Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August In Pictures

August was the longest month of my life. 
I am so glad September is here! 
Here is a glimpse of August in pictures...

 I colored my hair!! On my own! 
Yes I box dyed over bleach! and guess what!? 
 Dark hair for the fall makes me happy

 Waffles letting us know she is ready for bed! 
(she has a slight obsession with lamb chop toys) 
She currently owns 4! 
 My girls and I at the Mumford and Sons Concert! 
We had such a great time!! 
 My mom snuck over and stocked our fridge!! 
Scott, Waffles and Scrap are exploring 
all the new goodies! :)
 Waffles couldn't believe Miley Cyrus' performance...
They are getting better at being in the same room..
but moments after this photo Waffles attacked Scrap... 

 Us girls had our makeup done at mac.....
I felt like a clown! But ended up getting 
the wet/dry makeup and some eye primer 

This is how I did it on my own, a little less "eyebrow" 

My little Bear Dog! When she is exhausted she sleeps on her back
with all 4 paws in the air! 
Scrap Cat is growing up fast :( 
She is still as wild as ever! 
My Loves lounging on the couch :) 


  1. Love, love, love your hair pretty lady! You look amazing. I love the pics! xoxo

  2. Great pics. I prefer how you regularly do you makeup compared to Mac. Heh.

  3. Welcome Scrap - what a cute cat! And I also recently switched to Mac foundation, I like it but did also notice that the reps do a heavy application when they are testing shades out on you. Wonderful seeing you and Scott this week, look forward to hanging out again soon!

  4. You look beautiful, awesome job!! I wouldn't dare try it myself...Lord knows how that would turn out! I love the pictures of your fur babies :) So, so adorable!

  5. i LOVE your new hair color - it's gorgeous for this time of year! you can wear any color!
    and ohmygoodness, that kitten - ahhhhh!!!!! :)