Thursday, September 26, 2013


How many of you have a daily routine, 
a serious one that you do in the same order every day 
for ever and ever?

This whole routine thing is kind of new for Scott and I. 
about 3 weeks ago we decided that to help better our lives 
we were going to start "sticking to" our routine just a little more. 

I mean don't get me wrong we did the daily things that people do
brush your teeth, take a shower ect. 
but it was never really in an order, we never really had a 
"bed time" or a "wake up" time. 
I always just figured that when we had a baby we would settle into 
the perfect routine and everything would just fall into place. 
So we decided to take a stand, make a plan and stick to it. 
and can I just tell you how in LOVE I am with our new routine!?!
I can hear you all yelling..."tell me, tell me what's your daily routine?!" 
Okay okay! let me tell you.. 
I wake up at 7:15 and give us our vitamins 
lay back down till 8-8:15 
8:15 I wake everyone up, including the cat and the dog 
who would much rather stay sleeping.. (I don't know where they get it?!) 
Scott and the pets move to the couch while I start breakfast. 
which usually consists of  eggs turkey bacon or turkey sausage, 
toast and a fruit or two.
some days its french toast or waffles or BLT's no T... it just depends. 
Scott gets a big plate, I get a small plate. 
While breakfast is cooking I throw on my gym shoes 
and head out for a quick run. (this part of the routine is NEW! as of yesterday) 
(hey you gotta start somewhere right?!) 
When I get back I run up to make sure I didn't burn anything.
If all is well I slap it on a plate and yell for Scott who is by this time showering. 
We eat breakfast together and talk about the day ahead. 
Then I hop in the shower while he gets ready. 
9:45 we are headed out the door for work. 
around 12:45 it's time for lunch... 
(Scott owns his own business, he is currently working 
in our bowling center on murals for our walls) 
So we eat lunch together. Unless he is in the "zone" 
then I run to lunch with my mom or my aunt or one of my girl friends. 
6:00-7:00pm we meet back at home 
I prepare dinner while Scott works on the computer. 
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 
we eat dinner together then watch a movie or 
work on house projects.
10pm we take our 2nd set of vitamins brush our teeth 
and head to bed, where we usually stay up and talk a little more. 
On Tuesdays and Thursdays he bowls after work. 
So as of lately I have been preparing dinner in the crock pot so 
he can eat before he bowls, in which time I meet a friend at a near by 
trail and we hike, chat and take pictures. 

Then I come back home take a bath and relax until he gets home. 
On Thursdays when he bowls I go to dinner with the girls 
we just started this last week, and its so nice. 

Tonight the girls and I are going to try out a new brew house 
that just opened last week! I hope they have cold beer 
and yummy food like Pies & Pints did last week! :) 
Sooooo anywaysss..
It just feels good to have your life organized ya know? 
I feel WAY less stressed!! 

So what is your routine like? I wanna know!! 


  1. Yay for routines! I love them! I have one, and since you begged!!! This is my WEEKDAY schedule

    Some of this varies a bit, depending on the UN-dependability of Kiddos!

    Awake around 6:00 am, but typically wrestling the 11 month old a few minutes before then.
    Hubby gets up and dressed, shaved etc.
    We collect our 4 year old from his room and head downstairs.
    I let the dog outside, make a bottle for the baby, take it downstairs to hubby and he feeds baby while I make 4 year olds breakfast, let the dog in and then go get ready for work.
    Once baby is done, hubby makes breakfast for himself. Usually cereal
    I finish getting read and eat breakfast, hubby and I take the kids to my mom's room (she lives with us) at about 7:10 and leave for work.
    Arrive at hubby's work around 7:40-7:50
    Arrive at my work by 8:00 am
    Coffee, catch up with coworkers, emails, do morning invoices, then misc tasks
    Lunch 11:30 ish. Sometimes hubby and I go out, sometimes I eat at my desk or take a walk or run an errand.
    Work until 4:50 pm, go pick up Hubby, drive home
    Arrive home around 5:40-5:50 pm
    Catch up on the day with mom and the kids, then mom and I make dinner while Hubby feeds the baby his food and bottle (if he's ready).
    Dinner around 6:30 or so.
    After dinner, playtime with the kids
    8:00 pm is 4 year olds bedtime. Daddy takes him to bed while mommy plays with baby and tries to get him ready to sleep. He falls asleep sometime between 7:30-8:30 usually.
    After baby is asleep, it's time for workout! Mommy does 30 Day Shred workout DVD or elliptical or walks outside.
    Quick Shower
    If I'm lucky, then I have an hour or so to wind down, do computer stuffs or catch a little tv. I go to bed sometime around 10:00-10:30.

    SUPER EXCITING I know, but you asked! Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Haha, I love routines! Mine isn't too exciting, so I won't bore you with all the details, but pretty much, the day consists of the twins' meal/snack times (7:30 AM, 9 AM, 10:30 AM, 2 PM, 5PM), nap time (11 AM-1:30 PM), and bed time (6 PM), with playtime, errands and housework mixed in =)

  3. OMG. I am a routine junkie. I would be lost without it.

    6 am wake, pump, drink coffee, eat breakfast, check blogs, news, emails

    7 baby wakes, feed her, change her, dress her, dress me, make up and hair (shower is always day or night before). Hubby gets baby ready and feeds her on my 3 days at work.

    8 go to work (husband drops off baby) OR if home day

    Work - lunch 11:30, pick up baby from daycare 4:45, put her down for nap, prepare and eat dinner, 6 baby wakes, feed baby, baby bath, bedtime routine 7:30-8 baby down, TV, talk, maybe wine, pump, bed no later than 10.

    Home day - run around 9 for baby's first nap of the day, get back and shower, feed baby lunch, playtime for baby, 12ish, baby's 2nd nap, free time for me, when we wakes we can have an outing like shopping, 3-4 baby's last nap, free time for me, cleaning, dinner prep, maybe some TV, chores, dinner. WINE!!!

    Weekends are same as home day but more wine, longer runs, and waffles in the am. :D

  4. Sounds like a great way to start the day and also probably be more productive (At least I know I usually am when I plan things out!). I also have been wanting to try Pies & Pints, looks like it was good :)

  5. you guys are the cutest! i always look forward to your ig pictures. they make me smile and make me feel happy. you are always LIVING LIFE, gf!! you and scott are such a strong couple and you and your mom are adorable. i imagine if we lived close, we'd be having fun dates together! :) i love routines and at the same time don't really have them...though, in my own messed up way i kinda do...they are just different every day and all over the place. my friend was just telling me that i have goofy routines that i've had since i was young. lol
    wishing you a sweet week ahead and a beautiful october, beautiful lady! xoxoxox