Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What We've Been Up To Wednesday

 May 10th My Cousin Joel Married Liz
it was a great wedding! So much fun! Above 
is me Jillian and Jenn
Below is me and my Momma!
Me & Scott with Mom and Dad

 Me and Lauren :) 
 Me Mom and Oma

We attended the local Festival of the Summer 
called the Spring Fling in Scott's Hometown
This is Scott with our God Daughter Lela :) 
 Little Miss Lela! Isn't she a doll!
 Riding the crazy ride

Whats a festival with out the food?!

Just us :) 
Pool Days

Summer Thunderstorms are my FAVORITE!!
(non life threatening ones of course) 

Memorial Day was spent here
 He couldn't get enough of Mikey B tossing him in the air!
Lucy & I tanning it up! 

We are currently in the middle of the 2ww 
Due to all the travel plans that we already 
have booked and paid for IVF is on further hold..
So to keep from getting discouraged we tried 
one more round of Clomid this time at 150mg
Fingers crossed it works!

Monday, May 5, 2014

IVF on hold

It's been a while 
I just wanted to stop in and let you know that 
I'm still here, I'm still not pregnant. 
And I am still waiting for the approval 
to start our IVF process. 
12 days before I was due to start my period
the IVF nurse emailed me to let me know 
that I needed to lose 12 pounds before 
they would let me start treatment. 
andddd since losing 1 pound a day 
was not in my plain we agreed to hold off until 
I can safely lose the damn 12 pounds..
Joining a gym and eating healthy has 
done great things for my body.....
but now AF is no where to be found...
It's CD51. . . . . 
and I have 9 pounds to go..
so I guess if that 9 pounds disappears before 
AF decides to show we will be a go for IVF #1
If she shows before I shed the 9lbs we will have to wait 
another full cycle. So we shall see. 
Nothing is ever easy... 
Oh and. 
I already got the bill!  
"Just keep Swiming-Just keep Swiming-"