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Our Story...

From Day One...Love was in the air
Scott & I met in college in 2005, about 2 months into our dating lives we were standing on the stairs in front of our college apartment building kissing goodnight when an old man appeared behind us and said "now that is true love" We were both a little embarrassed by his comment because we had only know each other 2 short months, but in that moment I had a rush of emotions and a feeling in my heart that this was the man I would love, marry, and spend the rest of my life with. 
About a month later he told me he loved me, and a quick year  after that he proposed. An old college picture we were such babies!                                                                                    

He popped the question on New Years Eve and the next day the planning for the Wedding of the decade began! Thank the lord I have the most talented creative mother in the world who is  a Master at planning parties!(check our her blog at We set the date for December 1st 2007, mom and I spent the whole year with everything bridal in mind, we went to expos and shops and craft store after craft store. Mom made just about everything that was at the wedding from the favors for 350 people to the menu covers, centerpieces, bouquets of flowers for 10 bridesmaids, 3 flower girls wreaths and angel wings and my fabulous crystal covered bouquet. Here is the article my mom wrote for the local newspaper: 

The enchanted wedding of Alexis  and Scott took place on December 1, 2007. 

On that magical evening they exchanged their Wedding vowels at

 Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dayton, Ohio.

As Alexis was escorted down the aisle by her Father, Joseph, she wore a glimmering Allure Couture gown. The fairytale gown was embellished with hundreds of hand applied beads and rhinestones, the bottom was French hand tucked and fell into a chapel train. On the inside of her gown were sewn pieces of her Mother, Michele , Scott's Mother, Carole and her Grandmothers Elizabeth and Phyllis's wedding gowns.  Her hair was crowned with an elegant tiara which held a cathedral length veil which was hand trimmed with hundreds of rhinestones. Alexis carried a magnificent bouquet of cream old fashioned roses, assorted miniature roses and calla lilies. It twinkled under the lights from the assorted swarovski crystals that adorned it. One of the most precious things that she carried was a rosary that her late beloved Grandfather, Richard B. had given to her Grandmother Elizabeth 
as a wedding gift in 1955.
The Cincinnati Brass Quintet accompanied by Tom Aldridge played the Angelic music that echoed through the Stained glass adorned church.
Alexis chose 10 of her most precious family and friends to serve as her attendants. Jillian, cousin of the bride, was Maid of Honor. Erin, Auriel and Lauren also cousins of the bride served as bridesmaids. Along with Lenna, the grooms sister, Colleen, Janell, Lucy, Theresa and Amanda all life time friends. The girls wore Black Velvet strapless gowns, long gloves and pearl and crystal jewelry. Each carried bouquets of over two dozen red velvet roses also scattered
 with swarovski crystals in the center of each rose.
Hannah, Alexis' cousin served as bridal attendant. She was dressed in a formal black cocktail gown and was adorned with red and cream roses on her wrist.
The flower girls that led Alexis' way down the aisle were Kailyn, cousin of the bride, Miss Sarah and Miss Jocelynn. They were enchanting in their cream gowns with pouf tulle skirting. They wore hand made marabou feather angel wings, halos of cream roses and carried floral decorated harps of gold.
Scott also chose ten of the people that meant the most in his life to stand with him. Matthew served as Best Man. Chad, Justin, Jeff, Justin, Alan, Chris, Matthew, Brandon and Matthew cousin of the Groom. They were handsomely attired in Black tie tuxes with tails.
Zachary James, Cousin of Alexis served at ring bearer. He carried their rings to the Alter on a pillow made out of  the brides Mothers dress.
Ross, brother of the groom, Joel and Kiel  served as ushers.
Matthew and Alex  passed out the programs.
After the beautiful ceremony Guests were welcomed to a cocktail party that was decorated with Christmas trees and a 4 foot tall ice sculpture vase. A trio provided the divine background music.
The doors were than opened to the Ball room for a Black tie reception for over 300 guests. The tables were decorated with up lit silver glitter branches and wreaths of red and cream roses. Ornaments of diamonds decorated the place settings along with red velvet menu covers that held engraved printed menus accented with rhinestones. Each table held a rhinestone frame that held pictures of Alexis and Scott's relatives past weddings.
The room was illuminated with white twinkle lights and Christmas trees in every corner.
After the sit down dinner the guests were served pieces of the five foot tall wedding cake that was decorated with over sixty pounds of hand made sugar roses.  Home made cookies made by Alexis' Aunts, Marguerite, Helen and Judy also her Grandmother Elizabeth were made from the recipes handed down from the brides Great Grandmother.
The guests danced the rest of the evening away to the sounds of a 17 piece orchestra before saying goodbye to the most beautiful and divine evening of Alexis and Scott's life!

Snow Bride & On our way to the...
The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives
After the wedding we moved back to Dayton where we rented a duplex close to family and saved our pennies to buy our very own home! What an adventure that was! A great Aunt of mine was our Realtor and helped us find the perfect home for us! in September of 2009 we had found the "fixer upper" home that was perfect for us in was a cute ranch up on a hill in a cute neighborhood we gathered all our information needed to begin the long process and were on our way to home ownership...or so we thought! That September in Ohio we had a terrible wind storm that put the city with out power for days, Scott and I were out for 14! 2 whole weeks with no power feels life forever! Anyways in the midst  of the storm our paper work was being filed to make this house our home, however the seller of the house had other plans. 3 days with no return phone calls or emails from him had us convinced something was wrong. It in fact was he had sold the house to a lady paying cash right out from underneath us!  I remember the day Linda called and told me that the house was no longer "ours" and that we had 30 days to find another home to keep out low interest rate locked in. what a rush of emotions that was! So the search continued, there was one house we had looked at twice that was up on-top an even bigger hill and this house was a bi-level just like the one I had grown up in  and coincidentally the same style of house Scott had grown up in. It needed a lot of work (well in my eyes) but we had no time to think about if we liked the carpet or how much wall paper we would have to tear down, we needed a house to call our home and we needed it fast! Scott and I took my parents to look at "the house on the hill" one last time before we decided it would be the one! One October 30th we signed and were handed the keys! We spent the month of November removing carpet, knocking down walls, painting, and installing wood floors below are pictures of the house before during and after! 


 Above are some after pictures! its changed a little since these photos but not much i will try and find a few more to post, we redid the whole upstairs and since then we have refinished the basement as well.
So there is our past to current in a nutshell I will save current day events for my next post...a of my favorite words on a bye note, 
Live each and every day to the fullest; do onto others as you would have them do onto you ;and have kindness in your heart (quotes I live by, taught to me by my Mother) until next time~toodaloo~

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