Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back to Clomid?!

My blood work date is finally set! 
Tuesday the 28th! 
Dr.D (our new Dr.) 
spent some time looking through our history 
and based on the results from the tests 
he is running said he would like to put me 
back on clomid.. 
I am cool with that! 
I mean I responded WAY better to 
clomid than Femara.. 
in the beginning at least... 
My 6th clomid cycle resulted in 
no response. 
But Dr. D seems to think 
that with the amount of time it's been 
since I have done a medicated cycle
and the amount of weight I recently lost 
Clomid will be a good starting point. 

Ask me if I am sick of doing the same 
things over and over and getting the same results
and I will tell you 

But at this point IVF is out of the question. 
I am just not in the mindset that it will work. 
for $11,000.00 I would like a guarantee. 
& since I know that is not possible
I am not ready to move to IVF. 

There are some good things about this upcoming cycle. 
1. I have ovulated on my own 2 months in a row. 
2. I have lost 17 pounds
3. Scott and I have both kept up with our prenatal health supplements 
4. I have been eating clean and exercising 
5. It's been a constant blizzard in Ohio  
(& you know what they say about blizzards) 


  1. I'm sure you are just excited to get started again. Looks like you have done so many things to improve your chances and hopefully you will have a great response. So many people jump right into ivf when it is really needed anyway and it does cost SO much money without a guarantee. Wishing you the best of luck!

  2. Glad the plan is coming together! Great job on the weightloss!

  3. So glad there's a plan! Excited for you!!

  4. Best of luck on your medicated cycle!

  5. Plans always make it easier for me :) that way you know semi what to expect...maybe a blizzard '13?!?