Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cupcake(d out)

 Well here they are...Far less than Friday nights batch but still lots of work :) fun work though!

What I did: Prepped and cleaned my work space, filled trays with cupcake foils, mixed the batter, popped in the oven set timer and began mixing icing colors. Filled the wannabe icing bags while cc were cooling. Started with the mummies because I was most excited to try those! The tip burst thru the bag (twice)...moved on to the pumpkins..then to the spider webs where the dark icing dried so quickly it was hard to drag my tooth pick to get the right effect...replaced bag and tip for mummies, bag burst on last time, moved onto ghosts. Finished with placing the green on the pumpkins and topping off with sprinkles...

What I will do different next time: Buy real icing bags! and metal tips instead of cheap-o plastic ones.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Cooker, A Baker, A...Nope I haven't started making Candlesticks!

 A Cooker, A Baker, A...Nope I haven't started making Candlesticks! Allthough I am going to look into that because candles these days are so expensive!
Here in the past few weeks I have been a bit of a homebody. Well who am I kidding I am always a homebody! give me a blanket a couch and some form of internet access and I am good to go! I recently decided to do something with my time while the DH is at work. Last week I was going to be a "cooker"  but if you read my chicken post,  you will see how it was almost a catastrophe! Its okay I will try again! This weekend I decided to be a baker! Scott is the Director of a Youth Bowling Program on Saturday mornings, This week was their Halloween Party in which I supplied the cupcakes! I made a total of 106! Let me tell you...that is A LOT for a first time baker! now I have made brownines and cakes before for us or for family but this was the first time I had to make a large quanity of baked goods for people I dont know! Its kind of nerve racking, but yet exciting! I started out by cleaning the whole kitchen and disinfecting everything. Then of course I had to stack everything all nice and neat to get a quick photo of my products, after that I pre
Ready. Set. Bake. 
measured everything for the six boxes of cake that I would be mixing (its so much easier when you prepare first, and less of a mess later) then I began mixing and pouring and baking-repeat(x)6 after all 105 cupcakes were finished they sat out to cool while I kicked my feet up on the couch while I cleaned the kitchen again...including the mixer, putting everything away like I was done for the evening. NOT. Forgot about the icing! was all fun until I remembered I had to ice all 105 cupcakes that I had just been staring at for 2 hours. Scott got home just in time to help me, Being the sweet husband he is, he brought Starbucks! one swig of that put a little pep back in my baking step! So onto icing it was! the minutes turned into hours and by the time I had finished the last one it was 2:30AM! (Mind you we had to be at the bowling center at 8AM) tired we covered the sweet treats and zombie walked back to bed..It felt like we had just closed our eyes when the alarm went off, but up and out the door we were all cupcakes in tow. After the party, we ended up with 5 cupcakes left, which is pretty good considering I had a little freak out moment last night thinking that we weren't going to have enough! Below are the pictures of the procces and final product! Enjoy
♥ my KitchenAid
Just a spoon full or two or three

Time to cool

Perfectly Plump

Make the color just right

Happy Halloween! 

P.S. Last night while lying in bed about to fall asleep, DH rolls over and says, babe...
I signed up to bring cupcakes to work on Monday...
Looks like I will be doing this all over again on Sunday! %-) 

& yes I know the children's story title is a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker...but I have no desire to become a butcher and I simply do not even like the word...So rewritten by me is the story of a cooker, a baker, and not yet but soon to be a candlestick maker! ♥ 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chicken for weeks...

Chicken for 2?
Mmmmm! Yummy! Definitely not a meal for two...Here's what happened...


