Sunday, May 27, 2012


Say What?! 

I had a feeling AF would take her sweet time arriving but 
come on already!
after mc #2 AF didn't show till CD78! 
RE Dr. B offered the pill to jump start things for me 
but every time I think about calling I talk myself out of it..
I have been trying to justify why I do this and I think it 
just boils down to, I want my body to do it naturally, 
it obviously isn't ready so why force it? 
why not just let it happen?
Other than the fact that we are absolutely at a stand still 
until she arrives...(twice) 
But I am really okay with it. 
I have a lot going on, like spending time with 
the most amazing husband in the world,
work and the house
two brand new babies in the family
and lots of little ones around to keep me entertained. 

I've had a few people ask how I have "been doing'
I know its a hard topic for people to bring up 
you know the miscarriage, the M word that 
no one likes to say, But honestly I feel 
like I am truly at peace with it all. I can talk about it, 
I can think about it, I can write about it.
I know in my heart there was a reason 
that things happened the way they did. 
I have the occasional moment when I read 
some fellow bloggers that I was pregnant with 
and see how far along they are now, the moment 
when I think..I would have been 20 weeks, 
finding out the sex and seeing a real baby profile on an ultrasound
But in those moments I don't cry, 
I don't get angry or upset. 
I just go back to my feelings, my feelings that 
what happened, happened for a reason.
& our journey isn't over and we aren't done fighting. 

I keep having these visions, I guess you could call them. 
of Scott and I with two babies
I had a dream not to long ago, and in that dream 
I was sorting though the box of clothes my mom and I 
bought on our road trip, I was folding boy and girl clothes, 
Scott came in the room hugged me from behind and 
whispered in my ear, see love, you knew what you 
were doing buying boy and girl clothes our babies 
will be adorable in these! 
Weird right?! 
Guess we will just have to wait and see what the future holds! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Delivery number 5!

My 5th Delivery :) 
Someone should just give me a degree in baby catching already geeseh! 

Logan Maxwell
8lbs 13oz

Logan was the 5th live birth I have attended, 
Logan however was my very first csection!

Friday May 11th Lucy and I settled in the L&D room 
and waited to hear what the Dr. was planning to do. 
She had fallen earlier in the week and injured her groin 
she had also gained 22 pounds of water weight in 5 days 
and her blood pressure was topping at 150/90
It was time for baby Logan to say hello to the world! 
around 11 the nurse came in to tell us that the Dr. 
was planning an early morning csection.
She was 39 weeks with a long cervix and no where close 
to delivering on her own, he decided that inducing labor 
would put her in more pain then needed and at that 
point they were projecting little baby L to be almost 10 pounds
He was also concerned that if they went the induction route 
he wouldn't quite fit and then an emergency c would be in order.
So scheduled Csection it was!

Here are the pictures that pretty much tell the story :D

Happy Birthday Baby Logan! 

psssst! My 6th delivery beat me to Florida! 
Peyton Lynn
was born May 18th 
here is a sneak peek of her adorableness 
My mom and I are road tripping down this week to visit 
the new family of 4!!
Tons of pictures and a post to follow!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thinking of you...

Today I am thinking about a dear friend 
and her husband Steve as they prepare to face their 7th loss
My heart is breaking for them, there is an empty feeling in my stomach 
as I think about how hard this time must be for them right now. 
Please visit Maria and leave her some kind words to help heal her heart. 

You are a friend whom I have never met, 
but you have touched my heart. Your kind words
and inspiring wisdom makes you one amazing woman
I am so happy our blogs connected our lives 
My heart breaks for you and Steve, you 
are the most deserving people in this world. 
You are loved and you  have a million and 1 prayers 
heading your way. I have faith that you will 
find your way through this and come out just as strong
as you always are. We are here for you Maria 
Anything you need, just ask. 
Love always

Wednesday, May 16, 2012




Some of my most favorite blogs to follow are not showing up 
anywhere in my blog roll! 
I have re-followed, managed and even reset 
and NOTHING is working! 
Does anyone know how to fix this!?

