Thursday, September 26, 2013


How many of you have a daily routine, 
a serious one that you do in the same order every day 
for ever and ever?

This whole routine thing is kind of new for Scott and I. 
about 3 weeks ago we decided that to help better our lives 
we were going to start "sticking to" our routine just a little more. 

I mean don't get me wrong we did the daily things that people do
brush your teeth, take a shower ect. 
but it was never really in an order, we never really had a 
"bed time" or a "wake up" time. 
I always just figured that when we had a baby we would settle into 
the perfect routine and everything would just fall into place. 
So we decided to take a stand, make a plan and stick to it. 
and can I just tell you how in LOVE I am with our new routine!?!
I can hear you all yelling..."tell me, tell me what's your daily routine?!" 
Okay okay! let me tell you.. 
I wake up at 7:15 and give us our vitamins 
lay back down till 8-8:15 
8:15 I wake everyone up, including the cat and the dog 
who would much rather stay sleeping.. (I don't know where they get it?!) 
Scott and the pets move to the couch while I start breakfast. 
which usually consists of  eggs turkey bacon or turkey sausage, 
toast and a fruit or two.
some days its french toast or waffles or BLT's no T... it just depends. 
Scott gets a big plate, I get a small plate. 
While breakfast is cooking I throw on my gym shoes 
and head out for a quick run. (this part of the routine is NEW! as of yesterday) 
(hey you gotta start somewhere right?!) 
When I get back I run up to make sure I didn't burn anything.
If all is well I slap it on a plate and yell for Scott who is by this time showering. 
We eat breakfast together and talk about the day ahead. 
Then I hop in the shower while he gets ready. 
9:45 we are headed out the door for work. 
around 12:45 it's time for lunch... 
(Scott owns his own business, he is currently working 
in our bowling center on murals for our walls) 
So we eat lunch together. Unless he is in the "zone" 
then I run to lunch with my mom or my aunt or one of my girl friends. 
6:00-7:00pm we meet back at home 
I prepare dinner while Scott works on the computer. 
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 
we eat dinner together then watch a movie or 
work on house projects.
10pm we take our 2nd set of vitamins brush our teeth 
and head to bed, where we usually stay up and talk a little more. 
On Tuesdays and Thursdays he bowls after work. 
So as of lately I have been preparing dinner in the crock pot so 
he can eat before he bowls, in which time I meet a friend at a near by 
trail and we hike, chat and take pictures. 

Then I come back home take a bath and relax until he gets home. 
On Thursdays when he bowls I go to dinner with the girls 
we just started this last week, and its so nice. 

Tonight the girls and I are going to try out a new brew house 
that just opened last week! I hope they have cold beer 
and yummy food like Pies & Pints did last week! :) 
Sooooo anywaysss..
It just feels good to have your life organized ya know? 
I feel WAY less stressed!! 

So what is your routine like? I wanna know!! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Low Progesterone?

Calling everyone in the low progesterone boat! 
I have some questions! 
It's been an issue for me for a while, 
all the way back to my second miscarriage. 
When I got pregnant the third time it was under the care 
of my OB Dr. W if you read back through my blog posts
I have a conversation posted that I had with Dr. W
in November of 2011
about my progesterone being low... 
he put me on it on CD14 while doing clomid.. 
he did this all three months and by the third month 
it had worked and we were pregnant! 
When we lost baby 3 we switched to Dr. B 
I had mentioned to him before that I have had 
a history of low progesterone. But he would always say
"well when you get pregnant we will check your levels and 
if we need a supplement we will add one"
After my phone call with the nurse 2 days ago 
it occurred to me that I have heard this 
"Well your test was negative and your progesterone is low so you 
should be starting soon" thing a time or two before.. 
and you know what? I NEVER start on my own. 
I always have to take provera.. 
So here are my questions...
Has anyone had repeat progesterone tests done?
if so did they give you supplements while you were in mid cycle?
I mean if you read how much progesterone affects 
every single step in the pregnancy process its a no brainer 
that someone with low progesterone should be on 
supplements while trying?! right?!
After talking it over this morning 
I decided to call another Dr. in the area that 
many woman have raved over.. We shall call him 
He is a OBGYN but he has been known to work magic 
on woman who suffer from RPL and PCOS
I meet with him on Oct. 1st to see if he can help me out! 
Could it be something as simple as progesterone? 
Something I had mentioned time and time again to the RE 
that time and time again he pushed into the corner
while he offered me more "expensive" methods?
while me made me believe that IUI and IVF were my only choices?
He never even offered to retest my progesterone..
or take a few minutes to look back in my files..

Could this really be the sole reason we can't get pregnant and stay pregnant?!

I hope Dr. D has the answers we are looking for! 

Some info my darling mom helped find on low progesterone: 
Progesterone treatment may also help infertile women. Those having trouble conceiving or who have had unexplained first trimester miscarriages are urged to discuss the possibility of progesterone deficiency with their physicians; according to the article, physicians often treat infertility with strong medications or surgery without first checking progesterone levels. Progesterone therapy has helped many women become pregnant and carry a child to term. Therefore, it should be considered as an alternative, before more drastic measures are taken. (source unknown at this time.) 

