Thursday, January 30, 2014

Droppin' Eggs

Say what?!
For real!?

I couldn't believe my eyes! 
Again, I am ovulating on my own! 
we will see what happens! 

Guess we will soon be in the two week wait! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

That's One Big Baby You Got There!

How cute is this little guy?! 
15 pounds and 2 ounces & 2 feet of cuteness!
I am still searching google for a picture of his 
5 foot 1 inch mother..... 
P.s. Google Biggest Baby it will leave you 
shell shocked for hours!

In other news 
Awkward Family Photos are popping up all over 
the internet.. Some I've seen a million times 
Some I wish I could unsee and some that just
make you say "what the f*^# were they thinking?!" 
Prime examples below... 

Some where over the rainbow...
I see nothing but Therapy, years and years of therapy!

This is awesome.. 
I wonder how many shots of tequila they did before 
deciding this was a good idea! 
I also wonder who in the hell took this picture?

I just cant. 
no words. 

& My favorite for the week....
I had to look at this one for a few minutes.
They kind of resemble a beautiful flower..
and then you realize its people! 
Props to them on their form though! 

I hear it's snowing in Florida! %-0
Stay warm where ever you are! 

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend Lovelies! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back to Clomid?!

My blood work date is finally set! 
Tuesday the 28th! 
Dr.D (our new Dr.) 
spent some time looking through our history 
and based on the results from the tests 
he is running said he would like to put me 
back on clomid.. 
I am cool with that! 
I mean I responded WAY better to 
clomid than Femara.. 
in the beginning at least... 
My 6th clomid cycle resulted in 
no response. 
But Dr. D seems to think 
that with the amount of time it's been 
since I have done a medicated cycle
and the amount of weight I recently lost 
Clomid will be a good starting point. 

Ask me if I am sick of doing the same 
things over and over and getting the same results
and I will tell you 

But at this point IVF is out of the question. 
I am just not in the mindset that it will work. 
for $11,000.00 I would like a guarantee. 
& since I know that is not possible
I am not ready to move to IVF. 

There are some good things about this upcoming cycle. 
1. I have ovulated on my own 2 months in a row. 
2. I have lost 17 pounds
3. Scott and I have both kept up with our prenatal health supplements 
4. I have been eating clean and exercising 
5. It's been a constant blizzard in Ohio  
(& you know what they say about blizzards) 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Being Strong

I love this quote...
It is so true in every way, shape and form!

Strength was never something I ever thought 
I had much of, I mean yes I was strong 
but I never thought about how strong. 
Until I got pushed down time and time again. 
I still to this day look back on those moments
and sit in pure amazement that I made it through. 
Remembering every painful memory of each situation. 
the fear in my mind...Asking myself
how in the hell I would ever get through it?! 
But I never once gave up. . .
I turned my emotional fear into strength. 
I pulled it together and made it through.. 

"You never know how strong you are
Until being strong is the only choice you have."
-Bob Marley  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What were they thinking!?

As of recently our morning routine 
changed a little, I now get up and 
work out while watching the news...
Holy S&!*
What is the hell were they thinking?!

We'll start with my favorite.. 

Man Sues His Wife for Giving Birth To Ugly Baby...
UH?! What?!
Mr. Feng divorced then sued his ex-wife 
accusing her of infidelity...he stated
that he was sure she had cheated on him because he could 
never be the father of such an ugly child... 
DNA tests proved he was in fact the father of 
the ugly child...All three of them to be exact. 
Just wait it gets better!
The court ruled in his favor
forcing her to pay him $120,000.00
The woman apparently underwent plastic surgery 
before she met him and neglected to tell him she was 
truly an ugly duckling before they married! 
 crazy business I tell ya just crazy! 

Next up..

Burglar Falls Asleep During Attempted Escape
Okay so not only did this guy fall asleep on the job
He decided to take his snooze at the foot of 
the home owners bed!
When the home owner awoke he chased the man 
out of the house. Please later picked 
the man up and took him to Jail.. 
Hope Santa brings this dude a case 
of 5 hour energy's with his lump of coal! 

Woman Eats Enormous Steak in under 3 minutes! 
72oz of steak in 2 minutes 48 seconds!
She calls it a "Stupid Human Trick" 
meaning she does this often...
She must be the size of a house you say?
Nope she weighs in at a whopping 120! 
Here is the video...
Warning: It's actually quite disturbing! 

And that's all for today! 
Hope you got a good laugh out of some of these 
not so brilliant humans...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Making it up...

I always hate the common
"I'm sorry I've been such a horrible blogger"
opening statement....
Just because you took a break, or lost track of time
or got super duper busy!
doesn't make you a bad blogger. 
It makes you human. 
as for me well I'm
A very busy human!
This busy human has A LOT of pictures to share
so make your self a cup of tea or a vodka martini and 
come along with me on a journey through the last 
couple of months! 

 This has taken up the majority of my time!
 we put a VIP SUITE in one of our bowling centers..
There was a lot of blood sweat and tears poured into this room...
But on opening night it was clear that we all nailed it! 
I created the logo after months of narrowing down a name
I think we were all so releaved the day after our grand opening!
We have had countless parties already and even more booked
up all the way to May! :)

and now on to some randoms that you may or may not
have seen depending on if you follow me on IG
I am picking some of my favorites from Sept-till now!

a fall sky that looks like a painting

road trips to hiking trails while the weather is still decent
beautiful fall evenings

Dave and Busters fun with friends

Pink skys to lead us into the winter

the first freeze we got them matching sweaters
Waffles thought she was paralized
and Scrap cat... well she army crawled around
until we took it off! 

Scott and I both participated in Art in the Alley
The event was to show people how
you create your merchandise
in his case, Art work using multiple mediums
and in mine creating custom headbands

The show was slow, we only sold a few pieces
but spending the day in that alley doing what we
loved with each other was a day I will never forget.

Poor Scrap cat broke her little paw while playing
on my photography props!
 Don't you worry though she is 100% back to normal
and when I say normal I mean she brings
mice and birds to the door weekly..
last week she even managed to get a live bird in the house!!

Girls night used to be Thursdays...
the guys bowled and us girls went out for
apps and brews
"Thirsty Thursday"
but after a few weeks in we had to incorporate
"Twerk it Tuesday" "Wet your Whistle Wednesday"
 "Throat punch Thursday"  oh and "F*%^& It Friday"

Christmas was amazing 
Santa came to town :) 
(Shhh don't tell anyone Santa's name is Scott)

Our First HUGE snow! :) we got 8.5 inches

Miss Mia & Me

My Jillian Leigh & Me!


More Snow!

UD Game on New Years Day!

UD Game with Dad!

Coupon'ing curling wand and healthy starts

Yoga in the morning!

Skin care is key! (especially since I'll be 28 next week!! Eeek)

There are a billion more pictures where that came from
but I will save them for another post!! :)

Nothing new in TTC land :-/
We switched Doctors and I took 3 months
off medicated cycles to lose a few pounds
and get back on my normal Metformin routine
I go for blood work soon and when we get
those results we will decide which route
to take from there! ;)

I'm Glad to be back!
Have a lovely week ladies!!