Sunday, January 15, 2012

We told our friends...

 We had a blast this weekend! 
just being around all of our friends 
I will admit I have been a little hermit crabbish lately
I relized last night what I have been hiding from.. the talk. 
Now that we filled our friends in on our medicated baby making, 
its all they talk about! Our one friend said to the group last night
"they havent been coming around because 
all they do is try and make a baby all day and night!"
then another started the conversation on how we should save Scott's little swimmers
in a cup and then use a turkey baster to shoot them in! 
and of course we got all the tips on how to and not to "do it"
in order to conceive. 
Despite all the talk that made me red in the face I had a great time!
& I feel a little bit of relief
Its always nice to have the added support!
but now they know that we are not trying to not be social or hang out on purpose 
we just have a lot going on right now. 

Our ultrasound is this Tuesday and I am super excited to see how big my follies are! 
I cant even wait! 
I had quite a few painful twinges last night a couple today 
I hope they are big!

Here are the photos from Saturday night

Shannon smelling the sushi

Mike and his sushi boat
Carter Cash

Josh with Billy & Bo
Justin & Shannon!~ They are getting married 5-19-12
Josh & Elizabeth (Carter's Mom & Dad)


Scott teaching Justin how to use his chopsticks!
It was fun to get out! Tonight we are relaxing and watching some movies! 

Come on Tuesday...


  1. Fingers crossed this is THE cycle! So excited for you!!!

  2. So glad you have the support of your friends =) It makes a world of a difference, doesn't it? Good luck at your follie check today. I can't wait for an update!

  3. Thank you both! I am getting ready to update now!! ;D

  4. Looks and sounds like such a fun time with friends!