Friday, January 20, 2012

It's My Birthday! Guest Post from my Momma!

Hello Everyone!
My name is Michele and I am guest blogging today for Alexis' Birthday!

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The biggest and greatest achievement in my life was giving birth to Alexis 26 years ago today. I can only hope that all of you get to experience the love, laughter and complete joy that I have experienced being her Mother.
I am right here beside her when ever she feels she may need me on this sometimes painful journey. We put on mascara until we feel better, shop when things aren't going right and sometimes I even help her curse at the phone. I mean come on Dr.W, a Girl (and her anxiety ridden Mother) can only take so much!
I also love to read your blogs. Keep faith in your hearts, stay positive (sorry I have all but banned that word lol) I know that in the end all of you will have your miracles.
After all, my own infertility struggle. I had mine 26 years ago..
These are a few of the random things that I wrote down for her this morning that she has given me permission to share with you...

My Alexis,
Little tidbits of your life.
I never had an ultrasound through my whole pregnancy. I was sooo happy to be pregnant I was in maternity shirts at 3 months. Maternity shirts were tents with bows back then. I never had morning sickness. I made your Dad take me to Friendlys for ice cream at least twice a week. I would get mint chocolate chip or orange sherbert. I craved Zero bars. I hadn't had them since I was a child.
Your name for the entire 9 months I was pregnant was Alexander Joseph. This is because a nurse told me after listening to your heartbeat with a stethoscope that you had the heartbeat of a boy. I packed a boys outfit in my suitcase for the Hospital. At the last minute I threw in a pink sleeper "just in case"
We went to Grandma's house the night before you were born. There was a heavy snow falling. I told Grandma I didn't feel well. She said I think you are going into labor. It took several hours and my contractions being 2 minutes apart that we decided this was it.We drove in the snow to the Hospital. There were two channels and no cable. Your Dad went home while I was in labor with you to change his shoes because his feet hurt. The Nurse came in as I was crying in pain and asked where my Husband was. I told her and she stared at me in disbelief. You are NOT to be left alone. Ummm ok.
I still thought you were a boy until I pushed you out.They lay you on my stomach and I thought ohhhhhhhh aren't they going to bathe her first? You were born on your due date on my Mom's Birthday. You weighed 7.4 3/4 and were 191/2 inches long. We didn't name you for days. All the hospital bills later came to the house with Baby Girl P written on them. This is because your Mom can't make decisions. The two names were Caitlyn Elise and Alexis Marie.The nurses taped bows to your head. So did I the first year of your life.You were a happy baby. Except when you had to sleep in your own bed. Then you would cry until you threw up. This went on for the first three years of your life.You talked early. Walked at 11 months. I dressed you every day as if you were having your portrait done.When you went to Nursery School I wrote down what outfit and what color bow that you wore. This is so that you wouldn't wear the same thing twice.You always volunteered me for everything. I was the field trip Mom and the Helper Mom the first three years of your schooling.You used to slip a pillow under my arm if I was trying to get you to take a nap with me and slide down silently off of the bed. I'd wait until your feet hit the floor and open my eyes. You were 2. 
You asked me where babies came from when you were 5. 
You hid our new Kitten in your play Kitchen because you thought she was bad.
When Dr. M. layed you on my belly he said 
"Congratulations, your life has just changed forever"
Thank God. I can't imagine life without you.
Happy Birthday Alexis Marie


  1. This post totally totally warmed my heart and gave me so much hope for my future. For all of our futures! I love it... I would love my mom to write a guest post too - what a wonderful idea!? Happy Birthday. I hope 2012 sees all your dreams come true. :-)