Saturday, March 31, 2012

12 Weeks :)

How far along: 12 weeks

Weight Gain: +8

Maternity Clothes: yep, pretty much, although I am still wearing some of my old flowing tops and tanks

What's up with my body: My belly feels like it rose up, its not so low anymore. Still pulling and stretching every so often, nausea if I don't eat (but I am pretty good at eating so I avoid it) I have been a little more tired then usual but I think it's because I worked a little more than usual this week. Wonderful CM still here! 
Movement:  felt a weird roll under my Doppler the other night, I was pushing down slightly and it almost felt like it rolled out from under it, at the same time I lost the reading? So...I donno! I know it's early and all the freaker outters on the forms way its too early it was just gas..bla bla bla.. I don't wanna hear it, I know what I felt! :) (plus it only happened one time, I have felt nothing since) 

Gender: I now am leaning toward girl! haha! 

What we have for Baby: Clothing, boy and girl, a few books and a teddy bear. Plus my mom has made a crocheted Giraffe, Rabbit, Lamb and Teddy Bear! We browsed the Babies R Us catalog a few times, just to get some ideas on what we like, and I have started a file folder with all the nursery themes we enjoy!  I am glad we are buying stuff and celebrating this baby! I think it makes us feel closer to S/he. Plus I don't want to worry my pregnancy away, I would rather celebrate! So Celebrating It Is! 

What I'm looking forward to:  MONDAY!! My 12w2d appointment with Dr. W!! I hope they do an ultrasound! If not I may just get an elective one at this wonderful office by my house! 

Best Moment this Week: Well there are a couple! 1st being waking up today and Scott saying Happy 12 weeks babe! and My mom texting me saying Happy 3 months! :) Also a good friend moved back to town this week. AND....I got to pull my last ring on my Chain!! I attached a short video of that moment! haha. 
Time to make a new chain! This one will be a 20 week mark chain! which will also be the Gender Reveal Party Time! Wooowhoo! 


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Clothes Weekend

This weekend my mom and I traveled 40 minutes south of town 
to attend a HUGE baby sale! We got a hotel room at the Hilton
1 minute away from where the sale was being held :D 
Friday after work I picked her up and we began our "road trip" south 

I love 40 minute road trips!
It was great! 
we checked into the hotel, 
then did what all normal people do..
got in our beds!
and played on our Ipads, 
I took a nap
(that long car ride wore me out) 
As soon as I woke up I decided it was time to eat, so we ventured out for some food. We decided on 
Steak n Shake!
 I hadn't been there in years and mom.. well never. 
It was so good! We got our shakes to go and headed back to the hotel! 

 My Frisco Melt! Um I could eat this everyday!

Scott joined us later in the evening, he has been slammed at work (With his promotion he became the Art Director of his company which brought on a lot more work and a lot more hours) So anyway he met us later on after he was finished running the art world.

Mom and I got back to the room changed into our jammies and back to bed/Ipad"ing"
This morning we woke up around 7 to get ready for the sale! When we arrived 15 minutes early, the line was out the door! As the doors opened people began to walk/jog to the items for sale! the first room was toys, furniture, strollers, ect. the second room (where we went straight to) was clothes shoes and newborn items! 
I was the first one to the 0-3 month table picking up the cutest boy clothes as my mom 
ventured to the girl clothes! We ended up with 2 full bags which fit perfectly in a 
plastic tub! I think I ended up with a few more boy Items than girl but they are all adorable! We got in line, and I spotted my dear friend Angela she is a mom of 5!! 2 boys and triplet girls! I just love her to death she is the most adorable Mom ever! She runs this sale with other multiples mom's and I will say they did a great job! there was order and calmness to everything and My mom and I were in and out in 40!
That is some serious shopping! 

I am so happy we got to go! 
Thank you mom for all the baby stuff! 
and for a fabulous weekend! I will remember it forever! 

and Some randoms of the weekend :D 
Mainly of me and Scott being Silly 

 How was your weekend?

