Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Adding to my Resume

I can now officially add
the delivery of 3 healthy adorable kittens to my 
"baby catching resume"
I had a feeling Scrap was pregnant about 3 weeks ago
she had a lot of the google symptoms I had read about
then about a week later her belly popped and 
I could feel the kittens moving! 
She became so close to me in the last two weeks
She would jump on my lap and sprawl out 
so I could rub her big pregnant belly! 
Friday June 20th she was acting 
a little off, being really clingy and not eating at all. 
Scott and I laid down for bed around 10 although 
I just couldn't sleep, I guess I knew the kittens were on their way!
around 12:30 Scrap jumped into bed with us and 
snuggled up right next to me...she NEVER does this, ever. 
She has her own room and likes her space. 
I got up and flipped on the light to find that she was bleeding. 
It was time. 
I got her delivery box and set up the hall bathroom
I put her in and shut the door while I collected 
supplies I might have needed. (remember a few months back 
she had a litter that didnt make it and she needed my help) 
I was prepared for anything this time. 
I  had done my research and was beaming with excitement!
I contemplated leaving her alone so she could do her thing, 
but each time I left the bathroom she would meow and meow
until I returned. I think I made her feel more comfortable.
she contracted for about an hour, she would pace around the box
then come to me for a few head scratches then back to the box. 
at 1:37am the first kitten was born! 

 She spent a good 35-45 minutes cleaning this little one off
during that time I grabbed my pillows and blankets and make 
a small bed in the hall way. I had to be up early to take my parents 
to the airport and I knew I needed a least a few hours of sleep. 
Around 3:40 am I woke to the sound of crying kittens
She had just had the third kitten! 
the second one must have been super quite!
 Kitten 3 is a mini scrap!
Look at this cuteness!
 All three healthy and doing wonderfully!
 Mama and her babies. 
She spent the first two days hardly leaving their side. 
Monday she was back to her old self 
exploring around and eating more food 
than I can keep in her bowl!
I love this sweet picture! 
we like to call this the "superman nurse" pose!

All three kittens have homes lined up 
and will be ready to go in August! 
The orange kitten is going to 
my cousin and her two little girls in Florida!
Miss Mia was so excited when I sent her 
the first pictures of the litter!
I have an adorable video of her asking me for a kitten
and also naming the orange one :) 
Sorry it's sideways I'm not sure how to flip it!

 I am hoping they open their eyes before we leave for Florida
this weekend!!! I will be back with more pics and videos soon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eighteen Months!

So two days ago I am having a convo 
with my mom and I'm like 
Hey! lets all go to Hawaii for my 30th...
which in my head isn't for 2 years...
later that day I am talking to my aunt 
and I'm like save your money 
we are all going on a trip for my 30th!
when all the sudden it dawns on me...
I will be 30! in 18 months!!!!!!!!!!!
3 0 
T H I R T Y!
In 1 8 months!!
How is the hell is this possible! 
I have so much to do in 18 months it's not even funny!!

So here is my 30 before 30 rough draft! 
(which is subject to change since I do still have 18 months) 
1. Have a baby (Babies) 
2. Become a Millionaire  more successful
3. Zip Line in the tropics (or at the creek by my house "back up plan if #2 falls through") 
4. Ride in a hot air balloon with out needing a sedative first 
5. Travel over seas to anywhere that I can afford 
6. Ride a camel 
7. Perfect my cartwheel 
8. wear a bikini (which might not work if #1 ever happens) 
9. Visit Colorado again (I miss that place) 
10. Plant a garden (& actually eat from it!)
11. Buy and raise chickens
12. Teach myself how to sew
13. Build a bar in my house (You know where you actually have liquor in the bottles at all times) 
14. Get certified in CPR 
15. Do a ride along with a cop (I've secretly always wanted to be a cop!) 
16. Give a public speech with out freaking out
17. Get an award or nominated as a "Top Women in business to follow" from WIBN
18. Brush up on my Yoga skills
19. Train to be a Ninja! (Don't ask, just know I've watched too much Nikita) 
20. Build something with wood and nails
 (I failed shop class in school because I refused to remove my jewelry) 
21. Spend a night with my husband under the stars
22. Ride a segway around Cincinnati 
23. Adopt / rescue  a dog 
24. Get my fangs rounded teeth filed
25. Wear more sunscreen and less oil
26. Get my boobs reduced and lifted (only when and if #1 happens) 
27. Run a half marathon (or maybe just a 10k with out stopping) 
28. Visit Alaska
29. Start a youtube channel and film our everyday life
30. Be less judgmental