Monday, January 30, 2012

10dpo...& Great Insurance turned Horrible

Is it Ground Hog Day?!
Ugh. When you work all week, and all weekend, Monday becomes Hell :) 
I feel like I haven't had a day off in forever! 
Except I had my Birthday off, just 10 short days ago! 
Doesn't feel like it though. 
So here we are 10dpo..
10 more days to go.. 
Shoot me now. k. 
I wanted to explain a little more about my brief post yesterday 
stating that if this cycle fails we will be moving on to the RE 
& Starting procedures to begin IUI #1 
Scott and I talked for a while Saturday morning, 
Well I talked, he listened and agreed 
I just feel like we are not doing enough, like we should be trying harder. 
I feel like maybe we would have more success with IUI?
There is just one small problem. I found out today, my wonderful, expensive, 
great, insurance doesn't cover it. 
No fertility treatments at all. 
{Insert freak out} 
I really hope the clomid does the trick because no insurance fertility treatments 
can become ridiculously expensive! 
Please say a quick prayer that in 10 short days we get a 
that results in a take home baby! 
My fingers and toes are crossed tight for the next 10 days~ 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another lovely weekend...oh and only 9dpo

Happy Sunday! 
My Parents return today. I am SO EXCITED to see them!!! 
Scott is feeling better
We went Ice Skating last night downtown at the Riverscape. We had a blast.
Today we will be making room for our new couch we bought yesterday!
It's Huge.
Today is 9dpo. I am dying to poas. buts its still to early!
I made a morph baby online the picture is at the end! I think she is pretty cute!
Scott & I made our descison yesterday that if this cycle does not work
we will be moving over to the RE and will begin procedure to start IUI. 
This close to me. Always.
Ice Skating :)
Mike & Scott  ready to get their skate on
Stay warm by the fire

Hubs and I Skating around!
It's a Must to look cute when going Skating right?     

Our Morph baby :)

Wishing everyone a lazy or productive Sunday whatever you may choose! 
I am going to go with Half and Half! 
OH and Here is my blanket! 
Coming right along.

Friday, January 27, 2012

O My...dpo




HURRY UP YOU STUPID 2WW! 3WW! (see below)


I am now at the point of the wait where I start to get the little symptoms that 
creep in and make me crazy! 
cramps. on and off. not bad. but there. 
wc cm. A Lot. 

For the past 12 days every time I look at the clock its 11:11. 
the 11:11 used to haunt me a while ago, then it went away. 
Now its back. E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.
I hope its a good sign. 

It seems like it's raining BFP's everywhere around me...
I hope that's a good sign. 

My horoscopes have been lovely
I hope that's a good sign. 

Holy freaking moly how I am going to make it through another week! 

to be technical. 
AF isn't due for 12 more days. 
So my 2ww is more like a freaking 3 week wait! 19 days total to be exact! 



Thursday, January 26, 2012

There is Good News... & Not so Good News

Its Offical Jillian is having another GIRL!!! YAY!!! 


I am SOOO excited to meet this baby girl! 

Scott has shingles! 
Freaking Shingles! ON HIS FACE! 
I just cant believe it! I feel so sorry for him, he is in so much pain
It's awful to have a sick husband,  but a sick husband you can do nothing for
is the worst!

Brief story of How this came about
Last week he started complaining of ear pain, 
then sunday he developed a bump on his head
it was red and very very sensitive to the touch 
We thought it was an infected hair follicle, so we plucked it. 
Tuesday he went to our family Doctors office, our Dr didnt have any
openings, so he had to see the bitch Dr. C
I. Hate. Her. Always have always will she is an awful human being! AWFUL
Anyways she comes in the exam room
he fills her in
she glances at his head pushes on it once making him flench in pain
and says your hair follicle is infected put a hot compress on it
Here is an antibiotic, goodbye. 
stupid witch! She didnt even look in his ear!
yesterday he woke up with 3 lumps 2 around his eye and 1 on his eye
he thought maybe it was the infection moving out of his system 
until today when he woke up and it was worse!
I had him call the stupid Dr. back and tell them her lousy diagnoses must be wrong
the office lady said, Well you can schedual another apt. or you can go to urgent care..
HA. Really? Okay we are going to freaking urgent care cause your office SUCKS
So within minutes of entering urgent care we are taken right back
the nurse is as sweet as can be 
The dr. comes in and is also very very nice 
the first thing she does is look in his ear...what the other B should have done in the first place!!!
then feels the lump on the back of his ear, looks at his head and the lumps on his face 
she steps back and says
I'm sorry but you have SHINGLES.
HUH? What? I thought only old people got that?
what. the. hell. 
anyways she talked with us for a good 20 minutes about 
where shingles comes from and what exactly it is, how long it can linger 
and how painful it can be. 
She gave him 2 anti viral perscriptions incase the one was much too expensive
a pain reliever and a note to not return to work until at least Monday. 
SO there you have it, a perfectly health 28 year old man with shingles 
Poor thing :(