Here are my girls who are missing! 
Just Smile and Blog :( 
The Red Head Files :( 
Our Roller Coaster Through IVF and Beyond :(
This Space for Rent :( 

What the Hell?! 

(not including my own, I removed that)

ON MY ROLL??!!?!?!? 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Derby... De Mayo Was Fabulous!
I'll let the pictures do the talkin! 

Just waiting

I promise I am working on the 
Derby Post! 

But today I am in a TTC Mood :) 

Not much to report.. Still waiting on AF 
next Thursday will mark 45 days, So if that 
day comes and goes with no AF then I will be calling 
for the magic period starting pill! 
Not that I want to, but I want to get the ball rolling
I feel like we are just stuck in limbo right now. 
I poas on Tuesday to make sure all the hcg was 
out of my system and it was. I hate seeing a bfn even when I know its coming!
But I am excited to jump back in the car and start speeding driving to our destination.
The process is as follows, waiting for AF (lovely fun) 
Blood-work, waiting for AF again, Clomid, HSG test, heparin class 
ultrasound for follicles, trigger, beta. 
Sounds easy enough, 
If only I didn't have to wait for stupid AF!
Not once but Twice!

But for now, I will be happily entertained! 
My cousin Jillian is due in two weeks, and I will be traveling 
down to the sunshine state for the birth of her second daughter!! 
& my friend Lucy is due any day now! 
She spent 5 hours in L& D yesterday, only to be sent home :( 
But he will be here by next week for sure!
These two upcoming births will mark my 5th & 6th deliveries! 
I could be a certified Midwife by now! lol..
hmm..Maybe I should look into that!? 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Lovely Weekend in Memphis


A couple weeks ago my family traveled 9 hours south to attend 
my second cousin Josephs wedding!
It was Fabulous! 
Such a wonderful family and Oh what a beautiful wedding! 
I captured so many wonderful memories! 

This vacation was just what Scott and I needed
some time away from "the real world" 
to relax and regroup and reconnect with each other 

We had a fabulous time!
I just love family weddings! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Challenge
My desk is the one on the right

Okay, so a brief history before I begin so you all know what in the world I am talking about. I work with my family my father owns and operates three bowling centers in our area, The center I am mainly at I work with my dad and my aunt..(My dads sister)We will call her J she is very, very competitive! When I came in on Monday and told her I had started P90X She freaked..She went out and bought a dry erase board to hang in our back stock room (where only her and I go) So we could "challenge" each other! Sometimes I seriously think we could have our own reality show! Anyways below is the board we have only had it up for two days but its hilarious the things that have already been written on it! I hung the picture of the More Reasons to Eat Fruit...
I wrote in blue, at the top and on the side, everything else she wrote! haha!~
If you cant make out the green writing it says "Reasons to Drink Bad Juans *make you ha-ha-happy"
this is what she wrote under my inspirational picture of fruit!
and for anyone that is wondering what a bad juan is, well its a Margarita that could possible kill you
There is a limit of two... and for good reason!
You like her words? real challenging huh? haha!
I think I may just win this one!~

Still lots to do, but it feels good to have week 1 done! gone! Wooowhoo!

I worked out 5! 5 whole days this week! It feels great! 
I was super super sore day 1-3 but I am feeling better now
this morning I woke up at 6:30am sprung out of bed 
and set off on a jog around my neighborhood :)
As I was jogging my mind was racing, 
I was thinking about how I miss being pregnant
how I cant wait to be pregnant again, and how excited 
I am to get this show on the road! 


Om-gosh Can you believe the Kentucky Derby is TOMORROW! 
Already! Woow! I can't wait! Each year we usually go to 
the country club for the Derby party but this year my Aunt D is having
a big party at her house out in the country and I couldn't be more excited to go! 
this is my hat from 3 years ago! My wonderful Mother Made!

Ready for the Derby! 3 years ago)
I won the Hat contest! :) Thanks Mom! (3 years ago)
Don't worry I will take lots of Pictures this year :) 
Is anyone else having or going to a Derby Party?!?