Thursday, October 24, 2013


Please take a moment and pray for Holly and her family!
They need our support and they need all the prayers they can get. 

Aunt Flow finally arrived! 
This is by far the worst period I have ever had 
in my life! I'm on CD6 with no sight of her leaving town!
I missed a day of work and Wednesday when I went back I was in tears
by the time I arrived! I tried all the over the counter cramp meds
and large doses of IB profin and nothing seems to ease the pain
but my hot Jacuzzi bath!
Hopefully it will be over soon and I can 
start to feel back to normal!
I am doing good at working towards my goal 
of losing 10% of my body weight, the adipex is helping
and I am down about 10 pounds! 
The only downside to the meds is the insane amount 
of energy! I guess sometimes it's a good thing 
but if I take it to late in the day it makes my night 
a bit frantic! As long as its working I will keep taking it! 
My follow up with Dr. D is in two weeks! 
I am excited to see him again and for him to see my progress! 
While in the wait of cycling again we have been busy!
We listed our house! Then took it down!
lol...It was a bit stressful and when we sat down
and talked about our reasons for moving they just weren't
good enough to be putting ourselves through the headache of it all.
So for now we will stay at our house on the hill.
(the tree is no longer there, it was dead and cracking our driveway!)

Work for both of us has been busy!
Scott is busy with his design business and he picked up a side
job detailing cars a few days a week. It's actually great extra income!
I have been busy with work as my dads executive assistant!
We have been working hard all summer on a new VIP area in
one of our bowling centers! It's just about finished! I think we are
all about ready for it to be done and the groups to begin enjoying
all the blood sweat and tears that have been put into that place!
My mom and I have noticed an increase in sales at
Little Miss Millie's Boutique! We recently
signed a contract to put a few of our items in a small Boutique downtown
So that was super exciting!
& then my photography business!
Whew.. I'm tired just from typing everything out that is going on!
My photography business is based mainly off word of mouth.
I don't promote it, I don't try and sell it.
They just come to me and I like that!
Photography is something I enjoy doing,
But I couldn't do it for a living! The editing takes hours
and I enjoy myself while doing it. But I do it moderation
and that is why I like it!
My most recent shoot was a friend of a friends son
He is ADorable!
I will be doing his 3,6,9, and 12 month pictures
here is a peek from his shoot
if you are ever bored and want to look at my photos
you can view my website here

Wishing everyone a lovely week!
I'll be sure to update right after my next appointment with
Dr. D!!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dr. D..The Best Doctor in the Sea!

our new Dr.! 
Dr. D was absolutely AHmazing! 
He said so much I hope I can remember it all!
1st off.. the biggest question answered.. 
He asked my history and I whipped out my binder
When I got to our last pregnancy he said okay and 
you were on progesterone the full 12 weeks?
NOPE...was stopped after the first beta!
He was baffled! 
basically he said this.. 
woman with pcos tend to ovulate later, 
when you ovulate later that soft fertile ground 
is on it's way out, progesterone will keep that 
ground soft and ready for the egg to implant for the long run. 
When they stopped my progesterone it stopped my 
ground from continuing to be a comfy resting place for our 
tiny baby. He said that he always ALWAYS uses
progesterone in the first trimester it can't hurt and can only help! 
He said that when I was pregnant last time and they did 2 HCG tests
then stopped that was mistake number 2... 
never ever go off 2 hcg tests! 
He said he is ready to help me and that he 
has full faith that we can get me pregnant 
and deliver a healthy baby. 
The day I find out I am pregnant I get 
his personal cell number and can text or call him 
any time day or night, if I feel like I need an ultrasound 
for reassurance or whatever the case maybe 
to just call/text him. He stated that by week 9 
I will have already seen him 3 times at least!
Pregnancy is important to him. 
He has a true passion for bringing healthy babies 
into the world. 
He gave me a script of provera to bring AF to town. 
We are meeting again in a month 
and in the mean time I have homework! 
he gave me a script for adipex 
and a whole case of prenatal.
He would like me to work on losing 10% of my body 
weight and start making my "grounds" fertile. 
When we meet again he will do a panel of tests 
my LH my FSH and more that I can't remember. 
Then we will go from there. 
He is thinking we may try clomid again, paired with progesterone 
for at least 14 weeks into a pregnancy. 
and also continuing the Metformin....
I feel so much more confident with him on our team! 
crossing my fingers Dr. D  was our missing puzzle piece 
that we just found!