Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unsolved Mysteries..

Unsolved Mysteries
You guys remember that show?
I loved it! I am a wimp now and don't like to watch anything 
even a little bit scary.. I don't really know what happen to my 
fearless side? I guess it kinda died when I grew up? 
Oh Oh and do you remember rescue 911? 
that was my FAVORITE! I wish that show was still on!
I guess my fill in for that would be cops I loveee watching cops! 
I wanna be a cop! 
Did I ever tell you guys this? 
I seriously would kick butt at being a cop! 
every time I see one I don't get nervous I get instantly jealous! 
I would do it, but the thing is, I don't wanna go to school again
I don't wanna take tests and do physical training. 
I just want a badge, a gun and a fast car with bright lights :) 
I was supposed to go on a ride along with one of my co workers
son's who is a state high way patrol man! 
but plans fell through and I have yet to reschedule our ride :( 
Anyways I am seriously off topic! 
What I should be writing about is my unsolved baby shoe mystery! 
You guys I seriously don't think I will ever know where these 
tiny little adorable things came from?!
I questioned Scott for a good hour last night thinking maybe 
he was behind it, and after 5 years of marriage 8 years of being together 
I am pretty much certain I can tell when that man is lying. 
& Nope he wasn't he passed my grilling with flying colors! 
So the mystery remains.
I am going to leave you with this video that I saw once 
a few years ago. For some reason this video popped in my head 
yesterday while trying to solve my mystery. 
I'm in no way saying you have to believe it
but I think it's a cool story :) 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Mystery of the Baby Shoe(s)

You Guys!
There is a baby shoe fairy!!!
{she comes and drops little baby shoes in your jewelry box each night you  do the BD!}

I swear the story I am about to tell you is true! 

I was getting ready for work yesterday and rooting through my jewelry box
to find the match to an earring when I stumbled upon a tiny gold baby shoe charm
with a garnet stone in the top, which just so happens to be my birth stone! 
So of course I was like hum that's weird I'v never seen that before!
wonder where it came from? asked Scott- he had no clue. 
So I figured I  need to add it to my fertility charm bracelet...

This morning I was on the hunt for a pair of gold earrings 
(which I hardly ever wear) 
and are you ready for this.... are you ready?! 

I FOUND 5 MORE!!!!! 

Seriously you guys I can not make this stuff up!! 
there are two garnet two green one orange and one lavender...

Where the hell did they come from?! What does it mean?!
and how the hell did they end up in MY jewelry box?!
So far I have called My mother-who has no idea
My mother in law- who has no idea
2 of my good friend (thinking maybe they planted them)-No idea
and my aunt who also has no idea!

This is My Beautiful Fertility Charm Bracelet :) 
Charms from left to right
The mystery baby shoes-from the baby fairy?
The stork-from my mom
Miracles tag-my mom
Angel wings locket with a tiny message inside that reads Miracles-mom
diamond cross- Scott
Kokopelli (fertility god) - My great Aunt Helen

Soooo Ladies If I figure out where the shoes came from 
I will certainly update!

{I hope this isn't like the time one of my friends took a picture in my kitchen
and added a ghost in the background and had me so freaked out
 that i contacted a paranormal investigator! true story...
I felt like an ass when I got the reply from the investigator
 that said umm that looks like its photo-shopped...
to my defense, it was a new house and I'm pretty sure we had
watched paranormal activity like a week before! }


Always remember...
Miracles happen, when you least expect!
Keep the faith!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking...

A few things to always remember

A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative.
When you say "I can", and expect success, you fill yourself with confidence and happiness.
Positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and more happiness.

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Keep your thoughts positive today and everyday :) 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall & Football

Stopping in from ICLW? Welcome?! 
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Fall is officially here!
and what better way to celebrate then a little football?
This is Nathan :) 
He is growing extremely too fast for my liking 
He turned 4 on September 11th! 
I have had the pleasure of watching Nathan 
grow into the most adorable little boy! 
When he was a baby I would babysit him 
All the time
we have a special bond :) and I love him dearly! 
SO to say I was one proud auntie the day I saw
him play football is an understatement! 
Love this picture that I captured of him right before practice started 
with his cool yellow mouth piece and all :) 

 I have high hopes that he will one day go pro :) 

and his little brother will be right there behind him :) 
We hung out together while Nathan tore up the field!

Even with the dark there is light... 
Crazy clouds :)

Have a fabulous week everyone! 


