Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Slimming down ↓ to Plump up ↑

A few months back I needed something to assist me in shedding some "emotional pounds" gained after our last miscarriage. I tried weight watchers which I loved but soon got super hard to stick to. With a crazy schedule and not having time to prepare the meals I needed to be eating, so I fell off the wagon. A friend of mine (who is also ttc) noticed my weight gain as she too had packed on a few. She said that her Dr. told her that if she lost a measly 15 pounds she would have a greater chance of becoming pregnant. She was prescribed adipex. I was skeptical at first because of all the "bad reviews" I read all over google {damn that Google} As I researched more I found that if taken for a short amount of time, it causes no harm and puts you on the right track of eating only when you needed to and making healthier choices.

 So I decided I should try and shed about 20 pounds. Maybe it would help me in my efforts to conceive?
 With a little fear and a lot of hope, I went to the Dr. and got the prescription. With in the first month I had lost 14 pounds! I was ecstatic! Month two I was down 11! I decided to stay on for one more month seeing as how I surpassed my goal and wanted to go farther Month 3 I was down 5 more! I had dropped a total of 30 pounds in 3 months! At my last appointment I was pretty upset about only losing 5, I figured my body had, had enough of this foreign drug and my habits had improved and stomach had shrank. It was time to say good bye to the little pill and do it all on my own. Below are the photos of my Success 

What I am doing now...

(On the ttc wagon full force, hoping that being 30 pounds lighter will help me in my journey to conceive) 

  • Indulge in healthy foods: Fruits, Veggies, Protein, Wheat, Dairy
         A few of my favorites: Banana's, apples, kiwi, blueberries, blackberries, grapes & pineapple

         Broccoli, green beans, mixed steamed veggie bags with water chestnuts, spinach, sweet potato's, avocados, celery & lettuce
        wheat bagel thins, wraps, oat nut  bread, wheat pasta
         Chicken, eggs, turkey burgers 
         Yogurt, string cheese, shredded 2% cheese 
        Favorite Meals-Mushroom & Cheese Quiche MmMm...Chicken salads-sometimes salsa and cheese sometimes hot sauce and ranch sometimes fruite and nuts, I like to switch it up. wheat pasta with steamed veggie mix, yogert with granola, veggie omletes, guacamole and celery, 4 bean chili 
Favorite "Derailed" Days include 
mashed potato! lasagna (which can be made very healthy or not so healthy, i enjoy both) 
Fried Fish, chicken nuggets, & nachos (the super duper bad way) 

  • Sleep- Should have been my middle name! I am a sleeper! I love sleep! I need my naps! which makes it hard to "move more" anyways I get plenty of it! Sleep is gOoOod! 

  • Support- You always, always, always, need a support team or person! if you don't have one there are thousands of websites and blogs! make new friends that have a healthy impact on your life! 

  • Andrew Johnsons Lose Weight & Get Fit Apps LOVE! love love these apps! I listen to them when I take a nap or when I am going to bed at night that is if I make it through the stop smoking app for Scott! 

  • The Firm- This is a hard one, The Firm...is Amazing...but tiring! and some days I just flat out don't want to do it! so I don't :) What I try to do instead is this: Crunches, push ups, squats, dumbell curls, kick backs, dumbell rows, and some sort of cardio...Check out "The Daily Burn" app its got great simple workouts you can do in 10 minutes like what I have listed above. 

  • No alcohol :( ....none...at all...

  • Sleep! oh wait I already said sleep! ha! I love it! 

Now all of this makes it seem like I am a strict, healthy, always active person. Which I do try as hard as I can to be, but we all have those days, you know the comfort days, or salt days I like to call them. I would take a salty pretzel stick over a chocolate bar any day! my point is if you set these guidelines for yourself, it will do just that, guide you. If you have a day where you fall off track you pick back up the next day and keep going toward you goal! Mine being the most Healthy & Active Woman I can be...keeping a clean vessel for my future child bearing days {hehe} I like that term...I use it a lot now.. I always tell Scott...get that smoke away from me I am trying to keep my vessel clean! 

...How do I convince my husband who has smoked for 15 years to quit!?!? I'm still working on it.....
Post coming soon! 

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