Friday, May 4, 2012

The Challenge
My desk is the one on the right

Okay, so a brief history before I begin so you all know what in the world I am talking about. I work with my family my father owns and operates three bowling centers in our area, The center I am mainly at I work with my dad and my aunt..(My dads sister)We will call her J she is very, very competitive! When I came in on Monday and told her I had started P90X She freaked..She went out and bought a dry erase board to hang in our back stock room (where only her and I go) So we could "challenge" each other! Sometimes I seriously think we could have our own reality show! Anyways below is the board we have only had it up for two days but its hilarious the things that have already been written on it! I hung the picture of the More Reasons to Eat Fruit...
I wrote in blue, at the top and on the side, everything else she wrote! haha!~
If you cant make out the green writing it says "Reasons to Drink Bad Juans *make you ha-ha-happy"
this is what she wrote under my inspirational picture of fruit!
and for anyone that is wondering what a bad juan is, well its a Margarita that could possible kill you
There is a limit of two... and for good reason!
You like her words? real challenging huh? haha!
I think I may just win this one!~

Still lots to do, but it feels good to have week 1 done! gone! Wooowhoo!

I worked out 5! 5 whole days this week! It feels great! 
I was super super sore day 1-3 but I am feeling better now
this morning I woke up at 6:30am sprung out of bed 
and set off on a jog around my neighborhood :)
As I was jogging my mind was racing, 
I was thinking about how I miss being pregnant
how I cant wait to be pregnant again, and how excited 
I am to get this show on the road! 


Om-gosh Can you believe the Kentucky Derby is TOMORROW! 
Already! Woow! I can't wait! Each year we usually go to 
the country club for the Derby party but this year my Aunt D is having
a big party at her house out in the country and I couldn't be more excited to go! 
this is my hat from 3 years ago! My wonderful Mother Made!

Ready for the Derby! 3 years ago)
I won the Hat contest! :) Thanks Mom! (3 years ago)
Don't worry I will take lots of Pictures this year :) 
Is anyone else having or going to a Derby Party?!?


  1. Good for you!! You might inspire me to start working out once I'm allowed :) I love your hat, btw...and the cute, cute CUTE puppy in the picture!!

  2. Yay! Can you pass some of this exercise excitement this way?!
    I'm so glad that you still have your Derby hat winning pictures! I'm afraid I lost mine in computer shuffles.
    Last but not least I think a reality show with you and Aunt J is a must! Ahhhhhh it would be hilarious!
    We'll have to get a lot of pictures at the party!
    Love you

  3. Such a cute picture of you and Scott with the sweet pup in the photo! Before I read your mom made the hat for you, I thought ooo I bet her mom made that awesome it!
    I have never heard of that kind of margarita but it sounds awesome! ;)
    You're doing awesome...5 days this week-you go girl!
    I love your inspiration board. Wishing you another wonderful week!