11 Weeks

How far along: 11 weeks

Weight Gain: +7

Maternity Clothes: yep, pretty much.

What's up with my body: Not to much, some stretching and pulling pains and increased cm.. sometimes I have to run to the bathroom to make sure I didn't pee my pants! haha. sorry tmi.

Movement:  Too early But...  
I. Can. Not. Wait.

Gender: Oooo...Well...We decided to try the old wives tales! here are the results
ring on a string, left side girl right side boy??? there is a video of this at the bottom! its nuts..
baking soda..girl. Chinese calendar..boy  Heartbeat..girl. So I would say we are 50/50 haha. 

What I'm looking forward to: 12 weeks next Saturday and Our 12w2d appointment with Dr. W! 
(only 9 days away!)
and... I just had to post this video my mom sent me! 
It is hilarious!  


 Progress :D

Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 weeks 5 days & Crazy dreams

I Love watching this chain shrink! It makes me smile a little more every day! 
Waffles Sitting on my lap with both paws on my belly! lol..

I know this is going to sound totally crazy...
I keep having dreams, and visions of having twins!
Let me rewind. 
at my very first appointment, with nurse witch she asked me 
do multiples run in your family or have you been on fertility treatments?
I told her I was on clomid 
She said Oh good! I haven't told anyone they were having twins in a while, 
maybe today is the day!
then she did the super speedy ultrasound saw one sac and was done!
at my second ultrasound, we had nurse witch again!
checking for the heartbeat! this time she stayed for about 30 seconds instead of 10! 
saw the heart beat check my ovaries and was done!
My 3rd....was with a super nice nurse
who found baby instantly then stayed on baby the whole time, did a quick scan of my ovaries 
and was done! 
No one ever looked around in there for a twin! 
Now call me crazy if you want! 
I know in my head that if there was a twin they would have caught it by now! 
but my gut (which is very round and appears to be 4-5 months in size) is telling me 
they need to check again!
Then last week another coworker asked me if I was pregnant, then said
are you having twins?
I was stunned! I said um no not that I know of! 
of course these things got my mind racing! 
could they have missed it on one of the ultrasounds??
Yep totally 1001 stories of techs missing twins on 2 even 3 scans! 
videos, stories, pictures all kinds of evidence that this is in fact a possibility
now I don't want to sound like one of those crazy woman on the forums that 
say absolutely absurd things! but you guys this is possible! 
Then this week I have had 3 dreams where I can see the baby, I cant 
see his face, but I know he is a boy! 
and then all the sudden there are two!
Holy moly! 
Maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me! 
but I am for sure asking for a detailed ultrasound next time! I want them 
to look everywhere possible! haha! 
okay. Now that you all think I have completely lost it, 
can you believe the size of that chain above?! 
9 days till 12 weeks! 
11 days till my next appointment! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Lovely Weekend..

(oops forgot to post this Sunday night!) 

Sunday was a lovely day! We slept in, cleaned, baked and had a cook out! 

My new favorite shirt from my Momma

The house is clean I can put my feet up now! 

yep clean over there too!

and here, I am not really enjoying the cluttered look in this photo,
 I may have to do some rearranging when I get home :)
Or maybe its just the silly angle?

My Love, My big comfy couch! 

that light is Bright! Watching March Madness waiting on our guests

I love my belly in this shirt :P

My new sunglasses from Shannon :D 

Scott scrubbing the grill clean!

Our Men, being boys :)

Loving my new glasses

Have a Lovely Week!~

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Momma!

