Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pregnitude CD66

I have decided to give this supplement a shot! 
while we are in limbo waiting to go back to Dr. B 
I felt like I needed to be doing something! 
I am currently on CD66 with no sign of AF...
along with this pretty box of pregnitude I ordered 
some internet HCG and LH tests.
the first HCG test I took I didn't see anything 
after 5 minutes and I wasn't about to squint 
so I took a nap. 
when I woke up I glanced at the test and saw a damn line..
I say damn line because I had no clue if it was 
an evap or if it was there with in the 5 minutes and I just 
didn't look hard enough... 

So yesterday morning I wake up take my temp 
and poas again... 

this time I stare at that test until my eyes almost bleed
and I swear I see the faintest of faint lines. . . 

But is it my eyes playing tricks on me?
Is it a bad batch of HPTs?
Could the dye have run on accident somehow?
I just don't have that gut feeling. 
the excited omg I'm pregnant feeling when I look at the test. 
ever since our last pregnancy every time I take a test I 
am expecting it to pop up with a bright line like it did then. 
and when I have to squint, hold it in the light, shine my flashlight app on it.. 
ect. I just feel like it can't be real. 
I know I didn't ovulate when I was supposed to in August.. 
and that's why I missed my first period.. 
but by the end of August there was one day 
where I thought, could I be ovulating? Now? 
the signs were there, but I had no tests. 
I never ran out for one. Instead I just brushed it off.. 
But now, NOW all I can wonder is
did I O then? is it even possible? 
could this crazy faint line be the real thing? 
Should I buy a FRER? Should I start my box of pregnitude?
where the hell is my answer tree?! 
(next to the money tree I can't find?) 
I guess I will keep up this crazy guessing game until 
Monday then either pick up a FRER 
or call 
for bloodwork...


  1. Ahhhh! I see the lines! No squinting here! Fx the line is even darker tomorrow so you can get excited!

  2. I see it too! I would pick up a FRER and call! Same thing happened to us when we were TTC Colton. Hubs had his seamen testing on a Friday, so POS Friday morning and it was negative...Monday it was positive!

  3. i definitely see a line!!!! i feel like frers are the best bet. ohhhh, i hope and pray you saw a line today...and that it wasn't playing tricks on you!!!! xoxoxoxox

  4. AUGH! Darn lines! I hope that a clearly positive stick is coming tomorrow morning...

  5. Um, I *DEFINITELY* see a line!!! I am praying so hard that you got a line today on the FRER. (Also, if you google the batch #, there are usually plenty of posts if it's bad...learned that from experience!) XO

  6. I think I see something too?? I definitely think it deserves a better test!