Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bring in the drugs...

Clomid here we come...Dr. Wood is my OB he is a fabulous Dr. he has been there through each miscarriage and through our journey to become parents. We have been discussing our option to start clomid for almost a year now.
The beginning of this month I experienced spotting about 3 days before my period was due I got excited thinking it was implantation bleeding, did all the googling a hopeful to become pregnant woman can do only to have a hcg blood test done with negative results. It kills me when I have those test's what takes them 4 days to call a person back?! for instance this last time I went on a Monday, they said we will call you Wednesday with results...Tuesday (the slowest day of my life) goes by..Wednesday I wake up and stare at the phone all morning decide to go to work and continue to stare at my phone...4:05pm i decide to call have reached the office of Dr. ----Wood our office is currently closed...SERIOUSLY! I spend the rest of the night a nervous wreck going to the bathroom every 2 seconds to see if mother nature had brought me my gift or if all was clear...only to wake up Friday to a call from a very nice but stupid nurse who says "is this Alexis?" Yes "what is your birthday?" seriously?  and you were waiting on lab results is that right?" AHHHHHH just tell me already!!!  "your hcg test was negative" GRRR what a pointless long drawn out conversation for a bad news...and what takes them 4 days to get back to me?! are they all sitting around eating their turkey sandwiches passing my file around like a hot potato saying I'm not telling her! you tell her! probably not but that's what I imagine happening. 
ANYWAYS-back on topic we are now playing the waiting game for mother nature to bring me my damn gift so I can start the clomid! here is my routine;
Andrew Johnson's pregnancy and fertility meditation app 
day 3-7 clomid (after . arrives)
day 11 ultra sound to check follicles
Fingers Crossed....

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