Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hellooo Aunt Flow ...Can You Hear Me?!

Helloooo Aunt Flow?! Can you hear me?! Where are you!! You are supposed to be here today! I was supposed to wake up to you, so everything can go as planned...look at you just showing up whenever you want! 
I am over you, we can no longer be friends.
Just stay gone! & please don't come back for the next 10 months....thanks Alexis~

I am going to go crazy seriously! AF is due today! the 36th calendar day is today and it should have been here bright and early..Have I tested you ask? Of course silly once this morning once 2 days ago once 2 days before that...all (-)  However...I am wondering if I should splurge and go buy the good test you know the digital one? I gave up on spending so much money on the fancy ones and started buying the dollar tree ones. 
I am wondering if maybe I should just try one that is a little more expensive?
Just so you don't think I have lost it 100%
here is the back ground on the last month & a half:

(Warning the info below is TMI)

This info is from the notes made in my Menstrual Calendar
•September BD twice during ovulation (15th-19th)
•September 26th Noted: feel like crying, very tired, late night cramping & sweat spell
•September 28th Noted: Cramps, back pain, more sweating
September 30th Noted: Cramps 
•October 1st Noted: Fever (no idea how high, knew because of burning eyes and fever feeling) 
•October 2nd: 3 days before AF due : Noted: 6am bright red blood, not enough for tampon not filing pad back to bed: back up 1pm no red blood but now pink spotting 
•October 3rd Noted: Half dollar size bright red blood spot in A.M. nothing all day PM only when wiped did I get reddish see thru egg white consistency but with red in it.  
•October 4th Noted: brownish pink only when wipe in AM called Dr. to go for HCG blood test
went in at 2:45 for test no signs of cramping nothing at all when wiping 
•October 5th Noted: 6 AM woke to nothing no blood no spots no cramps
•October 7th Noted: Nurse called HCG (-) Made apt with OB
•October 11th Noted: Went to OB was giving metformin and clomid
(At the end of my apt he asked about when my weird spoting period was, then asked what day I went in for BW, with a confused look on his face he said huh okay well if AF doesnt show up in Nov. Call me and we will retest) 
 bad Idea for him to install that "maybe" in my head, maybe I called to have the HCG test done too soon and the spotting was implantation, that's how I interpreted what he was thinking..
•October 18th- 23rd ovulation (I think, but what do I know) Did BD 3 times during these days
•November 3rd Noted: Cramps very noticable in the left ovary, Nipples sore, white cm. 
•November 4th Noted: Light cramping, Nipples sore 
•November 5th Noted: Nothing but sore nipples 
November 6th....... Now..AF is due and isnt here...I mean she does have the rest of the day to show up, but she is always been here bright and early in the morning..she always lasts 3 days, she always brings enough with her for 3 days use of tampons, and she always has why was she so weird at the begining of Oct. and where the hell is she now!? and why are all these damn dollar store tests (-)  I can only think with all this crazyness I should be seeing a (+) right? Ugh god who knows, this is just stupid...
 & I am driving myself crazyer googling things, now making myself wonder if I did in fact get BW too soon and I should try a more expensive test or If I have a cyst that is interrupting aunt flows arrival or..or..or..ahh help
Any interpretations? 


  1. I know it's easier said than done, but don't stress it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get a positive test result!!!!

  2. Thank You! doing my best not to stress, DH bought a big bag of Hersey Kisses that are keeping me quite! at least for now! Ha!

  3. I hope AF either shows up or you get a positive ASAP! This limbo must be awful. By the way, your thought process sounds like mine--that "maybe" would have kick-started my "what-if" factory like no other! Hope to see a great (+) update soon :)

  4. Thank You! & the what if factory is now closed!! for now...I am happy to announce AF IS HERE!! I know I shouldn't be this excited about this, but I am! I am ready for a fresh clean start on my first cycle of clomid! & during Ovulation we will be vacationing in Florida!!! Just what we need! a nice relaxing trip to make a baby!! LoL! ;)

  5. Yay! Isn't it funny how AF can be our worst nightmare sometimes, but at other times, all we want is for her to show?! I'm so glad she's here now and you can start the clomid. Good luck! Sending so much baby dust your way!!

  6. It is just crazy! I never want to see her! and this month I just couldn't wait! lol! Thanks for you nice comments!