Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Sip & Shop Sunday

Sip & Shop Sunday! 
Seriously how cute is that name?! 
k no one steal it, I am going to copyright it, or something...

Sunday Morning I headed out to meet my mom for some 
serious shopping, on the way I swung through Sta.r Bu.cks 
resulting in the creating of,
Sip & Shop Sunday! 

Here is our day, in pictures 
Coffee from home is good...
But St.ar Bu.cks makes me smile!
Momma Loves St.ar Bu.cks too!

And Off we go!

A Cheetah Vest? for summer? I think not..
Yes please :)

A..B..C..Or D..?
Mmm Penn Station! A perfect ending to a perfect day!
Thank You Momma!


  1. Yay! It was fun.
    Now next time lets go somewhere to sip,shop and stay at a Hotel!

  2. You ladies are too cute! Ahhh, I love Starbucks. The smell makes me drool. Lol. It looks like you had an amazing day with amazing company! :)