Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CD5...Feeling the Heat!

Well hello round 3 you are making me Hot
In more ways than one. 
1st off I woke up around 3 am drenched in sweat! I jumped up ripped off my clothes like I was on fire and headed to the kitchen for some ice water! 
My dry mouth this round is ridiculous! 
 I took the great advice from fellow bloggers to take my clomid at night~ 
Thank God. I did. 
Last night around 10 when I took the 3 tiny pills I was fine for about 20 minutes 
than BAM
I felt drunk! it was so weird! 
Scott came out of the kitchen and said Woah Babe you look Wasted! 
"haha" I said "I feel grrreat" 
This feeling didnt last to long maybe about 30 minutes? maybe longer who knows? 
I was kind of out of it! 
Now the Other kind of HEAT I am feeling has to do with 
the heat between the sheets! 
It started yesterday. 
I dunno it was kind of just all the sudden...
I am just all hot and bothered! 
Thank you drugs. 
I hope this keeps up for the next couple weeks!

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