Little Bit of This Little Bit of That (6dpo)

Jillian Finds out what she is having today!!! I am SO. EXCITED. 
Jillian & Mia
I have no idea how she can schedule afternoon appointments! I would go crazy! 
So those results should be in later today! I will update on that for sure! 
I. Miss. My. Parents. 
They are in California right now on business and they have only been 
gone 6 days, but it feels like months! 
I am so grateful for the closeness we share
they are the best parents in the entire world!
& They need to come home soon! I am going crazy. 
Here they are in Cali

Are they not adorable!~ 
Ugh. I just love them! 
Sunday cant come soon enough! 

Waffles got a bath this week, I am going to try and start giving her a bath once a week, I used to do it once every two weeks but since she is so small, and this weather has been so sucky! she gets dirty a lot quicker. 
Here is Waffle Dog in the Tub. 

Darling right?

Now for the BLANKET! I started it last night! When I got to the craft store after work I was overwhelmed by the color choices. I was having an awful time deciding. 
There was a beautiful Tiffany Blue which road around in my cart for a while before it was replaced with white, a cotton blend that was so soft and really nice quality.
 But then as I pushed it around I thought 
do I really want to stare at white for the next few weeks? Na. 
Just then I rounded the corner and saw the big cardboard boxes filled with sale yarn! 
on the bottom was a lovely color called Warm Cream. 
Here is what it looks like.
I am using a bigger needle so its coming along much faster.
I love how the flash caught my ring and made it bling :) 
& just me being me. 
One of my favorite Headbands my talented mother made!

No News on the TTC front. 
No Symptoms. 
just waiting, and wishing, and hoping, and praying!
What will be will be. 
until then, I am going to keep making my blanket :) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Blanket...(5dpo)


Not Much to report on the ttc front. 

My Mama had a great idea for me to start crocheting a new blanket! 
I made one last year it was blue and green and absolutely adorable! I gave it to my friend Elizabeth for her baby shower along with a matching hat! I secretly wished I could keep it for myself but I knew she would love it! It made me feel good to see the joy on her face when she opened it, she was thrilled. :) 
But this time I want this blanket  to be for us. 
It will be called the Two Week Wait Blanket and 
I will work on it during my long drawn out two week waits 
Hopefully this will be our last TWW and I can work on it for baby :) 
Insert-->(positive thinking)
Anyways I think it will keep me busy 
well I should say it will keep my mind busy! 
I will post some pics when I get started! 
Does anyone else crochet? what have you made?

Monday, January 23, 2012

4dpo. Our weekend. & Prayers.

I really should have her in modeling!
I can touch my tongue to my nose! can you?

Scott's Second lunch at Panera

Panera Black Bean Soup! MmMmM
Working on a new smile :)
late night blogging

Are you ready for your Shavin?! (clean cut Scott asks Waffles)

My Sleeping Scruffy Bear :)

Pretty Much our weekend! Beside a Home town Basketball game that was AMaZing!
Some cute things that happend this weekend that I need to document! 
Hubs got me the cutest card just because! it was so adorable it said
I just want you to know I am thinking of you, every moment of everyday! 
Loved that. 
Also this weekend when I went to take a bath he came flying in the bathroom with the thermometer and said Woah! what are you doing?
have you test the temperature of that water yet?!

3rd best memory of the weekend was when I was about to take a nap, Scott came in and said here babe lift up your butt we need to prop you up..Lol..I said babe I dont think we need to do that anymore I think I just need to rest now. 
He. is. so. damn. cute. 

I love him. & I love our life.

The end.

If you are the Praying type can you please say an extra prayer tonight for my friend Julia 
She needs some extra prayers this week :)
Thank You 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Possibly the Best Horoscope E.V.E.R.

Aquarius- Your Week Ahead: 
If all the sky were paper, and all the sea were ink...
We might just have enough material to catalogue the emotional journey
you have been through in recent months.
We might, though, still run out of space to add the 
latest instalment in the saga. 
The New Moon is stirring up deep feeling,
reminding you of all you have been through -
but, most importantly, informing you of what is finally, 
wonderfully possible in your future. 
No matter what now lies behind you, the best is yet to come 
and the journey from here to there starts now!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trust your Gut!