Sunday, September 23, 2012


Stopping in from ICLW? Welcome! 
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Another video for your viewing pleasure :) 
please try not to laugh too hard at my starting and stopping face... 
and for your own protection keep the video small, 
enlarging to full screen will only hurt your eyes and ears.. ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome :) ICLW

If you are stopping by from ICLW we welcome you :) 
I am Alexis married to my adorable husband Scott.. 
I am an executive assistant for my family's bowling centers and
I just recently opened an online boutique with my mother
selling headbands for babies to adults and more! Our link is above :)
Scott is a jack of all trades, graphic designer, embroider, lead art designer and 
free lance business owner where he designs websites. 
We live in a house on the hill that we totally renovated when we moved in 
almost 4 years ago. We have an adorable pup named Waffles :) 
Scott and I have been ttc for 3 years come October. 
We have suffered 3 miscarriages. 
Our third loss was in April were we found at a 12weeks1day 
that our baby had stopped growing around 9 weeks. 
We were devastated but with the love and support from 
our family, friends, and this community we made it through to smile again. 
 We decided it was time to see a RE who we absolutely love 
We waited for 3 cycles before we started treatment. 
On September 8th we started 100mg of clomid
September 12th we had an HSG scan with clear results 
on September 17th we had our first follicle scan
where we could only find my right ovary with one decent sized follicle 
measuring 14mm my lining was good at a 10.1 
Dr. B decided we should come back on the 19th to recheck growth
The day of the 19th we found the right ovary again with 
the same 14mm follicle but my lining was thicker at an 11 
with a lot of searching we finally found my left ovary 
which held the golden follicle measuring 26mm!! 
we triggered that night and are now part of the waiting game
I have a progesterone drawl on the 28th 
and a beta drawl on October 5th! 
 Thank you for stopping by! 
We hope you would love to stick around and follow us on 
Our Journey Through Love, Life & Adventures! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ready - Aim - Fire!


Beta testing is set for October 5th 

You Can't Hide...Cause I Will Find You!

Ha! Gotcha! little hidden ovary couldn't hide forever! 
This morning was our recheck for follicle size
We were called back almost instantly, which never happens! 
I was told to undress and take a seat on the bed
and then the waiting began, 
It sounded as if a party was happening outside my room 
and I was sad I couldn't attend because of my lack of pants :( 
Scott was in the funniest mood today, as we waited 
and I pouted about missing out on the hallway party 
he began playing drums on my stomach and pretending to 
be the doctor, at one point I was laughing so hard I almost peed.. 
After about 15 minutes Dr. B came in and my date with 
Mr.wandie was underway.. Of course we found 
the right ovary almost instantly and there sat the sad little 
14mm follicle still measuring a 14 :( 
My lining was in his words Perfect at an 11! 
He said he was determined to find the left one this time 
so after 12 minutes of tortuous wanding  
( worst pain I'v ever had during a follicle check) 
He finally said "Oh look here!" 
then "Oh wait that's your bladder", 
"Ohhhhh look you see this?!"
"Here it is!"
"Wow this is a big one" 
boooooya! found you! I knew there was one the left! 
I just knew it!! Thank the lord he found it! 
We are set to trigger tonight! 
I may try and take a video :) 
Thanks for all your prayers they worked once again!! 
You girls rock! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And So My Night Got Better..

I hit up the grocery store on the way home from work last night 
after feeling total guilt all day about my bad cholesterol numbers 
I spent $117 on fruits, vegetables, and meat. 
I really need to look into extreme couponing... 

I was exhausted by the time I got home, I popped my 
new bottle of wine in the freezer, unloaded the groceries 
and set up my "packing station" 
I successfully washed sorted and bagged all the fruits and veggies 
I could. Now they are all ready to just grab on your way out the door.
No more excuses...until they rum out and I put off going to the store for a week. 

Black grapes are my new favorite fruit! 

A much needed FaceTime session with my favorite little girl Miss Mia and crisp a Bottle glass of wine

In other news Scott's bowling league started this past week! 
He bowls with my father every Thursday for the next 35 weeks! 
Sometimes I stick around to watch them :) 
left to right Scott aka the hubs, Jeff aka the teammate , Joe aka Dad 

& a few of my favorite ecards of the week 
Follicle scan in 19.5 hours... not that I'm counting or anything. 


Monday, September 17, 2012


Apparently my ovaries were just teasing me with their 
so called dance party.... 
Apparently they could only find ONE ovary... um what?
Apparently they are tucked up together in the middle? doing what? no clue.. 
but not their job! 
Apparently my lining is great at 10.1! but he could only find ONE follicle 
on ONE ovary that only measured 14mm...... 
Apparently my cholesterol is so bad that I can no longer eat carbs..
Apparently I  need an hour of exercise a day EVERYDAY.. 
Apparently my Thyroid is high... and needs retesting, and will most likely add a new pill to my daily routine. 
I am Apparently not very Pleased with today's appointment! 

For real though, I am paying out of pocket for each and every ultrasound.. 
and for him to just settle with the fact that he could only see one ovary 
pisses me off to no end! I mean how the hell does this happen? 
How/why could he not have pushed around on my stomach to try and 
move them around!?! What if the mother follicle is on the one he can't see?
did they get all tangled up with all that dancing they were doing?


Stupid day! I need to go back to bed! 
>:- /

Before our u/s... 

Another golden ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday grow stupid follicle grow! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Ovaries Are Having A Dance Party!

Seriously! I really think they are having one wild and crazy party in there!
Last night while lying in bed I could feel my right side twinge 
then today on the way to work the left ovary felt like it was throbbing! 
In my head I honestly picture them dancing around in there! 
It's now 3pm and they are both taking turns making me gasp! 
I HOPE they are growing big follies with some good quality eggs, 
not slacking off and just partying it up in there! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CD6..HSG Tomorrow..

