Friday, January 20, 2012

I Ovulated?

Well according to FF I ovulated on the day of my scan.
The tech did say when she looked at my lining that I was going to ovulated very soon
I just didnt think very ment that day! 
I hope there were enough swimmers hanging out in there from the day before
because I totally had no clue it would of happened that night.
Well I guess this means I am 3dpo today?!
Yay?! I guess?! 


  1. Your temps are a little wonky, so it's hard to tell for sure, but hoping and praying that that's a real O for you! And if it is you guys had perfect timing! Good luck with those high temps over the next few days!

  2. They do look crazy don't they?! that was the first thing I thought! I am going to check my opk for the next few days just to make sure, and of course keep temping!