After a long day of work I rush home to get ready for my friend Jen's Birthday Dinner at Chappy's a local Tap Room. I get home rush around like a chicken with my head cut off (haha) to make it in time for the start of the dinner~ completely forgetting that earlier in the day I had made a trip to Sams (3pm) for work and grabbed a 15 pound bag of chicken...I had a friend pick me up around 6 and returned home at 10...still clueless that the $22.00 bag of chicken was thawing away in my truck sitting out in my driveway! At about 10:15pm I decided to go grab my laptop bag from the truck in the pouring rain, when I spot the and juicy all thawed and ready to be cooked! I almost cried! I grabbed the bag slammed the door and bolted up the stairs trying not to cry about my 15 pounds of chicken is ruined!! I got out 3 pans preparing to have to bake all of the chicken but lucky for me only the bottom half of the bag was completely thawed and ready to be cooked, the top still frozen solid like rocks, thankfully keeping the bottom pieces cold! In the picture above the pieces in the green bucket were able to be saved and stored in the freezer, the two pans or 14 pieces had to be cooked! not exactly what I had planned for the night but hey at least I didn't discover this mess in the morning!

My Tap Room Outfit 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Slimming down ↓ to Plump up ↑

A few months back I needed something to assist me in shedding some "emotional pounds" gained after our last miscarriage. I tried weight watchers which I loved but soon got super hard to stick to. With a crazy schedule and not having time to prepare the meals I needed to be eating, so I fell off the wagon. A friend of mine (who is also ttc) noticed my weight gain as she too had packed on a few. She said that her Dr. told her that if she lost a measly 15 pounds she would have a greater chance of becoming pregnant. She was prescribed adipex. I was skeptical at first because of all the "bad reviews" I read all over google {damn that Google} As I researched more I found that if taken for a short amount of time, it causes no harm and puts you on the right track of eating only when you needed to and making healthier choices.

 So I decided I should try and shed about 20 pounds. Maybe it would help me in my efforts to conceive?
 With a little fear and a lot of hope, I went to the Dr. and got the prescription. With in the first month I had lost 14 pounds! I was ecstatic! Month two I was down 11! I decided to stay on for one more month seeing as how I surpassed my goal and wanted to go farther Month 3 I was down 5 more! I had dropped a total of 30 pounds in 3 months! At my last appointment I was pretty upset about only losing 5, I figured my body had, had enough of this foreign drug and my habits had improved and stomach had shrank. It was time to say good bye to the little pill and do it all on my own. Below are the photos of my Success 

What I am doing now...

(On the ttc wagon full force, hoping that being 30 pounds lighter will help me in my journey to conceive) 

  • Indulge in healthy foods: Fruits, Veggies, Protein, Wheat, Dairy
         A few of my favorites: Banana's, apples, kiwi, blueberries, blackberries, grapes & pineapple

         Broccoli, green beans, mixed steamed veggie bags with water chestnuts, spinach, sweet potato's, avocados, celery & lettuce
        wheat bagel thins, wraps, oat nut  bread, wheat pasta
         Chicken, eggs, turkey burgers 
         Yogurt, string cheese, shredded 2% cheese 
        Favorite Meals-Mushroom & Cheese Quiche MmMm...Chicken salads-sometimes salsa and cheese sometimes hot sauce and ranch sometimes fruite and nuts, I like to switch it up. wheat pasta with steamed veggie mix, yogert with granola, veggie omletes, guacamole and celery, 4 bean chili 
Favorite "Derailed" Days include 
mashed potato! lasagna (which can be made very healthy or not so healthy, i enjoy both) 
Fried Fish, chicken nuggets, & nachos (the super duper bad way) 

  • Sleep- Should have been my middle name! I am a sleeper! I love sleep! I need my naps! which makes it hard to "move more" anyways I get plenty of it! Sleep is gOoOod! 

  • Support- You always, always, always, need a support team or person! if you don't have one there are thousands of websites and blogs! make new friends that have a healthy impact on your life! 

  • Andrew Johnsons Lose Weight & Get Fit Apps LOVE! love love these apps! I listen to them when I take a nap or when I am going to bed at night that is if I make it through the stop smoking app for Scott! 

  • The Firm- This is a hard one, The Amazing...but tiring! and some days I just flat out don't want to do it! so I don't :) What I try to do instead is this: Crunches, push ups, squats, dumbell curls, kick backs, dumbell rows, and some sort of cardio...Check out "The Daily Burn" app its got great simple workouts you can do in 10 minutes like what I have listed above. 

