Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 weeks 5 days & Crazy dreams

I Love watching this chain shrink! It makes me smile a little more every day! 
Waffles Sitting on my lap with both paws on my belly! lol..

I know this is going to sound totally crazy...
I keep having dreams, and visions of having twins!
Let me rewind. 
at my very first appointment, with nurse witch she asked me 
do multiples run in your family or have you been on fertility treatments?
I told her I was on clomid 
She said Oh good! I haven't told anyone they were having twins in a while, 
maybe today is the day!
then she did the super speedy ultrasound saw one sac and was done!
at my second ultrasound, we had nurse witch again!
checking for the heartbeat! this time she stayed for about 30 seconds instead of 10! 
saw the heart beat check my ovaries and was done!
My 3rd....was with a super nice nurse
who found baby instantly then stayed on baby the whole time, did a quick scan of my ovaries 
and was done! 
No one ever looked around in there for a twin! 
Now call me crazy if you want! 
I know in my head that if there was a twin they would have caught it by now! 
but my gut (which is very round and appears to be 4-5 months in size) is telling me 
they need to check again!
Then last week another coworker asked me if I was pregnant, then said
are you having twins?
I was stunned! I said um no not that I know of! 
of course these things got my mind racing! 
could they have missed it on one of the ultrasounds??
Yep totally 1001 stories of techs missing twins on 2 even 3 scans! 
videos, stories, pictures all kinds of evidence that this is in fact a possibility
now I don't want to sound like one of those crazy woman on the forums that 
say absolutely absurd things! but you guys this is possible! 
Then this week I have had 3 dreams where I can see the baby, I cant 
see his face, but I know he is a boy! 
and then all the sudden there are two!
Holy moly! 
Maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me! 
but I am for sure asking for a detailed ultrasound next time! I want them 
to look everywhere possible! haha! 
okay. Now that you all think I have completely lost it, 
can you believe the size of that chain above?! 
9 days till 12 weeks! 
11 days till my next appointment! 


  1. I also had some crazy twin dreams even after ultrasounds showing just 1 baby, but even at the ultrasound at 13 weeks, we just have one. The larger belly can definitely be caused by fertility meds, for some reason it causes your body to bloat more in early pregnancy than normal. It is a possibility though! Good luck with your 12 week appointment!

  2. Ohhhh what if there are two?! That would be crazy exciting!! If they did such quick ultrasounds and didn't hunt around maybe they did miss a sac. Your pics are so cute!! Hope you are feeling well! Almost to the second trimester!

    1. It would be so awesome! I just cant shake the weird feeling! lol! Guess we will find out soon! :D I am feeling well, just a little nausea on and off and some wild emotions :D

  3. I mean one baby is AWESOME in itself...but come on TWINS....HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!!! lol either way Im VERY happy for you! Cant wait for the update! Love the belly pic w/ ur pup :)

  4. 10 weeks! so exciting :-) x

  5. AHHHHH, :)
    i'm so excited for your next appointment. a mother's intuition is always right, they say...i'm so happy for you and it will be fun to see if your dreams are a reality!
    the picture of your pup touching your belly is ADORABLE <3
    Have a sweet weekend with scott!!
    maria <3

  6. :D Thanks Maria! Hope you have a lovely weekend!