Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Slimming down ↓ to Plump up ↑ Part II

Part I can be viewed here

Moving on to Part II 

In my three short months of being pregnant I gained 8lbs 
after my D&C I lost 3lbs, a week later I lost 2 
this week the final 3 are gone! 
I would like to shed about 25 more
This way, 
when I become pregnant again this summer *fingers crossed*
I wont feel like I can only gain 15lbs the whole time, cause 
lets be honest that would never happen.
I am terrified to gain more than 25 pounds while pregnant
Health reasons being my main concern 
but also I want to feel comfortable in my skin, 
I want to feel like a cute pregnant lady..
In my first post of slimming down to plump up, I had 
used the assistance of the pill adipex, 
this time I am not. I was really 
good at eating healthy not drinking pop, alcohol, ect. 
then I got pregnant and craved Mexican, and cheese
and corn dogs...None of which are really on the 
"eat clean" plan... 
and also probably why I picked up those 8lbs so fast.
another contributing fact to that 8lb gain was..
I was "afraid" to move..
I didn't want to work out, or even take walks
I for some reason thought it would make me miscarry
that I just needed to "rest" a-l-l- t-h-e t-i-m-e...
This time, I am just going to eat as clean as I can and 
exercise Monday-Friday..
then when we become pregnant I can just carry on with 
my normal way of life... 
enough rambling, here is what I am doing..
seriously, hard. No joke, sometimes I can only do half..
Fresh Food
Scott & I agreed that each month we will try one
one new fruit and one new veggie 
that we don't eat on a regular 
this month we are having Mango's & Yam's
Neither of which I know how to tell when 
ready to eat, I will be googling that later. 
(also if you have some good suggestions for new items let me know!)

I LOVE my new plate! Isn't it so cute!
My milk glass wouldn't fit in the middle! haha
and I munched some radishes while my egg was cooking
This is this mornings breakfast after plyometrics
 (the food looks huge because the plate is from the children's section)

This is what I wrote in Part I 
and I love what I wrote so here it is...
"Now all of this makes it seem like I am a strict, healthy, always active person. Which I do try as hard as I can to be, but we all have those days, you know the comfort days, or salt days I like to call them. I would take a salty pretzel stick over a chocolate bar any day! my point is if you set these guidelines for yourself, it will do just that, guide you. If you have a day where you fall off track 
you pick back up the next day and keep going toward you goal! 
Mine being the most Healthy & Active Woman I can be...
keeping a clean vessel for my future child bearing days 


  1. Good luck! Changing the way we eat is always tough, but definitely works when you put your mind to it!

  2. Good luck with your new lifestyle change, eating healthy is always a tough challenge. I also found that using an app like myfitness pal where you can track your calories and excercise really helps.

  3. Good for you! I think losing weight before my last round of IVF was the best thing I did. You can do it. :)

    PS, I gave you an award, check out my blog.

  4. Having a plan is the best way to go!! Last year I lost almost 90 pounds and it was strictly from diet and exercise!!

    1. How Awesome is that!!! Congrats that is so great! I am going to try my hardest to stick with it!

  5. I am a new reader but I wanted to say good luck and you have a great plan in mind. I can relate to the not wanting to move in fear of causing a miscarriage and that's just what I did and put on 45 pounds (I already had way to much extra to begin with). It's always much easier to put it on then take it off :-) Best of luck and you can do it!!

  6. First of all... GOOD FOR YOU for shedding those pregnancy pounds. I know that your pregnancy was short, but the weight can be so hard to lose with hormones getting all out of whack, and grieving. I never lost any of the weight I gained from pregnancy after miscarrying. Then when I got pregnant for real, I gained way too much lol. I wish I could go back, and have a plan like you. I'm already way past 25 pds, and I have 10 weeks to go!
    I am so jealous of how healthy you are. I have been trying too. Last time Ryan and I went shopping, we weren't allowed to buy anything unhealthy to have in the house. I need that plate, where did you get it?
    I am the same as you.. I like indulging in salty snacks rather than sweet ones!
    Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thank you so much, with my second loss I gained more weight after instead of losing it, then it just piled on, last year I lost 30 of it! It's super hard to stick to healthy all the way, 1.)Because temptation is lurking around every corner and 2.) It is so damn expensive! but its so worth it! I got the plate at Walmart! in the baby section! lol..my friend is about 38 weeks and I went with her to get some final things, when I saw it I had to have it! It was only like $3.00 too! I might go back and buy more! let me know if you can't find one & I will ship you one :) Thanks for your words of encouragement :D & happy hump day!

  7. OH and I was the same way about being afraid to do anything in fear of miscarrying. I wouldn't lift a finger, I swear. I totally understand where you're coming from with that. Ryan was scared too, and he did everything for me at first, even filled my water. Then eventually, we started taking baby steps into me doing things like I normally would.

    1. Isn't is so weird how your mind works once your pregnant! I hated even going to work even though I mainly sit at my desk! I am going to have to put super effort into keeping my routine next time we conceive!

  8. Yams: peal off the skins and cut them in to french fries - drizzle with olive oil & sprinkle with mrs dash garlic & herb seasoning - bake in oven at around 400 degrees for 20 min or so - check them halfway through & toss around!

    I can send you some smoothie recipes - been making some recently with berries, banana, spinach, & almond butter!

    1. Thank you!! I made Yam fries tonight! We both LOVED them! they will be a regular on the menu now! & I LOVE smoothies!

  9. You go girl!! Sounds like you have a great approach!! Ahhh, and I love that plate - what an awesome idea!
    And I totally can relate to what you said about being scared to move. The other day I said to Steve, if I just stay in bed for the next eight months, I'm sure to be okay. Lol. You rock, girl!
    Can't wait to read more. Wishing you tons of luck and sending love!