  • No alcohol :( all...

  • Sleep! oh wait I already said sleep! ha! I love it! 

Now all of this makes it seem like I am a strict, healthy, always active person. Which I do try as hard as I can to be, but we all have those days, you know the comfort days, or salt days I like to call them. I would take a salty pretzel stick over a chocolate bar any day! my point is if you set these guidelines for yourself, it will do just that, guide you. If you have a day where you fall off track you pick back up the next day and keep going toward you goal! Mine being the most Healthy & Active Woman I can be...keeping a clean vessel for my future child bearing days {hehe} I like that term...I use it a lot now.. I always tell Scott...get that smoke away from me I am trying to keep my vessel clean! 

...How do I convince my husband who has smoked for 15 years to quit!?!? I'm still working on it.....
Post coming soon! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jillian Leigh & Mia Marie ♥

Relaxing at Dicks
baby Mia Marie
& Jillian Leigh ♥
 Jillian is my cousin, 
but more like my sister...
& Mia is Jillian's daughter
This is me & Jillian making the best
   of dicks sporting goods ♥

The Proposal~
Jillian moved in with my husband and I while we were in college she lived with us for about 3 months before joining the Air Force and moving across the country, it was so hard when she left. Not being able to pick up the phone and say meet me here or I am on my way over. I traveled out frequently after that to visit her, while stationed in Colorado she met her husband Josh. I flew out for the proposal and to "check him out" making sure this man would be right for her..{evil laughing} he was fabulous! they married a few short months later and not long after that baby Mia was ready to enter the world! She was due I believe on December 18th, but what baby is born on their due date? {Me! I was!}So in November I printed out every flight flying out of Ohio to Colorado and had a small "airport" bag in my trunk, just in case I  got the call that Mia was coming early! The first week of December I decided if I hadn't already left I was leaving for sure on the 14th booking a one way ticket and staying until the baby was born.  Here is where the story gets funny I promise keep reading! Now up until the hour I left I had talked to just about every member in the family who all proceeded to say the same thing, "Go out there and birth that baby!" "ha okay no problem  I am on it." (This would make my 4th live birth that I would be attending, so I kinda knew what had to be done)  So late afternoon on the 14th I arrive in CO, we take it easy that night just talking and eating the night away. The next morning Jillian and I get up bright and early with plans to walk her into labor..We proceed to shop all day! and of course stop for some spicy Mexican food on the way home! Once back to her house we set up the car seat packed her bag packed the baby bag, hung up baby clothes and cleaned her room. Exhausted we decide to call it a night, I yell from the couch to her and josh that semen will help move the process along if they could take care of that, that would be great! haha! Well about 4 hours into my deep sleep I hear poor Jillian sick in the bath room, about 5 minutes later she comes out holding her belly telling me she is just having some menstrual like cramps..{rightt} She lays down on the couch tapping her foot in pain, then it stops, then it taps again, and stops.. (are you thinking what I'm thinking?) yep, I start silently tracking the foot taps which are about 3 minutes this point talking was kinda out of the question, any noise annoyed her. I called the base hospital and asked if I should bring her in, and of course they couldn't give tell me yes or no they say if you think you should bring her then do okay, by the time I get off the phone she is on her hands and knees with now obvious to her, full on contractions! 2 minutes apart! I go in to wake her husband up and tell him its time to go, poor startled josh runs to the living room and says omg are you okay!? hahah! #1 question not to ask a laboring woman! we pack up fast and are on the road, covered in ice and snow! it felt like the ride took an hour! 30 minutes to be exact with contractions now 1 minute apart! I was so nervous we were going to have to deliver Mia on the side of the road! We made it in time! rushed up to the 4th floor where they check her in, and tell us she is at 7 and will be moved to a delivery room soon. If it weren't for the rush of emergency c sections that night she would have gotten her epi a whole lot sooner. About an hour after arriving at the hospital the epi dr. comes in and is going through his long boring explanation when her water breaks! He ends up giving her a quick intrathecal and 15 minutes later its time to push! I got to hold her leg :) while Josh stood by her head, Jillian must of pushed for maybe 20 minutes total and Taaaadaa! There she was a perfect pink crying healthy baby girl    ♥

