Thursday, January 16, 2014

What were they thinking!?

As of recently our morning routine 
changed a little, I now get up and 
work out while watching the news...
Holy S&!*
What is the hell were they thinking?!

We'll start with my favorite.. 

Man Sues His Wife for Giving Birth To Ugly Baby...
UH?! What?!
Mr. Feng divorced then sued his ex-wife 
accusing her of infidelity...he stated
that he was sure she had cheated on him because he could 
never be the father of such an ugly child... 
DNA tests proved he was in fact the father of 
the ugly child...All three of them to be exact. 
Just wait it gets better!
The court ruled in his favor
forcing her to pay him $120,000.00
The woman apparently underwent plastic surgery 
before she met him and neglected to tell him she was 
truly an ugly duckling before they married! 
 crazy business I tell ya just crazy! 

Next up..

Burglar Falls Asleep During Attempted Escape
Okay so not only did this guy fall asleep on the job
He decided to take his snooze at the foot of 
the home owners bed!
When the home owner awoke he chased the man 
out of the house. Please later picked 
the man up and took him to Jail.. 
Hope Santa brings this dude a case 
of 5 hour energy's with his lump of coal! 

Woman Eats Enormous Steak in under 3 minutes! 
72oz of steak in 2 minutes 48 seconds!
She calls it a "Stupid Human Trick" 
meaning she does this often...
She must be the size of a house you say?
Nope she weighs in at a whopping 120! 
Here is the video...
Warning: It's actually quite disturbing! 

And that's all for today! 
Hope you got a good laugh out of some of these 
not so brilliant humans...


  1. I got a good chuckle out of these...LOL

  2. Ha, ha. I needed a good laugh this morning, Alexis. Thanks for sharing that story…gave me a chuckle that people are so ridiculous!