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Mother in the Entire World! 
I Love you Mom! more than pumpkin pie ten feet high
and all the angels in the sky! 
Thank you for being the the most loving, caring, wonderful, mom 
a daughter could ask for! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My first...and second time being asked if I was pregnant

Yep you read that right. 
My first and second time being asked if I was pregnant happened today!
This morning when I got to work, a coworker came up to me, 
She couldn't take her eyes off my stomach as she asked..are you pregnant?
She is lucky I am or I would have decked her! haha. just kidding 
I don't condone violence..usually. 
Anyways she was thrilled, and then continued on asking about 
baby names and what sex I wanted the baby to be and what colors I liked...
I was done with the conversation and said, I'm not sure yet! and walked to my office.
I said it with my super nice voice so I wouldn't 
 hurt her feelings in avoiding conversation. 
I wasn't trying to be rude, I just wasn't up for the all the questions 
after being caught off guard
2 hours later...
I was getting my pedicure (since it is now officially flip flop weather) 
and the lady 2 chairs down from me heard me tell the man, no massage at the end please
She looked over and said O when I was pregnant I never got the massage at the end..
Are you pregnant? 
Yes, yes I am. 
Well how far along are you?
not very
Well when are you due? 
O my sister is due in October! what day in October?
the 13th..
O is that a Friday?
No its a Saturday
O well being pregnant in the summer is going to be fun!
yes, yes it will. 

This conversation seriously went on like this the whole time I was there! 
I was so annoyed! I just wanted to relax and enjoy my pedicure! 
and all I could think was, twice. twice in one day! 
I am really pregnant! and people know! 
Holy moly! 

Now. On to something controversial. 
I am back to 7 pounds gained. 
this scares me, I also read the book Belly laughs where 
Jenny talks about gaining 60 pounds!!!!!!!
This is not okay! 
It set off major alarms in my head! 
I am 5'2 and considered over weight before I got pregnant. I had about 
25 more pounds to go until I was "happy" and not considered overweight
Not only am I scared to death about the massive gain, I don't want an unhealthy 
pregnancy, I don't want  to increase my risk for high blood pressure, 
or gestational diabetes when I can try to avoid it! 
When I found out I was pregnant I was craving everything, 
everything bad, chicken pot pies, not bad if you have one every once and a while. 
I had one a night 4 days in a row! the ones from KFC
and Mexican food! you know how big those portions are. 
and sweet stuff, and just all around crap. 
But when I hit week 8 It was like a brick wall went up and 
food sounded disgusting, nothing sounded good! 
bread and cheese. anything bland was all I wanted! 
Week 9 (this week) I decided to force myself to eat the healthy food instead,
I brought myself back to when I did weight watchers
I thought about how good I ate when I followed the program 
and how much I loved the fresh food and how much I hated the processed. 
here is the controversial stuff.  
 I researched weight watchers and pregnancy...
lots of people saying do it! lots saying your pregnant have what you want! 
This is what I decided. I am going to follow it to an extent. 
I will add 6 points to my daily points allowance
which works out to 300 extra calories, 
exactly what every baby book says you need when pregnant. 
If I walk or do any exercise,(after 12 weeks) I will add points. 
If I have a crazy craving that I have to have, I will have it. 
and not count the points! I am not going to deprive myself of everything.
but instead try and make smarter choices. 
Some may agree some may disagree. 
but I truly believe if I don't have some 
sort of structure I will be just like Jenny. 
Gaining 60 pounds! and that would NOT be OK!

I started yesterday just taking it slow making little changes, 
for example:
I had a bagel for breakfast, a cereal bar for a snack
a huge salad for lunch filled with veggies
a fruit salad for a snack 
when I got home from work...

I wanted donuts but had a yogurt instead, 
I wanted fried okra but had steamed broccoli
I wanted crispy fried chicken, but had chicken bites.

I think the little changes here and there will help! 

I got an amazing email from my mom last night and one part stood out to me

Note that research suggests the environment in a woman's womb teaches a fetus what to expect from the world once it's born. Plenty of good nutrition conditions it for plentiful food in the world and programs it with healthy cellular and metabolic responses. Inappropriate nutrition, as when the mother eats too little or eats junk food, teaches the fetus that the world will be one of deprivation. This programs its cells to store calories as fat, and predisposes it to weight problems. 

Here is my picture from today, next to my picture from 6 weeks :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

One Lovely Saturday at the Park

Our Saturday at the Park

The Hamburger Wagon

Hamburger Wagon Burgers

I am a rock hunter :)