She had the fasted labor I have ever witnessed! (the 1st of my 4 live births labor lasted 26 hours...) Now this could have seemed faster because we waited so long to take her in and usually your not running to the hospital dilated to 7 and ready to push..
It was an amazing experience and I am so happy I was able to be a part of it! Thank You!

Jillian & her Baby Mia 
Jillian her husband Josh and baby Mia moved from out west to Florida in transition baby Mia came to Ohio to stay with her grandma and grandpa (& the rest of the family) while her parents prepared to move the family across the country! Below are photos of Mia some candid some posed by My Mother with Tickled Pink Photography


Friday, October 21, 2011

Planning the unplannable

Ever heard people say "You can never plan for a baby, it doesn't work that way." "You just have to do it" I think to myself Ya that's a great idea! I will just all willy-nilly get pregnant with no plan, no money saved, and no mental preparation that my life is going to change forever...Great thinking...I will try that..and then "Just have to do it" when something comes up, like hmm what formula am I going to use? and how am i going to pay for it? guess I will decide when I am at the grocery picking up some bread...haha. I know this because my first pregnancy was not planned we had been married only a few months when I found out I was pregnant and only knew for two weeks before we miscarried. After that we decided we would use better protection and wait a while until we were ready to start planning for a family. 
   Now making this list or plan as I like to call it, is a little more tricky. As a women we play a game with ourselves, it's called the "We might jinx it" game. Everything good in life we want, we don't talk about because "We might jinx it"  (can you relate?) When we first started trying I wasn't able to really talk about it. Not really at all, I didn't feel like anyone but us needed to know. They didn't need to know that we were doing the BD often and tracking my cm & monthly visits & also because I didn't want to "jinx" anything, where is that stupid word from anyway? I will have to Google that later. 
So when it came to making our list or plan for a baby I was stuck! I am a planner...but I couldnt plan..I was stuck beyond stuck, I was fearful. If I saw a darling newborn outfit at the store I would leave it hanging right where it was in fear that if I bought that one single stupid outfit it would jinx me into never having a baby.. sounds crazy right? Well then a year later during the summer we found out on our family vacation that we were pregnant, with this one I knew, we did everything we were supposed to do the month before. & something in me told me to pack test in my suitcase instead of waiting until we got home.  The morning I was supposed to start and didn't I dug that test out of the bag ran to the bathroom and peed on it, and not even 30 seconds later...pregnant popped up on the digital stick..there was no "not" in front of it, I couldn't believe my eyes..was it broken? or was it really true? the rest of the vacation was fabulous, but on the way home I started to spot, we tried progesterone and laying down with feet up and no activity at all, but the second blood test reviled my levels were dropping and I was miscarrying again. That month was really hard and we decided we would stop trying for a few months and give ourselves time to heal from the emotional ride we had just been on. So you understand now when I say the planning that I thought we would always do, was easier said than done. {GOOD NEWS BELOW ▼}
For some reason with in the past 3 months that place I was stuck in has disappeared. The fearful jinxed place has simply disappeared. I am not sure if it is because I feel like we are truly 100 percent ready or if its because I have this feeling that something really good is coming our way and the excitement has taken over the least for now! 
We are planning away, like real planning not like what nights to do the BD and taking prenatal vitamins, and charting that's all a given. 
but planning like, building a baby budgeting spread sheet that's extremely detailed all the way up to the two year point & opening a "Baby W" savings account and cleaning out the piles of clothing of mine in the spare room just so that it's ready for when we conceive. 
I hope this doesn't all sound crazy! I have read some Crazy with a capital C stories on the internet of women and hysterical pregnancy's and things like that, but this is not even the slightest bit related. I just feel like the planning is turning into preparation and maybe the planning and preparation will help us while trying to conceive more than the keeping quite because of the fear of "jinxing". & you know what, even if for some awful reason we don't conceive it doesn't mean we wont be parents. If adoption is our only hope then we will do it and we will be the most amazingly prepared parents ever!!
 I would have never ever been able to say that 3 months ago! E.v.e.r. stupid jinxing fear! I am glad its gone!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rain...& Snow...& Things...

