Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cupcake(d out)

 Well here they are...Far less than Friday nights batch but still lots of work :) fun work though!

What I did: Prepped and cleaned my work space, filled trays with cupcake foils, mixed the batter, popped in the oven set timer and began mixing icing colors. Filled the wannabe icing bags while cc were cooling. Started with the mummies because I was most excited to try those! The tip burst thru the bag (twice)...moved on to the pumpkins..then to the spider webs where the dark icing dried so quickly it was hard to drag my tooth pick to get the right effect...replaced bag and tip for mummies, bag burst on last time, moved onto ghosts. Finished with placing the green on the pumpkins and topping off with sprinkles...

What I will do different next time: Buy real icing bags! and metal tips instead of cheap-o plastic ones.


  1. I think they turned out amazingly well!!!! Isn't it crazy how long they take to decorate but how quickly you can eat 'em?


  2. Thank You!& yes it is so crazy! I enjoy reading your blog! thank you for becoming my newest follower!