Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Delivery number 5!

My 5th Delivery :) 
Someone should just give me a degree in baby catching already geeseh! 

Logan Maxwell
8lbs 13oz

Logan was the 5th live birth I have attended, 
Logan however was my very first csection!

Friday May 11th Lucy and I settled in the L&D room 
and waited to hear what the Dr. was planning to do. 
She had fallen earlier in the week and injured her groin 
she had also gained 22 pounds of water weight in 5 days 
and her blood pressure was topping at 150/90
It was time for baby Logan to say hello to the world! 
around 11 the nurse came in to tell us that the Dr. 
was planning an early morning csection.
She was 39 weeks with a long cervix and no where close 
to delivering on her own, he decided that inducing labor 
would put her in more pain then needed and at that 
point they were projecting little baby L to be almost 10 pounds
He was also concerned that if they went the induction route 
he wouldn't quite fit and then an emergency c would be in order.
So scheduled Csection it was!

Here are the pictures that pretty much tell the story :D

Happy Birthday Baby Logan! 

psssst! My 6th delivery beat me to Florida! 
Peyton Lynn
was born May 18th 
here is a sneak peek of her adorableness 
My mom and I are road tripping down this week to visit 
the new family of 4!!
Tons of pictures and a post to follow!


  1. Awe...... BABY!!!! SOOOOO CUTE. You are one strong lady, I'll give ya that!!! With everything you've been through you have an amazing heart to be there and with such an amazing smile on your face :)Have fun on your road trip :)

  2. Wow, who are all of these babies?! You are a better woman than I, I STILL have not held a baby since my miscarriage, I am so amazed that you are able to be with all these mamas when they give birth, seriously big kudos to you!

  3. Alexis, you have me crying again. What an amazingly beautiful miracle you got to be a part of. And 5 times...so awesome. Your friends are so blessed to have you in their life. I look @ these photos of you and Scott and I see so much love and strength. You are going to be one amazing mama.
    Wishing you a sweet roadtrip and tons of love. There's nothing like being surrounded by new life to bring hope to your heart.
    Thinking about you so so much!
    Lots of love, pretty lady!