Rain..Yuck..I would rather have Snow! when is it going to Snow? I am so ready for Snow view of our back yard ↔Me-Scott Christmas 2009           

So today is one of those bla days...not sad..but not excited..or overly happy (even though everyone keeps saying why are you in such a good mood today?)(funny I thought I was portraying a "pissy" mood) just here walking around like a zombie tired and cold ready for a hot Starbucks and warm blanket on my couch with the remote and my iPhone...(bad addiction) & a little Snow outside my window!

*Hey maybe when mother nature gets off her lazy ass and brings me my monthly gift she will bring me some snow too!! :-D *wishful thinking* 

I want to talk about Google for a minute...

Everything I Google recently pops up with the word pregnancy after this a sign?! or is this because Google knows whats on my mind?! or are there just that many other women out there looking for any sign or story of hope for them to relate to?... for instance I have had this extremely annoying eye twitching for the past month. So in Google I type constant eye twitching...I get there and it pops up with constant eye twitching in early pregnancy! now is it trying to make me crazy or is this something a lot of women Google as a pregnancy symptom?!? Speaking of symptoms...After ttc for 2 years and the loss of 2 pregnancies, any symptom that "isn't quite right" automatically pops in my head as hey maybe! no couldn't be! 10 minutes later I find my self down the street at Walgreens buying out their stock of hpt's..only to get home and debate for an hour on whether or not it would be too early to test or whether my pee would be too diluted to tell, or should I wait until the morning? or how sad will I be if I only see one line Again. Just then the little voice in my head says just put it in the closet and wait until you have actually missed you period...{opens the closet door throws the test in slams the door} and that is how the stock pile grows...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bring in the drugs...

Clomid here we come...Dr. Wood is my OB he is a fabulous Dr. he has been there through each miscarriage and through our journey to become parents. We have been discussing our option to start clomid for almost a year now.
The beginning of this month I experienced spotting about 3 days before my period was due I got excited thinking it was implantation bleeding, did all the googling a hopeful to become pregnant woman can do only to have a hcg blood test done with negative results. It kills me when I have those test's what takes them 4 days to call a person back?! for instance this last time I went on a Monday, they said we will call you Wednesday with results...Tuesday (the slowest day of my life) goes by..Wednesday I wake up and stare at the phone all morning decide to go to work and continue to stare at my phone...4:05pm i decide to call have reached the office of Dr. ----Wood our office is currently closed...SERIOUSLY! I spend the rest of the night a nervous wreck going to the bathroom every 2 seconds to see if mother nature had brought me my gift or if all was clear...only to wake up Friday to a call from a very nice but stupid nurse who says "is this Alexis?" Yes "what is your birthday?" seriously?  and you were waiting on lab results is that right?" AHHHHHH just tell me already!!!  "your hcg test was negative" GRRR what a pointless long drawn out conversation for a bad news...and what takes them 4 days to get back to me?! are they all sitting around eating their turkey sandwiches passing my file around like a hot potato saying I'm not telling her! you tell her! probably not but that's what I imagine happening. 
ANYWAYS-back on topic we are now playing the waiting game for mother nature to bring me my damn gift so I can start the clomid! here is my routine;
Andrew Johnson's pregnancy and fertility meditation app 
day 3-7 clomid (after . arrives)
day 11 ultra sound to check follicles
Fingers Crossed....