CD6 and day 3 of Clomid down 2 days to go! 

Tomorrow morning is my HSG test, I will be taking the day off work to rest

Then Monday is our Follicle Scan! 

I am so Happy to be trying again! 

I hope and wish and pray every day that round 4 will be our lucky one!

Yesterday I was leaving the post office, when Dr. B's office 
returned my call. (I had some questions about Friday's appt) 
While I was on the phone I heard an old friends voice say my name!
I looked over and saw him in his car waving, I finished my conversation 
then got out to greet him! He said you want to see our newest additions?!
then opened the back car door. There sat two adorable boy girl twins!
When his wife came out we hugged and then she said, when are you and 
Scott going to have babies?! Funny I said, I was just on the phone with the 
Dr. and proceeded to tell her our story. She had the sweetest look in her eyes 
when she then said to me, those miracles in my back seat didn't come easy, 
I suffered 8 miscarriages before conceiving them! 
My jaw dropped as she told me the exact same cycle that we are currently in! 
She was on 100mg of clomid, hsg test, hcg trigger, heparin injections, baby aspirin, 
metformin, prenatal and progesterone when she finally got her twins!
Their story gave me hope, and made me smile the rest of the day!
Was it a sign? did I run into these wonderful old friends for a reason?
Is the universe on my side this time!? 
God I hope so! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

An Ultrasound with Dr. B

these pretty socks are from Her Royal Fabulousness :)

Baseline Day! 

Our appt. was at 7am! wayyy to early for us! :)
Loving these socks!
My beautiful ovaries cooperating so far!
We were given the go ahead to start 100mg of clomid tomorrow! 
I got my prescription for the trigger shot as well as the heparin injections 
Dr. B did my ultrasound today and I love him a little more each time! 
He said everything looks perfect and we are ready to go! 
We are starting with 100mg and if we find on CD12 that my 
follicles need a boost we will do a few days of 150mg of clomid 
Sooooo... Here we go! 

P.S. My Insurance does not cover patients listed as "Infertile" 
making my ultrasound today a golden one with a price tag of $200!
oh and the trigger? $275 (I will be shopping around for this one) 
Each ultrasound with the RE DR B...$200.00
Please baby Jesus let us get pregnant this month!!! 
{I feel horrible for all the ladies doing IUI/IVF with little to no insurance coverage!} 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

la la la September...CD 1!!!

September Means…
 It's time to start cycle 4!
It's time to break out my fall air fresheners! 
It's time for the leaves to begin changing colors 
& falling from the trees 
It's time for sweaters and hayrides 
and cider with baked apples 
and my favorite of all...Festivals
This is going to be a good month :) 
photo from a run last fall

{CD1} 9/6/2012
That's right that little rascal Aunt Flo...
showed up a whole day early!! 
bless her little heart! ♥
I don't think I have ever been this excited to see her! 
she gave me a little preview last night but fully moved in this morning...So on the phone I was bright & early with Dr. B 
& here is the plan for cycle 4. 
 Plan 4a..
Tomorrow at 7:30am I will go in for my baseline U/S
and blood work..After given the all good we will begin clomid 
on Sunday..On Wednesday at 8:30am we will head to the hospital
for the HSG test the following week (17th) we will have 
an U/S measuring and counting my follies 
If* they are of size we will trigger :)
then the dancing begins ♥
Come on September please be our month! 

*Saturday September 8th will mark 6 months 
since we lost our third tiny baby
 I can't believe it has been half a year already 
I hope and pray that these past 6 months
 have given my body time to heal and recover 
and that it is now prepared to carry a child to term
 Have a wonderful weekend my Lovelies 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New Moon Labor Day Weekend

Well the Blue Moon was pretty darn awesome! 
We were a little worried that we weren't going to be able to see it at all because of the clouds that rolled 
up to Ohio from the storms down south.
 We decided to be patient, set up the camera, and enjoy a few blue moon beers until we caught a glimpse!
& what a glimpse we got! 

I think the clouds made the pictures even better!!
take a look :)

(I have not edited these photos or adjusted any of the color)

It was a fun night :) 

This weekend was the weekend of a 3 day Annual Festival
that we go to every year! we usually go all three days.. 
but were old and could only hang 2 days! 
We played a lot of black jack, ate some good food,
drank a few cold beers and sweat about 23 pounds off!!
Alter Fest for us is kind of like the official end of summer :) 
Boy I am glad to be ending this summer! it was way to hot for me! 
The weather was Iffy and it was still packed!

Lucy and I cooling off in the fan tent!

I was stacking chips :)

the lady on the left apparently though she was entitled to part of my chair as well! {super annoying}

I saw lots of these pretty card combos! 21!
We had a great time and celebrated a happy labor day weekend! 
I am glad to say goodbye to summer 2012!

September means cycle #4!! 
and one month closer to Christmas! 
My favorite time of year! Waffles is excited too 
she has been playing with ginger bread for the last week! 

I seriously can't make up this cuteness! she and ginger bread are inseparable!