then it comes out kinda slow as if he is a genius talking to a two year old making sure they understand what exactly he is trying to say..
"Hi Alexis" 
Me all nervous..not expecting him to get on the phone "Oh Hi Dr. W how are you?!" in my super excited voice
"Um good"-------long pause
Me "So I was--" Same time Dr. W "I talked with--" 
Me "go ahead sorry" 
Dr. W "I am going to up your clomid for next cycle to 100mg take them on CD 3-7 then call for an US on day 11, Your follicles didn't respond how I wanted them to on this dosage" "I think this will do it"
Me "okay and wha" Dr. W "talking" (we talk over each other again)
Me "go ahead sorry"
Dr. W -----silence 
Me "hello?" 
Dr. W "yes I see what you were saying about low progesterone I would like to have you start that on CD 14 and 
take until you get a (+) and till after we have done blood work" 
Me "Okay!" all excited, why I am not quite sure..(I think because he said (+) and blood work)
Me "Now does the fact that my cycle is 37 days apart have anything to do with my follies being small?"
Dr. W "No they should have responded right away to the treatment" 
Me "Oh, Okay" (good to know)
Dr. W-----silence
Me "So do I need to speak with the nurse again?"
Dr. W "Um no she will call them in for you" 
Me "Okay!" "Thank You!"
Dr. W "Okay then---Have a Happy Thanksgiving
Me "You Too!!" 
Dr. W "Thank you, bye now" 
Me "BYE!!!" 
HA! I hope that all made sense and the fact that I sounded like a valley girl getting asked to prom and him all serious and slow talking came across in that little explanation of my conversation! 

Summed up:
Cycle 2 here we come...
Clomid 100mg --Metformin 2 times a day--US day 11--Progesterone day 14--HOPEFULLY (+) at the end! 

P.S. I really do Love my Dr. even though he sometimes talks slow and may be a little weird to some, He is SMART and he is ranked # 1 OB in the Southern area of my state. I know I am in good hands! 
♥ Excited. Nervous. Hopeful. Loved. ♥


  1. Good luck!! My second dose of clomid gave me the biggest follies and the third was a dud. Wishing you luck and baby dust. :)

  2. I LOVE the cartoon!
    I'm pretty sure all I need is a prescription pad and I would be able to treat people for ifertility after all of this! lol
    *Mental note stop reading clomid forums I sleep with the Ipad!
    Love You,

  3. Thank you Kayla :) Thanks Momma! LoL...step away from the iPad!

  4. That conversation was priceless :) I'm glad you got the information you wanted, and I can't wait for you to start your second cycle. I'm crossing my fingers for you!!

  5. Thanks for the "summed up/break-down" part for those of us who are new to learning all this lingo! I'm so glad you got to speak directly with your Dr. - sounds like Cycle 2 has great potential for a (+), which makes me "positively" excited!

  6. LOVE this cartoon. So funny! I did the same thing. Totally told my DR I needed progesterone. I would hate to be a DR in the Google age.

  7. Me again! Please check out my blog, I gave you an award!

  8. Lenna-ME TOO!!! Thank you Rebecca that cartoon was the first image to pop up under my google search and I loved it! Being a Dr. these days would suck! and Thank you Thank you Thank you for the award!! :D I am so excited!!