Baby Makin'

To me It's funny...I feel like you spend you younger years trying so hard to not get pregnant and you never for one second think that you will ever have to try so hard to become pregnant when you are ready..Scott and I have been trying to conceive for a little over 2 years now, we have had 2 miscarriages and about 100 negative pregnancy tests. A lot of tears and a lot of pain but at the same time a lot of hope and encouragement. I always say out loud I am not jealous of that adorable pregnant lady pushing her shopping cart..truth is I am, I cant help but see a pregnant woman and think why her..why not me? I cant wait to have that adorable little bump to dress up and rub and talk to.. I listen to friends stories of morning sickness and back pain and swollen feet and cant help but want all of that! I would take it all just to have a baby of our own. I see the teen mom's and hear the stories of the ladies at work who have a step daughter or friends daughter who gets pregnant at the age of 15 and think to myself its not fair..why can a child have a child, but I cant, why her and not me? what have we done or are we doing so horribly wrong that we cant make a healthy baby...We have taken time "off" of the process of tracking and testing to give ourselves a piece of mind and regain strength and I have a good feeling this time, I feel like it's going to work this time, I have been having dreams for over a month now about babies, and positive pregnancy tests with 2 bright pink lines, and more babies almost every night there is a baby or a test in my dream. I know it's because its on my mind so much but I hope this is our time, I know we are ready and deserving. My Fingers are crossed and prayers said every day...

Let's Make a Baby!

Easier said then done...

Our Story...

From Day One...Love was in the air
Scott & I met in college in 2005, about 2 months into our dating lives we were standing on the stairs in front of our college apartment building kissing goodnight when an old man appeared behind us and said "now that is true love" We were both a little embarrassed by his comment because we had only know each other 2 short months, but in that moment I had a rush of emotions and a feeling in my heart that this was the man I would love, marry, and spend the rest of my life with. 
About a month later he told me he loved me, and a quick year  after that he proposed. An old college picture we were such babies!                                                                                    

He popped the question on New Years Eve and the next day the planning for the Wedding of the decade began! Thank the lord I have the most talented creative mother in the world who is  a Master at planning parties!(check our her blog at We set the date for December 1st 2007, mom and I spent the whole year with everything bridal in mind, we went to expos and shops and craft store after craft store. Mom made just about everything that was at the wedding from the favors for 350 people to the menu covers, centerpieces, bouquets of flowers for 10 bridesmaids, 3 flower girls wreaths and angel wings and my fabulous crystal covered bouquet. Here is the article my mom wrote for the local newspaper: 

The enchanted wedding of Alexis  and Scott took place on December 1, 2007. 

On that magical evening they exchanged their Wedding vowels at

 Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dayton, Ohio.

