Wednesday, March 7, 2012

8w4d & a Party to Plan!

8w4d & The Belly 
I am going to be in trouble!
I will be waddling to the delivery room come October! 
I love it though, 
I decided to weigh in once a week to keep things on track 
I am down 2lbs! 
so total gain drops to 5lbs!
now If I can keep that steady for 3 more weeks that would be great! 

This is the belly after dinner,
Holy Belly!

So we have decided that we will be having
a Gender Reveal Party! 
 I Cant WAIT!
It is going to be so much fun!
I am trying to talk Scott into him and I being surprised with everyone else
having the nurse put the results in an envelope, then well
We haven't completely decided on how we are going to do it
The first Idea was to take the results to the bakery
& have them bake a blue or pink cake
The second is having someone at my work fill up either pink or blue balloons
and put them in a box, then at the party Scott and I will open the box!
It makes me tear up thinking about it!
If you have never heard of these parties visit my good friend Google and
check them out! They are so Fun!!

Whats your vote? The cake or the Balloons? 
Or do you have another lovely idea for us? 

• I would like to venture out today to pick up the book
Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy 
I read some good feed back about it online and I am super excited to read it!

• I am getting excited about these upcoming months there is just so much going on!

My Mom's birthday is March 19th
April 2nd is our 12w2d appointment with Dr. W
End of April my friend's baby is due
May will be our Party!
End of May Jillian's baby is due!
June 2nd is my dad's birthday!
4th of July!
August is Scott's 29th Birthday!
September is full of birthdays and Labor Day!
October we will welcome Baby W into the world!!! 

:D Happy Wednesday~ 


  1. How exciting!! We are also doing a gender reveal party! Its planned for March 17th we are hoping are two little ones are cooperative at our next 2 ultrasounds! :) We are going to do the box full of ballons to surprise the family.

    1. Awww!! I LOVE it!!! and that is only 10 days away!! How exciting!! I can't wait to see that post! Do you have any "feelings" on what your having?!

  2. I vote balloons. I cant imagine how overwhleming (in a good way) it would be to see them fly out of the box and surround you. SO CUTE! My friends had the nurse but the result in an envelope and gave the envelope to a trusted friend and then on christmas they opened boy stuff of girl stuff. They were so excited for christmas! It was so precious, it was a little girl!

    1. Good! I was leaning toward the Balloons too! I love that story! How cute! I bet they were so excited!

  3. I'm loving the balloons. Gender reveal parties are so cute.

  4. I totally am loving all your energy through your pregnancy so far. The balloons are adorable and apparently make cute pics. And who does not love a party???

    1. Thank You! I agree everyone loves a party! :D I think the Balloons are going to be the winner!

  5. Either option sounds fun! The balloons get my vote though as I feel they would make for really fun pictures to catch the moment as it happens...can't you just see it - yayyy!

    1. Yay Lenna! I Think the balloons are going to be it! I can't wait! I keep picturing it! I really think we are going to have a boy! but when I picture that box opening I see pink balloons coming out?!! I am super excited!

  6. I like both party ideas! Do the balloons as the reveal and then have the colored cake as an added bonus :)

    1. Now I love that Idea! I think we just might do that!!

  7. The balloons idea is SO adorable, had never heard of that before...and if you get the same picture too *awww* Jenny's book is funny and a total quick read! You'll laugh outloud SOO many times!! She also shared things 1- I never thought a celeb would share and 2- I hoped I would never experience (so far so good lol)

    1. Thank You! Yay! I am glad to hear the book is good!! I can't wait to get it! The discount book store that was near my house moved 25 minutes north so I haven't made it up there yet!

  8. I love your belly, and I vote for balloons. When's the reveal?

    1. :) Thank You! I am pretty sure balloons are wining right now! We don't have an exact date but we are thinking May 19th or May 20th! I would be super happy if you come home for it!!!! I will text you when I know for sure! & of course there will be formal invitations :D

  9. your belly is adorable!! i love it...and that first photo is so neat!
    how exciting - a gender reveal party! i think the cake idea is so stinkin' cool. so are the balloons. either way, it's just so much fun and awesome.
    i can't even imagine the emotion of cutting the cake and waiting to see the color! ahhhh!! SO happy for you and scott!!
    you have so much to look forward to in the coming months, and how wonderful that your sweet babe will share in all of this!!

    i hope you have a fabulous weekend!!
    maria <3

    1. Thank You! :D You are too sweet! I can not wait for the party! I think about it everyday! Have a wonderful Sunday!