1-20-12 Positive OPK
Well Well..Look who's chart was WRONG! 
I knew it! I just did! when I woke up and entered my temp and the 17th turned green my stomach sank
I thought omgosh seriously?! 2 absolutely perfect follies burst that day?! NO WAY! 
When I read Jessica  's comment about my temps looking a little wonky 
it sealed the deal! something wasn't right with this chart! it was all over the place 
(thank god she commented or I think I would have gone on 
believing the chart was right!) 
Yesterday was my Birthday! YAY! My mom did a really cute guest post about my birth if you have time you should read it! (Here)
Anyways last night Scott and I were cuddled up watching movies as the Ice storm hit our area bad! 
I kept getting these twinges of pain in my left, then my right ovary area, and then like a switch 
something in my head said go POAS! (well in a cup its easier)
So I did..(right in the middle of the movie) I set the timer and sat and stared at the flashing test
then exactly 3 minutes and 7 seconds later
popped up on the screen! 
I ran into the living room so fast I almost slipped 
(fresh socks and a newly mopped wood floor) 
I said BABE! LOOK! 
(I think he was a little into the movie) 
HUH? what the hell do you mean am I pregnant NO Not YET! 
This is the OPK! I am OVULATING! 
OH! He says, SO? 
I have never seen this man move so fast in his life!
So now we dtd one more time today 
and then the waiting game begins! 
Come on little spermy find those eggs! 
(I am hoping more than one is floating around in there!) 
Here are a few picture from my birthday week and day :) 

Cheesecake factory! Before lunch and after lunch!!! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's My Birthday! Guest Post from my Momma!

Hello Everyone!
My name is Michele and I am guest blogging today for Alexis' Birthday!

I also have a blog it's called 
I would LOVE it if you get the chance to stop by 
and becoming a follower would send me over the Moon!
The biggest and greatest achievement in my life was giving birth to Alexis 26 years ago today. I can only hope that all of you get to experience the love, laughter and complete joy that I have experienced being her Mother.
I am right here beside her when ever she feels she may need me on this sometimes painful journey. We put on mascara until we feel better, shop when things aren't going right and sometimes I even help her curse at the phone. I mean come on Dr.W, a Girl (and her anxiety ridden Mother) can only take so much!
I also love to read your blogs. Keep faith in your hearts, stay positive (sorry I have all but banned that word lol) I know that in the end all of you will have your miracles.
After all, my own infertility struggle. I had mine 26 years ago..
These are a few of the random things that I wrote down for her this morning that she has given me permission to share with you...

My Alexis,
Little tidbits of your life.
I never had an ultrasound through my whole pregnancy. I was sooo happy to be pregnant I was in maternity shirts at 3 months. Maternity shirts were tents with bows back then. I never had morning sickness. I made your Dad take me to Friendlys for ice cream at least twice a week. I would get mint chocolate chip or orange sherbert. I craved Zero bars. I hadn't had them since I was a child.
Your name for the entire 9 months I was pregnant was Alexander Joseph. This is because a nurse told me after listening to your heartbeat with a stethoscope that you had the heartbeat of a boy. I packed a boys outfit in my suitcase for the Hospital. At the last minute I threw in a pink sleeper "just in case"
We went to Grandma's house the night before you were born. There was a heavy snow falling. I told Grandma I didn't feel well. She said I think you are going into labor. It took several hours and my contractions being 2 minutes apart that we decided this was it.We drove in the snow to the Hospital. There were two channels and no cable. Your Dad went home while I was in labor with you to change his shoes because his feet hurt. The Nurse came in as I was crying in pain and asked where my Husband was. I told her and she stared at me in disbelief. You are NOT to be left alone. Ummm ok.
I still thought you were a boy until I pushed you out.They lay you on my stomach and I thought ohhhhhhhh aren't they going to bathe her first? You were born on your due date on my Mom's Birthday. You weighed 7.4 3/4 and were 191/2 inches long. We didn't name you for days. All the hospital bills later came to the house with Baby Girl P written on them. This is because your Mom can't make decisions. The two names were Caitlyn Elise and Alexis Marie.The nurses taped bows to your head. So did I the first year of your life.You were a happy baby. Except when you had to sleep in your own bed. Then you would cry until you threw up. This went on for the first three years of your life.You talked early. Walked at 11 months. I dressed you every day as if you were having your portrait done.When you went to Nursery School I wrote down what outfit and what color bow that you wore. This is so that you wouldn't wear the same thing twice.You always volunteered me for everything. I was the field trip Mom and the Helper Mom the first three years of your schooling.You used to slip a pillow under my arm if I was trying to get you to take a nap with me and slide down silently off of the bed. I'd wait until your feet hit the floor and open my eyes. You were 2. 
You asked me where babies came from when you were 5. 
You hid our new Kitten in your play Kitchen because you thought she was bad.
When Dr. M. layed you on my belly he said 
"Congratulations, your life has just changed forever"
Thank God. I can't imagine life without you.
Happy Birthday Alexis Marie

I Ovulated?