As Alexis was escorted down the aisle by her Father, Joseph, she wore a glimmering Allure Couture gown. The fairytale gown was embellished with hundreds of hand applied beads and rhinestones, the bottom was French hand tucked and fell into a chapel train. On the inside of her gown were sewn pieces of her Mother, Michele , Scott's Mother, Carole and her Grandmothers Elizabeth and Phyllis's wedding gowns.  Her hair was crowned with an elegant tiara which held a cathedral length veil which was hand trimmed with hundreds of rhinestones. Alexis carried a magnificent bouquet of cream old fashioned roses, assorted miniature roses and calla lilies. It twinkled under the lights from the assorted swarovski crystals that adorned it. One of the most precious things that she carried was a rosary that her late beloved Grandfather, Richard B. had given to her Grandmother Elizabeth 
as a wedding gift in 1955.
The Cincinnati Brass Quintet accompanied by Tom Aldridge played the Angelic music that echoed through the Stained glass adorned church.
Alexis chose 10 of her most precious family and friends to serve as her attendants. Jillian, cousin of the bride, was Maid of Honor. Erin, Auriel and Lauren also cousins of the bride served as bridesmaids. Along with Lenna, the grooms sister, Colleen, Janell, Lucy, Theresa and Amanda all life time friends. The girls wore Black Velvet strapless gowns, long gloves and pearl and crystal jewelry. Each carried bouquets of over two dozen red velvet roses also scattered
 with swarovski crystals in the center of each rose.
Hannah, Alexis' cousin served as bridal attendant. She was dressed in a formal black cocktail gown and was adorned with red and cream roses on her wrist.
The flower girls that led Alexis' way down the aisle were Kailyn, cousin of the bride, Miss Sarah and Miss Jocelynn. They were enchanting in their cream gowns with pouf tulle skirting. They wore hand made marabou feather angel wings, halos of cream roses and carried floral decorated harps of gold.
Scott also chose ten of the people that meant the most in his life to stand with him. Matthew served as Best Man. Chad, Justin, Jeff, Justin, Alan, Chris, Matthew, Brandon and Matthew cousin of the Groom. They were handsomely attired in Black tie tuxes with tails.
Zachary James, Cousin of Alexis served at ring bearer. He carried their rings to the Alter on a pillow made out of  the brides Mothers dress.
Ross, brother of the groom, Joel and Kiel  served as ushers.
Matthew and Alex  passed out the programs.
After the beautiful ceremony Guests were welcomed to a cocktail party that was decorated with Christmas trees and a 4 foot tall ice sculpture vase. A trio provided the divine background music.
The doors were than opened to the Ball room for a Black tie reception for over 300 guests. The tables were decorated with up lit silver glitter branches and wreaths of red and cream roses. Ornaments of diamonds decorated the place settings along with red velvet menu covers that held engraved printed menus accented with rhinestones. Each table held a rhinestone frame that held pictures of Alexis and Scott's relatives past weddings.
The room was illuminated with white twinkle lights and Christmas trees in every corner.
After the sit down dinner the guests were served pieces of the five foot tall wedding cake that was decorated with over sixty pounds of hand made sugar roses.  Home made cookies made by Alexis' Aunts, Marguerite, Helen and Judy also her Grandmother Elizabeth were made from the recipes handed down from the brides Great Grandmother.
The guests danced the rest of the evening away to the sounds of a 17 piece orchestra before saying goodbye to the most beautiful and divine evening of Alexis and Scott's life!

Snow Bride & On our way to the...
The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives
After the wedding we moved back to Dayton where we rented a duplex close to family and saved our pennies to buy our very own home! What an adventure that was! A great Aunt of mine was our Realtor and helped us find the perfect home for us! in September of 2009 we had found the "fixer upper" home that was perfect for us in was a cute ranch up on a hill in a cute neighborhood we gathered all our information needed to begin the long process and were on our way to home ownership...or so we thought! That September in Ohio we had a terrible wind storm that put the city with out power for days, Scott and I were out for 14! 2 whole weeks with no power feels life forever! Anyways in the midst  of the storm our paper work was being filed to make this house our home, however the seller of the house had other plans. 3 days with no return phone calls or emails from him had us convinced something was wrong. It in fact was he had sold the house to a lady paying cash right out from underneath us!  I remember the day Linda called and told me that the house was no longer "ours" and that we had 30 days to find another home to keep out low interest rate locked in. what a rush of emotions that was! So the search continued, there was one house we had looked at twice that was up on-top an even bigger hill and this house was a bi-level just like the one I had grown up in  and coincidentally the same style of house Scott had grown up in. It needed a lot of work (well in my eyes) but we had no time to think about if we liked the carpet or how much wall paper we would have to tear down, we needed a house to call our home and we needed it fast! Scott and I took my parents to look at "the house on the hill" one last time before we decided it would be the one! One October 30th we signed and were handed the keys! We spent the month of November removing carpet, knocking down walls, painting, and installing wood floors below are pictures of the house before during and after! 


 Above are some after pictures! its changed a little since these photos but not much i will try and find a few more to post, we redid the whole upstairs and since then we have refinished the basement as well.
So there is our past to current in a nutshell I will save current day events for my next post...a of my favorite words on a bye note, 
Live each and every day to the fullest; do onto others as you would have them do onto you ;and have kindness in your heart (quotes I live by, taught to me by my Mother) until next time~toodaloo~