Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trust your Gut!

1-20-12 Positive OPK
Well Well..Look who's chart was WRONG! 
I knew it! I just did! when I woke up and entered my temp and the 17th turned green my stomach sank
I thought omgosh seriously?! 2 absolutely perfect follies burst that day?! NO WAY! 
When I read Jessica  's comment about my temps looking a little wonky 
it sealed the deal! something wasn't right with this chart! it was all over the place 
(thank god she commented or I think I would have gone on 
believing the chart was right!) 
Yesterday was my Birthday! YAY! My mom did a really cute guest post about my birth if you have time you should read it! (Here)
Anyways last night Scott and I were cuddled up watching movies as the Ice storm hit our area bad! 
I kept getting these twinges of pain in my left, then my right ovary area, and then like a switch 
something in my head said go POAS! (well in a cup its easier)
So I did..(right in the middle of the movie) I set the timer and sat and stared at the flashing test
then exactly 3 minutes and 7 seconds later
popped up on the screen! 
I ran into the living room so fast I almost slipped 
(fresh socks and a newly mopped wood floor) 
I said BABE! LOOK! 
(I think he was a little into the movie) 
HUH? what the hell do you mean am I pregnant NO Not YET! 
This is the OPK! I am OVULATING! 
OH! He says, SO? 
I have never seen this man move so fast in his life!
So now we dtd one more time today 
and then the waiting game begins! 
Come on little spermy find those eggs! 
(I am hoping more than one is floating around in there!) 
Here are a few picture from my birthday week and day :) 

Cheesecake factory! Before lunch and after lunch!!! 


  1. Glad to help! I did the exact same thing with this pregnancy cycle FF thought I ovulated and I was like hmmm....not feeling it FF, sure enough about a week later my REAL O showed up and the chart looked MUCH better. Thank god you trusted your gut! Good luck!!!!

    1. What the heck FF! trying to mess us up! good thing we are smarter than her! lol! Thank you for the Luck!

  2. Wishing you lots and lots of luck this month! ALWAYS trust your gut! I loved the pictures, and I'm about to hop over to check out your momma's blog :) Happy Weekend! And happy baby makin lovin'!



  3. haha!! I am sure your hubby was so ready to start the baby making lol!! How exciting, lady! I hope this was it!!

    Happy {late} Birthday!!!

    1. I love how he always seems so surprised when this time arrives! lol! too funny! Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!!

  4. hi alexis! :) i just came over to your blog, finally! i've been meaning to for awhile now. you and your husband are such a cute couple and make such a great team - i can tell from all the posts i've just read.
    i'm so sorry to read of your losses. it looks like you and i have been in this quest for about the same amount of time.
    your photos are gorgeous. the ones on the beach - amazing!!

    i literally just LOL at your comment to your husband "what? what in the hell do you mean am i pregnant?!" ohh, i tell ya, i think so many of us women in this journey could write a book. that happened to me before with my husband. i bring him the opk with the smiley...he KNOWS we are in the "trying stage" and he asks if i'm pregnat! WT*! NO!! hahaha
    thank you for the laugh.
    i'm sending over SO much luck and positive happy vibes! 150 mg of clomid.woo wee, i remember how that felt. it makes you feel like you're gonna pop out some monster eggs, right?!

    have a wonderful day!!!

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you so much for your kind compliments! I love your blog! and I am thrilled to have you as a follower! this Journey is so much easier when you can share experiences with others! Creating this blog was one of the best things I have done, it has helped me smile more and rid those feelings of being the "only one"!
      I love that you LOL at the comment Scott made! Our men are just too funny sometimes!
      & Holy Moly that round of clomid did have me walking around feeling like I was going to pop! jeans were out of the picture for a while for sure!

      YaY! So happy your following!

      Happy Tuesday!

  5. ohhh, and a belated very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! <3
    the cheesecake factory is sooo good <3