Low levels of progesterone prevent egg implantation.
If a test finds low levels of the hormone, you may have infertility progesterone problems. Low levels mean the uterine lining starts to disintegrate before the fertilized egg can properly embed itself. In short, the uterus does not have the type of welcoming environment that allows the egg to grow; instead, it’s a hostile place that makes it impossible for a fetus to thrive.
The medical term for low progesterone levels is Luteal Phase Defect (LPD), and specialists treat it with progesterone therapy. If the condition isn’t treated, experts say even when a woman does become pregnant there is a high miscarriage rate. source 

What Does Progesterone Do?

  • Progesterone maintains the lining of the uterus which makes it possible for a fertilized egg to attach and survive
  • Makes cervical mucous accessible by sperm
  • Allows the embryo to survive
  • Prevents immune rejection of the developing baby
  • Allows for full development of the fetus through pregnancy
  • Helps the body use fat for energy during pregnancy
  • Prevents secondary sexual development
  • Increases libido around ovulation
  • Activates osteoblasts to increase new bone formation
  • Protects against endometrial, breast, ovarian and prostate cancer
  • Normalizes blood clotting -(Source unknown at this time) 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Welp those tests were BFN's 
I went and had blood drawn yesterday, 
I received the call from Dr. B's office 5 minutes ago..
My HCG was 0
Progesterone 1.5
AF should be here any day now. 
I can't believe those tests had lines like that! 
We move forward, its the only way to go. 
I am on day 3 of pregnitude
I don't have any complaints! 
I did notice I haven't been as hungry! score!

Our next appointment with Dr. B 
is October 29th 
this gives us one more month to try on our own.
Then we are back to treatments. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pregnitude CD66

I have decided to give this supplement a shot! 
while we are in limbo waiting to go back to Dr. B 
I felt like I needed to be doing something! 
I am currently on CD66 with no sign of AF...
along with this pretty box of pregnitude I ordered 
some internet HCG and LH tests.
the first HCG test I took I didn't see anything 
after 5 minutes and I wasn't about to squint 
so I took a nap. 
when I woke up I glanced at the test and saw a damn line..
I say damn line because I had no clue if it was 
an evap or if it was there with in the 5 minutes and I just 
didn't look hard enough... 

So yesterday morning I wake up take my temp 
and poas again... 

this time I stare at that test until my eyes almost bleed
and I swear I see the faintest of faint lines. . . 

But is it my eyes playing tricks on me?
Is it a bad batch of HPTs?
Could the dye have run on accident somehow?
I just don't have that gut feeling. 
the excited omg I'm pregnant feeling when I look at the test. 
ever since our last pregnancy every time I take a test I 
am expecting it to pop up with a bright line like it did then. 
and when I have to squint, hold it in the light, shine my flashlight app on it.. 
ect. I just feel like it can't be real. 
I know I didn't ovulate when I was supposed to in August.. 
and that's why I missed my first period.. 
but by the end of August there was one day 
where I thought, could I be ovulating? Now? 
the signs were there, but I had no tests. 
I never ran out for one. Instead I just brushed it off.. 
But now, NOW all I can wonder is
did I O then? is it even possible? 
could this crazy faint line be the real thing? 
Should I buy a FRER? Should I start my box of pregnitude?
where the hell is my answer tree?! 
(next to the money tree I can't find?) 
I guess I will keep up this crazy guessing game until 
Monday then either pick up a FRER 
or call 
for bloodwork...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August In Pictures

August was the longest month of my life. 
I am so glad September is here! 
Here is a glimpse of August in pictures...

 I colored my hair!! On my own! 
Yes I box dyed over bleach! and guess what!? 
 Dark hair for the fall makes me happy

 Waffles letting us know she is ready for bed! 
(she has a slight obsession with lamb chop toys) 
She currently owns 4! 
 My girls and I at the Mumford and Sons Concert! 
We had such a great time!! 
 My mom snuck over and stocked our fridge!! 
Scott, Waffles and Scrap are exploring 
all the new goodies! :)
 Waffles couldn't believe Miley Cyrus' performance...
They are getting better at being in the same room..
but moments after this photo Waffles attacked Scrap... 

 Us girls had our makeup done at mac.....
I felt like a clown! But ended up getting 
the wet/dry makeup and some eye primer 

This is how I did it on my own, a little less "eyebrow" 

My little Bear Dog! When she is exhausted she sleeps on her back
with all 4 paws in the air! 
Scrap Cat is growing up fast :( 
She is still as wild as ever! 
My Loves lounging on the couch :) 

A new plan in mind

It's been a while, 
But I'm back :) 

Scott and I had a great talk last night over dinner. 
We have been on a TTC break since June.
We have given thought to changing doctors,
we have talked about our options.
Injections, IUIs, IVF, and Adoption.
This is what we have decided to do.
In October we will go back to Dr. B
and voice our concerns about his office.
We will get his opinion on a new course of action
with use of injectables.
and we will do 3 more IUIs....
If we are not successful in those 3 months
we will begin the adoption process.
we will not "give up" trying on our own.
but we will stop all medical treatments
and focus on adopting.

We talked about IVF
a lot.
I have seen wonderful success
but I have also seen
miserable failure.
It's not something I am willing to risk right now.
I feel like spending the same amount of
money on an adopted child makes more sense for us at this time.
Now this doesn't mean we wont revisit the plan of
 medicated cycles or IVF one day.
and who knows maybe one of our next 3 IUI's will be successful?!
For now it's nice to have a plan again.

  ps...I miss my period in August.. but all tests are still negative.
I am hoping AF will show up this month so I don't have to
go on provera again -_-