Monday, October 24, 2011

Jillian Leigh & Mia Marie ♥

Relaxing at Dicks
baby Mia Marie
& Jillian Leigh ♥
 Jillian is my cousin, 
but more like my sister...
& Mia is Jillian's daughter
This is me & Jillian making the best
   of dicks sporting goods ♥

The Proposal~
Jillian moved in with my husband and I while we were in college she lived with us for about 3 months before joining the Air Force and moving across the country, it was so hard when she left. Not being able to pick up the phone and say meet me here or I am on my way over. I traveled out frequently after that to visit her, while stationed in Colorado she met her husband Josh. I flew out for the proposal and to "check him out" making sure this man would be right for her..{evil laughing} he was fabulous! they married a few short months later and not long after that baby Mia was ready to enter the world! She was due I believe on December 18th, but what baby is born on their due date? {Me! I was!}So in November I printed out every flight flying out of Ohio to Colorado and had a small "airport" bag in my trunk, just in case I  got the call that Mia was coming early! The first week of December I decided if I hadn't already left I was leaving for sure on the 14th booking a one way ticket and staying until the baby was born.  Here is where the story gets funny I promise keep reading! Now up until the hour I left I had talked to just about every member in the family who all proceeded to say the same thing, "Go out there and birth that baby!" "ha okay no problem  I am on it." (This would make my 4th live birth that I would be attending, so I kinda knew what had to be done)  So late afternoon on the 14th I arrive in CO, we take it easy that night just talking and eating the night away. The next morning Jillian and I get up bright and early with plans to walk her into labor..We proceed to shop all day! and of course stop for some spicy Mexican food on the way home! Once back to her house we set up the car seat packed her bag packed the baby bag, hung up baby clothes and cleaned her room. Exhausted we decide to call it a night, I yell from the couch to her and josh that semen will help move the process along if they could take care of that, that would be great! haha! Well about 4 hours into my deep sleep I hear poor Jillian sick in the bath room, about 5 minutes later she comes out holding her belly telling me she is just having some menstrual like cramps..{rightt} She lays down on the couch tapping her foot in pain, then it stops, then it taps again, and stops.. (are you thinking what I'm thinking?) yep, I start silently tracking the foot taps which are about 3 minutes this point talking was kinda out of the question, any noise annoyed her. I called the base hospital and asked if I should bring her in, and of course they couldn't give tell me yes or no they say if you think you should bring her then do okay, by the time I get off the phone she is on her hands and knees with now obvious to her, full on contractions! 2 minutes apart! I go in to wake her husband up and tell him its time to go, poor startled josh runs to the living room and says omg are you okay!? hahah! #1 question not to ask a laboring woman! we pack up fast and are on the road, covered in ice and snow! it felt like the ride took an hour! 30 minutes to be exact with contractions now 1 minute apart! I was so nervous we were going to have to deliver Mia on the side of the road! We made it in time! rushed up to the 4th floor where they check her in, and tell us she is at 7 and will be moved to a delivery room soon. If it weren't for the rush of emergency c sections that night she would have gotten her epi a whole lot sooner. About an hour after arriving at the hospital the epi dr. comes in and is going through his long boring explanation when her water breaks! He ends up giving her a quick intrathecal and 15 minutes later its time to push! I got to hold her leg :) while Josh stood by her head, Jillian must of pushed for maybe 20 minutes total and Taaaadaa! There she was a perfect pink crying healthy baby girl    ♥

She had the fasted labor I have ever witnessed! (the 1st of my 4 live births labor lasted 26 hours...) Now this could have seemed faster because we waited so long to take her in and usually your not running to the hospital dilated to 7 and ready to push..
It was an amazing experience and I am so happy I was able to be a part of it! Thank You!

Jillian & her Baby Mia 
Jillian her husband Josh and baby Mia moved from out west to Florida in transition baby Mia came to Ohio to stay with her grandma and grandpa (& the rest of the family) while her parents prepared to move the family across the country! Below are photos of Mia some candid some posed by My Mother with Tickled Pink Photography


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