Well according to FF I ovulated on the day of my scan.
The tech did say when she looked at my lining that I was going to ovulated very soon
I just didnt think very ment that day! 
I hope there were enough swimmers hanging out in there from the day before
because I totally had no clue it would of happened that night.
Well I guess this means I am 3dpo today?!
Yay?! I guess?! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Absolutely Perfect

Words Straight from the Dr.s Mouth!
Speaking about my follicles of course! 
He said I have 4 good looking follicles 
2 that are absolutely perfect! 
I like those words!
Then he said 
Welp..You better get to doin it. 
I just love him! 
I said 
You got it Doc! 


Smiles all smiles right here! :D

"What If"

Ahhh! I can't get my follies out of my head!! 
and having the pictures isn't helping!
Okay this is what is running through my mind
CD 11 
I had a 18, 16,16,16
& according to my friend Google, they grow 1 to 2 mm a day...
so for fun lets say they grew 2!
CD 13 (today) 
I should have a 22,20,20,20
Or..what if the original 18 only grew 1mm a day but the 16's grew 2! 
then I would be at 20,20,20,20
Now...(are you still following or did I confuse everyone?)
"What If" the only one ruptures and the other 3 don't?
"What If" they all rupture at the same time?
just two? or three?
this is a lot to think about! 
I know you will all be shocked to hear that I still have not received a call from my Dr.! 
but doesn't matter..I am not going to skip trying this cycle! 
I have been temping and poas (opk) everyday!
last month I got my positive opk on CD15
Holy Molyyyy
I am excited! I really really really hope we catch an egg! or 2 or 3 or 4!!! 

What do you guys think? 
will they all rupture? or just one? or two? or three? 
This is going to be the longest 2 week wait E.V.E.R!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lucky Number 4

F.O.U.R! I have 4 dominate follicles! 2 on each side!
We had a new ultrasound tech..
she was quiet, I had to keep asking her question after question
and her answers were vague
Here is what I got from her
On CD 11
My lining is a 3..she said this is because ovulation should be occurring very soon 
I have 2 dominate follicles on my right ovary..
One messuring 18 one 16..
a total of 19 follicles on the right 
It was like pulling teeth to get that info out of her! 
 The left...
also 2 dominate follicles.. both around 16! 
total of 15 follicles on the left
I was not happy with her at all, 
she was very nice, just not informative! 
She asked me what the protocal for my Dr. office was
I said well last month I called twice and a week and a half later I got a call back! 
She looked startled and said, let me speak with the Dr. before you leave
10 long minutes later she came in and said 
Well we cant really give you medical advice on what to do, but you do have 
4 Dominate Follicles (she said it with seriousness)

So I will fax the results over and hopefully they will call you tomorrow and advise you on what to do!

holy moly guys. 

I don't know what to think! 
Last month I had only 1 O.N.E big follie and it was a 17 
Now I have 4!
So what do you guys think the Dr. will say? Should I be expecting him to say don't do it this month? 

Cause to be honest If he says that I may just choose not to listen!

Look at my beautiful Giant follies!

Scott getting comfy in the Dr. chair

waiting for the nurse to come in!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We told our friends...

 We had a blast this weekend! 
just being around all of our friends 
I will admit I have been a little hermit crabbish lately
I relized last night what I have been hiding from.. the talk. 
Now that we filled our friends in on our medicated baby making, 
its all they talk about! Our one friend said to the group last night
"they havent been coming around because 
all they do is try and make a baby all day and night!"
then another started the conversation on how we should save Scott's little swimmers
in a cup and then use a turkey baster to shoot them in! 
and of course we got all the tips on how to and not to "do it"
in order to conceive. 
Despite all the talk that made me red in the face I had a great time!
& I feel a little bit of relief
Its always nice to have the added support!
but now they know that we are not trying to not be social or hang out on purpose 
we just have a lot going on right now. 

Our ultrasound is this Tuesday and I am super excited to see how big my follies are! 
I cant even wait! 
I had quite a few painful twinges last night a couple today 
I hope they are big!

Here are the photos from Saturday night

Shannon smelling the sushi

Mike and his sushi boat
Carter Cash

Josh with Billy & Bo
Justin & Shannon!~ They are getting married 5-19-12
Josh & Elizabeth (Carter's Mom & Dad)


Scott teaching Justin how to use his chopsticks!
It was fun to get out! Tonight we are relaxing and watching some movies! 

Come on Tuesday...