Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Clomid Countdown....

The countdown has begun!
If everything goes as plans that means clomid cycle 1 starts on Tuesday November 8th...take the pills for the 5 days or until Saturday the 12th! Then apt. to check my follicles on Friday the 18th....ugh written down that sounds like forrrreverrrr!! I am new to fertility friend and the whole charting experience, I started in the middle of the month which I found out is not a great idea because it messes up when you actually ovulated now my chart is all wacky looking see ▼

I have an app on my iPhone that I track my information in and I know that I ovulated or at least had all the signs of ovulation on the 22nd but the chart is telling me the 27th was my ovulation hmm...then as you see it spiked to the sky and stayed above the cover line still trying to figure out what that even means until this morning when it dipped to 97.5 which I think I read means my monthly gift is on its way! which is a good thing because we are ready to start this clomid process like now. Last night was nice DH sat with me while I explored blogs and researched all kinds of things, When he suddenly had questions about the follicles and the implantation process. Just then I realized men do not read all of these things and research and actually know the whole process in creating a life, Most of them only know that sperm has to meet the egg and bam a baby is created..So I went googling videos of the creation of life and found this fabulous video that shows the whole process, he was so intrigued, I don't recall seeing him blink or look away once (we did mute the video because the music was in Arabic I think...don't really know I couldn't understand what he was saying) but the video was very very cool and I would recommend showing it to DH to help him better understand why this whole process is so detailed and how everything must be just right for a healthy life to form. (feel free to Mute this video)


I am so ready to start this clomid I can't stop thinking about it! and its so weird because I keep getting this odd overly excited feeling like something great is on the way! I can kind of describe it as like when you are a little kid and you know that your leaving in the morning to go to the beach and you cant wait and you have all these happy dancing feelings inside! tha'ts what I am feeling, just every once and a while, while I am at work I will get a huge rush of excitement then have a vision of DH holding our baby(s) or the babies room or having twins, that's something I haven't posted about yet but it is soon to come...My hope for twins ♥  {Not that I wouldn't be overly ecstatic with one...}

Anxious. Excited. Nervous. Ready.


  1. GOOD LUCK :) i got pregnant cause of metformin it took a lil while, for baby #2 i will go for clomid as well! God Bless your Family :)

  2. Thank You!! It's awesome to hear of your success! Your family is adorable! Good luck to you with ttc #2! & I pray for the safe return of your husband, you are a strong woman to live with him being deployed for so long. Have a great rest of the week :D I'm excited we are new blogging friends!

  3. Good luck! I'm excited to see how this cycle goes for you. Hopefully it will end with a big fat positive!!

  4. Thank You!! Two big fat pink lines is what I am envisioning! Has your cramping stopped or gotten any better?

  5. What an amazing video! It made me cry just to actually see what a true miracle life is.
    I actually go to sleep envisioning holding you and Scott's own miracle and telling him, her or them how long we waited and how much love he/she/they were born into...Blowing kisses and miracles to you today.

  6. Well hearing about you crying makes me cry! So no crying! I agree about the video, it makes you think a lot more about what a miracle a life really is! I hope it's they (as in two) But I would be ecstatic with just one! as long as they are all healthy:) and Thank you for the kisses and miracles sent my way! I am using only positive thinking and also using your method of the "Buzzzz" when a negative thought pops up! lol!
    ♥ You Momma

  7. DH: "crying a little after reading blog post..."
    Thank You all for your comments and blessings. With this next big step will come great things. A miracle is headed our way :D
    ~Scott W. (DH)

  8. My good friend did Clomid (She has PCOS) and she just gave birth (1 week ago) to beautiful TWIN GIRLS!!! So, there is hope!!!