Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day one of clomid down! Didnt really feel any side effects other than being a little dizzy this morning but other than that everything was good. It was a rainy day here today and I couldn't wait to get home from work so I could take a bath and cuddle on the couch with waffles (the dog) and check out some new blogs! I am also planning my open house Christmas party and working with my mom to open our online boutique! Lots going on around here! trying to keep myself busy, to help make these days of waiting seem shorter! 

The online boutique is coming along! I posted one sneak peek photo earlier but that is not even a third of whats to come!

The Christmas party is well..lots to do! The theme is Silver & Gold :)  So far I have completed (with the help of my mom) the glittering of the huge plastic snow flakes that will be hanging from the ceiling and my shoes purchased! ha! thats it! ya I know I need to get moving! I found a picture of the dress I want!
The must have dress
Gold on the bottom (its kind of hard to tell) but perfect for my silver and gold party! 
Here are a few flash back photos from my "Pink Party" I hosted in April for a few girlfriends! 



  1. LOVE LOVE the shoes and dress!!!

    do you take your clomid at night before bed or in the morning? I've noticed (after 5 rounds) that if you take them at night the side effects aren't as bad. I will say watch out for moodiness and hot flashes!!

  2. Thanks! Me too! I have been practicing walking around in them! lol..

    Well today, I was so excited to take it I couldn't wait til the night time but I think I am going to start taking it at night! Thank you for the tips!